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  1. It was slippy ...water and grass tends to lean to that..
  2. First 25 was superb... McGrath obviously a concern... overall ok performance ... on to Well and hopefully another away win.. COYS
  3. And lets not forget they are useless after Euro games usually..... in saying that Morelos should have buried a very good Hearts team.... yup 2-2 please .....
  4. 3 wins in a row.....Superb Super Saints....not pretty but who cares
  5. How did i know you would respond 😄
  6. It is funny how are " i am a Saints really " brigade go silent when we win yet bleat when we dont.... may we keep winning so we dont get their neg WUM pish
  7. A place other teams fear but thats several wins on that pitch that Celtic have never won at.... a far better start than last season.... its far from pretty but its pretty effective... well done JG and team...onwards
  8. There is medication out there Bud
  9. Delighted...so please can we get shot of main.... far better shape with Brophy up front... great effort team
  10. I would put my mortgage on saints winning as i dont have a mortgage... a goal would be nice
  11. Ok so we will get Nil.... so just depends on what Dons get..... its costing £60 for non season ticket holders a goal so far at home...hopefully in the Jan window Goody will get some more midfielders as our strikers are flourishing... sorry for neg pish but this is Gus all over again
  12. Agreed....the other point is we signed slow and got rid of quick...Mcgrath is less effective because of that....Main is pish... Brophy needs a tall front guy.... simple solution required...pace wide and a front guy we have neither.... if i can see this why cant the so called football brains
  13. Totally agree... maybe my tinted glasses are slipping but we are doing what we do best..relative success followed by abject failure.. off and on the park....
  14. I am actually more annoyed that he punts Cammy...after Ross Stewart do we never learn....
  15. Well that was exciting if........you support any of the other 11 clubs😄
  16. Its def a huge step back and total lack of a plan in every dept.... Main Brophy doesnt work.... two wee guys with no clear understanding and a flooded midfield we usually bypass.... 3 reds in 4 games is also a sign things are not well... we need pace or the only thing we will be speeding towards is the Championship
  17. Is that addressed at me or the club.... i am sure the massive fakes away support wont be effected as i hear he is on holiday abroad .
  18. Actually in agreement.... we got messed about last week and as long as our supporters are in who cares
  19. Maybe we could beat your son's school team but it would be close 😉
  20. You need help..... everyone who actually watched the game saw there was contact... so he didnt dive.... keep the posts coming u might get to 100k by xmas
  21. I would suggest i meet u outside the ground but you probably dont know where we play.... 😄
  22. Just someone else that thinks your a sevco WUM cnut....piss off
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