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  1. Right . Some o us have got jobs to go to . Orans still at the wheel . Let’s aw just be thankful we’ve got a manager who isn’t a Judas .
  2. Noo that came out of the blue . Dinnae think anybody saw that coming . OK is still at the wheel
  3. Eh I struggle wi this place . I just postit whit I saw
  4. Popescu got a Cab to training today and he had a big pal wi him . Another new signing?
  5. It’s aw done noo. Coleraine have just tweeted a press announcement will happen at 2 o’clock about a new manager. Gordon wullnae be a happy dude
  6. I Agree. Lewis is a Judas He should join the disgrace that is Jack Ross in the Saintmirren hall of shame .
  7. You dudes are getting far to wound up about ok leaving. He’s gone . Move on . All hail wee baldy . The new Gaffer
  8. See Boydy has retired . Would be great if ok could persuade him to change his mind and team up with Kenny millzo for the saints
  9. Not speculation but watch oot for three new faces by middle of next week . One we all Ken already , one with English championship experience and one fae oor Irish pals that won’t get you too excited. . and none o them with any connection to green or blue bigots . Ones a bit of a cheating bassa diver though .
  10. Nae wonder nobody likes you when you come out with shite like this .i wish you would just bugger off and gie us aw peace .
  11. well done big bairdy. Cannae believe sonme of the crap been spouted bout baird this season , hes been top man. Been away from here for a while and still a lot of the same greeters and bleaters banging on about the same things. some you shoudl of learned that yer just plain boresville
  12. A crackin signing. he`ll do well under ross and fowler. could be the next big thing for us
  13. aye yer right there i wouldny take a job in maccie dees- im the chief inspector of K division and your the f**kin king of Siam . away back to beith and you and your sister - soon to be wife can make some more six fingered weans . have a good night c-untstable.
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