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  1. Every football supporter experiences a day like today from time to time. The question is - will we do a 'Southampton' and pull ourselves together after a proverbial thumping? The signs are however that we will have an uphill struggle this season due to an overly negative tactical approach and a dearth of creative midfielders to propel a forward momentum as against just 'keeping our shape' in a defensive sense. Scottish football in general is blighted with negative tactics and has been paying for this for many years - thus the dearth of quality forwards currently at our disposal.
  2. I'm afraid it is the players who have to 'man up' - not the supporters.
  3. At least the players haven't shamed the old black & white stripes.
  4. With just over 5 minutes to play this would be a wonderful result if we kept it down to 5 at full time.
  5. The players have already proven a point - they're not good enough.
  6. Is it too soon to start planning for next season in the Championship?
  7. This debacle has brought the forum to life.
  8. Over defensive/defeatist attitude against a team who are not good enough to compete in Europe.
  9. 0-1 already Never mind, so long as we keep our shape. Power red carded - our shape will have to be adjusted.
  10. And don't forget Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
  11. Maybe 60,000 is stretching it a bit, but, on the other hand, an 8,000 capacity stadium is certainly not a case of 'thinking big' for an SPL club.
  12. Much prefer tonight's 'away' strip to last week's 'home' strip.
  13. We need more link up play in midfield for next season
  14. Although we’ve had the best chance plus a penalty shout, St Johnstone have created more chances
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