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  1. Back on topic. Selfish greedy club manages to convince many stupid sheep to part with their money and watch overpriced Jessie boot wearing footballers get gubbed again. Im glad I saw sense and have decided to keep my money in my pocket .
  2. Probably the only sensible contribution you’ve ever made to this forum . Proper fitba players, nae Jessie boots. Mind you one out of three was a diving bassa.
  3. Did something happen yesterday ? The sectarian apologists seem to have resurfaced .
  4. Scottish football doesn’t need bigots . There are plenty on here who support them . f**kem. just because freethinker has a brain the sheep on here abuse him.
  5. Lewis Morgan plays for east end bigots he isnae a St.mirren player so why are people even talking about him. obsessed with the old firm as usual.
  6. When is the penny gonna drop ? Twenty is way too much . £10 maximum ,weans for nowt.
  7. I speculate that St.mirren football club will waste even more of our gullible sheep/fans money in the transfer window on another useless overpaid Juinior level footballer with stupid Jessie boots . Feckin boooooo
  8. They’ve taken our money now it’s time for the money grabbin bassas to drop the prices and I might consider going back . Might
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50570852
  10. There you go. Mair interested in govan tribe than the team he kids on he supports. Feckin nonsense
  11. See there’s still lots of interest from the sectarian sympathisers on here for the zombies. Their deid. Get over it.
  12. Whits wrong wi getting the overpaid Jessies who aren’t playing to earn their wages ? Obika and Durmuş could do a job there or where’s the guy Djorkaeff ? Whits he up to.
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