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  1. I live in Banbury Oxfordshire among the sassenachs😂I love them too😂
  2. My name states Belfast I haven’t lived there for16 years but o kept the same name. Been on this forum since 2002 again a long long time ago. Before that Campbelltown Argyll and my my birth place Paisley. We’re gonna win this one
  3. I’m on the internet watching the game it came a long long time ago I can still remember da da da da da 😂
  4. We should take this team United are a shadow of the team of the start of the season
  5. i live in England now so find it hard to keep up with transfers is McGrath injured or has he gone. Watching on ppv we’re playing well great goal from young Jay
  6. 4-3 to Ross county come on Elvis where are you
  7. Enter my my friend Elvis to nip this optimism in the bud 😂😂😂
  8. We will do it we are playing some nice football in recent games
  9. Hopefully 3 in a trot coming up. I won’t count my chickens I’m an old timer I remember Hammerby Aaaaghhhh
  10. I’m on hesgoals watching it no commentary which is probably good I can’t get it in England anymore because of uefa rules I did watch last season on ppv anyway back to the game we’re doing great
  11. Don’t think it’s even on hesgoals today
  12. I posted this on general discussion I was looking forward to watching the game on ppv as I live in Banbury England but I can’t anymore because of rule 48 of Uefa only people within Scotland can view broadcast. I know it’s not the club’s fault but Eufa ruling could have financial implications on the club
  13. I can’t get onto PPV now as I am outside Scotland apparently it’s Rule 48 under UEFA am a wee bit miffed about that.I know it’s not the clubs fault it could also have an impact on financing for the club.
  14. I live in Banbury Oxfordshire I used to go the odd time to see Oxford play I remember a couple years ago I seen this guy called Obika and I remember saying I’d d love to see him in a saints shirt little did I know great Player
  15. Best saints team I’ve seen for a few years last one was 2013
  16. Got to keep durmus Obika and big jan we’ll as many as we can keep on contract for next season
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