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  1. I am sure Robbo has a plan... be afraid Sevco....be very afraid...
  2. I think after his display we should name a stand after Curtis...oh hold on !!!
  3. Been a great day Saints win Bobby Macintyre wins Italian open...wonder what odds on that double
  4. I think 12 angry men would give him our blessing... top manager
  5. Superb discipline ... tireless and one chance taken... i would imagine the big guns will be on second half... but what a scoreline and team effort... so far... COYS
  6. I dont need Elvis to tell me we wont win tom but nothing really to lose apart from goal difference... this is a really top team we are playing apart from 30 mins against Real Madrid eh the best team in the world .... still COYS ... stranger things have happened just i cant think of any just now... 11 buses required
  7. Any way i have a horrid feeling regardless what the scum sing or boo...they will be cheering at least 5 goals... if we score 6 we are 3rd πŸ€ͺ🍺🍺
  8. You seriously think Rangers and Celtic scum sing freedom of speech... oh dear .. as i said fkin morons taking over this forum.. this has nothing to do with republics ..apart from the one in Ireland... main reason i have followed Saints since an early age..dont have to indulge with this west of scotland crap...
  9. What a load of pish... freedom of speech... ha ha.... do you live in a cardboard box ? What the ugly sisters do is hatred... a fkd up Ireland jump in a ferry and bring their bile here . Nothing to do with Popes... Queens and Corgis...more Bobby Sands.. 1690 .. and just trying to inflame sectarinism...if your ok with that then your an even bigger fud ... my god there are some fkin morons on here
  10. Nothing new here...who cares if wee fuds misbehave... now if the SPFL gave us 3 points because sectarnian junkies cant keep a lid on it for a minute that would make a stance...but they wont...
  11. Well they said that after Charles the 2nd...that worked out
  12. You sure on that mate....Monarchy is the only thing this crumpy little island has on a world stage....you dont have to be bothered...maybe ice caps melting dont bother you either... its the OTT comments against her that grinds me on this shitty little forum
  13. Ok got a bit carried away πŸ˜‰
  14. Mate people can think what they like... but at least show respect and a bit of dignity.. Sport has recognised it so should we all..
  15. A wonderful lady who served this country with thru her dedicated life to country and humanity. I am disgusted with the useless morons on here that make any negative comments from their sad little plastic houses... probably best look on your own unimportant lives ...lack of humanity ...lack of compansion and realise no wonder you cant recognise greatness as youre the polar opposite... certainly been an eye opener this thread as you realise no wonder the world is where it is.. God Save the King
  16. I have always supported Scottish teams in Europe but that poor little Gio statement about be unable to compete makes me angry... what a cheek.. they killed their own club.. got bailouts .. and even in lower leagues as a new club their budgets were sickening... hope we do our small bit give them one stand and pass on Ipox... fk em
  17. You should be in a straightjacket any colour you like
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