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  1. I am not arguing against Scotland being handed that power. My problem is one of the timing of any vote itself. The decade leading to 2014 is irrelevant. It's whether the polls have moved significantly since the referendum. They haven't and IMO that is what the SNP need to focus their efforts on. Grievance has got them to about 45 to 48% but something else is now needed to make the significant shift they require.
  2. I could have sworn this was a thread about Scotland gaining independence and what the SNP need to do to make that happen. How are the SNP getting on there in the face of all the material changes since 2014? Last I looked, polls hadn't significantly shifted in 6 years.
  3. Like I said, I prefer to listen to medical experts than online spangles. You'll be saying that full contact boxing among kids is OK next.
  4. Yes and that's the entire problem for those advocating independence. There isn't the support for it yet. Let alone nonsense about simply declaring independence. If Yes was polling at over 70% then I'd say that simply declaring independence was the way to go bu we are probably an actual generation or more away from that sort of support.
  5. That's your interpretation. It certainly isn't mine.
  6. Are they? If you insist on putting words in my mouth there's nothing to add.
  7. I'm more interested in preventing kids from being subjected to the same pressures on their young heads that come from repeatedly punching them. I prefer to listen to medical experts on this rather than a spangle from Arbroath.
  8. Normally I quite enjoy reading your opinions but I have to ask if you've been drinking before posting this one.
  9. Strangely enough this might inadvertently be the way the Scottish players finally start to catch up with the rest of the world. No children should ever be subjected to heading a football. Personally I would like to see this extended to 18 years of age but it's a start.
  10. Jim would have talked to Jack Ross about this player and will be in a great place to make a solid judgment.
  11. The SNP need to stop wittering on about Indyref2 having to happen right now, drop the grievance politics and demonstrate that they have listened to and accepted the 2014 result before voters start switching off. They then need to lay out the case for Indyref2 towards the end of this decade at least to show they've at least made an attempt at waiting a generation. They need to let Brexit bed in and work towards building the polls in their favour whilst continuing to return solid election wins. The power to call Indyref2 should have been handed over already but it's been mixed up with actually using that power immediately and also the very real prospect of neverendums.
  12. I hadn't even started school when it was written. I'm probably just a cultural pygmy. 🤣 The problem for me at school was that we were told what to read and Enid Blyton wasn't an option. I miss Moonface. BTW someone should be shot for forcing kids to read poetry and Shakespeare in 5th year.
  13. Right, you've made me go and look now. From the blurb it sounds like yet another in a tedious line of films depicting a "working class" struggler who succeeds in some way against the odds. Inspiration Porn. I am not a fiction person but I absolutely loathe this genre of "message" film.
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