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  1. Well , St.mrrens star signing has disgraced the club by trying to injure a fellow professional and now he will expect to be paid a handsome wage while doing heehaw. He has let his club and all you silly sheep down. he must be let go.
  2. He sued a pal. unforgivable. f**kem
  3. You are a very silly Auld fool . And who is this Shull you refer to 🤷‍♂️
  4. Oran is a good honest Bannsider dude . He done a great job at St.mirren football club And he should be remembered as a winner. His Northern Irish lads will skelp Motherwell no problem .
  5. Ye know I meant idiot bob don’t you . not Rick . He’s one of the better ones on here.
  6. Wee John blotted his record when he sued st.mirren If he goes for obscene money he should donate his slice of the fee to st.mirren as compensation for his betrayal. if not, f**kem
  7. And then there are sheep like you who think it’s ok to spend money the club doesn’t have on average players. I hope the new signings take a leaf out of Fitzys book and pitch in around the ground with odd jobs like painting. After the poor wee souls have exhausted themsels Training for a couple o hours I’m sure they’ll Have enough energy take help out. How long before we have to pawn the club silver by paying stupid wages.
  8. Why do people even bother wi this idiot ?
  9. Less than a week ? Are you using the Arbroff calendar ? 😂 wee clueless .👋
  10. Yes he has returned home ( nice wee Edinburgh airport job 😉) It was Colin seedorf . He has a better offer and didnae like the weather or the boss man
  11. A bit like the idiots that pay for a cab. Just about the singular most expensive mode of travel known to man. Probably just as well I don’t drive a cab then isn’t it . private hire cars which are cleaned and sanitised regular are the best and safest option but no for you cause you put me on ignore. yer barred ! Boo hoo 😢
  12. Aye, we’ll see who’s the clown . jist wait and see .
  13. Crap massively overpaid football, cannae even kick it to each other half the time and managers behaving like spoilt weans . English Premiership will go bust soon.
  14. Naw, Elvis does occasionally talk sense, something that cannae be said for you . Gie’s peace.
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