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  1. Calm down been a Saints fan all my long life county antrim... oh well THEY lost and hope THEY lose 3 or 4 times to us next season... you can go have a wee lie down ... you must have been bricking it there 😄.... ps i am a closet Liverpool fan and their finances are great... ya fud
  2. Reality.... Gretna funded till it ran out.... Airdrie sham....Bankies again sham..... there are 100000 fans in Spain tonight and thats why the denial is accepted.... accept or ignore it everyones choice
  3. Yup... like the Murphys i am not bitter.. helps Scotland's profile so hope they win
  4. Ok they just celebrated their 150th birthday and no law suits.. so on paper they died in reality they didnt... confusing
  5. Ok i saw that comical piece on BBC website.... the gap is 30 pts to 3rd 41 points to 4th... so my money is on that remaining regardless... two big clubs and 38 diddy ones is the reality...
  6. Whats that got to with the thread.. start one...thats our clubs fault
  7. Well one of them is successful in europe.... regardless of result...just makes it more fun when we beat them.... your talking about their fans who have a large scum element.. makes me laugh when 75% of the players cross themselves when they run on the pitch... point is its an incredible achievement on the pitch.. no doubt those off it will as per make a complete tit of themselves... i will take the money they generate anyday
  8. Well its a valid point Elvis...surely we gain from their success.... just pointing out the fact a few on here cant see a bigger picture... hope they win to because in sporting terms is some achievement... cant stand their fans and their chants though
  9. Made you look 😄😄😄
  10. More worried about UK coming 2nd.... that will be Boris in power for another year
  11. Aug - Sept Passable Oct- Dec Total Shite Jan-Feb Champions League March to April Relegation May ..... so far so good Overall.... Typical all over the place Saints season Highlight..... drawing with Tic with our under 11s Lowlight.... SRs dreadful start killing Europe
  12. Well i am predicting 9-0 Saints with Curtis bagging another 5... if that means we win 2-0 i will take the slagging 😄
  13. If its 70k a place.. this game is worth up to 210k thats 4 decent wages.... let Goodwin plan all he likes we just aim for 8th and a good end to a very so so season
  14. Mcghee cheerio....hope Fakes join you... been such a strange season... 11 games no win then 5 losses IAR no wins in 9 then last 3 games 7pts and 0 conceded.....New manager...no sacking...consistently inconsistent as per.... next season we will play the beautiful game and VAR will be our friend...assuming we can actually get inside the opponents penalty area.... COYS
  15. I have said for some time ( 27 hrs and 21 mins ) that Main is quaility and SR is a good appointment
  16. Sorry i meant corners 😃
  17. According to the BBC Jimmy Saville was a top bloke
  18. Fingers crossed Arbroath beat Caley then Fakes... cant wait to see back of them.... we can now chill and look forward to our top 3 tilt next season.... Main will get 25 goals ...just need a defence goalie and some wingbacks....inrobbowetrust# untilweloseagain#
  19. Well tbf he called 8 out the last 11 games right...shull has got it wrong about 30 times...
  20. Going to agree again with my new pal elvis...we are a far better team without Jordan Jones
  21. Hope you put ur money down FAS...Main will get another 4 and we will sell him in summer for 2m
  22. Still think it will be 9-0...just need Charlie to keep on the charlie
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