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  1. oaksoft

    January Arrivals

    If your tongue goes any further up Div's arse you'll be able to lick his tonsils from below.
  2. oaksoft

    Phils No Claims Discount F'kd

    Is this a serious question? You might as well ask why an 18-25 year old is allowed to drive on public roads given they are responsible for most of the accidents.
  3. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    There are no new arguments to be had. Nothing new has happened since the original vote which we couldn't have argued at the time. We failed to do so. There is no re-evaluation in light of new "facts". The lies of both sides were exposed during the campaign and people still voted Leave.
  4. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    We had our chance to ask Leavers what type of Leave they wanted during the campaign and the 3 or 4 year run up to it. To top it all off, the Remain side wrote the question and provided the options. Any problems with vaguery are the sole fault of the Remain side. We have no right to suddenly start using these arguments now as if they were completely new. We had our chance and couldn't convince enough Leavers to vote with us. It's all way too late for this. We lost. Such is democracy I'm afraid. Failing to accept this is not really helping.
  5. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    I haven't really.
  6. oaksoft

    Opposition January Signings

    I think they have probably just failed to go through the process of learning this lesson. Maybe it's inexperience on McIntrye's part. I reckon the problem isn't the lack of quality with these guys. It's an attitude thing. They are playing cofortably within themselves at that level. They think they are going to come up here and scoosh the league. When they inevitably struggle they lack the experience to know how to overcome their difficulties. Heaton was a classic example of that.
  7. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    Well he's not claiming UC anyway so it doesn't matter. I don't know why you raised the issue relative to the discussion I was having with him.
  8. oaksoft

    Speculation Thread

    Whilst we are short of players still, it's worth reminding ourselves about how Dundee and Hamilton are getting with their signings. I think we should trust Gus and Oran. This is their necks on the line if they f**k it up.
  9. oaksoft

    Opposition January Signings

    Not sure Jack would have had any say in it. The player was playing at Darlington on loan. He might be a star but we've seen how rarely that works out. For them to be paying a fee though. That sounds a lot like desperation.
  10. oaksoft

    Speculation Thread

    I thought someone boasting about their superhuman levels of empathy on another thread would at least show some of it in this case. We have 4 fewer holes than we did last month for example. You could at least show some acknowledgement of that for a start.
  11. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    Presumably the kids would be living with you in that case and you'd be in a position to make a claim. I'm not really comfortable talking about your personal situation on a forum TBH. I just wanted to make the general point that the vast majority of citizens in the country lead a perfectly good quality of life. Sole parents, the self employed, part timers and those on zero hour contracts are particularly facing difficulties and IMO the government are not quick enough to address these issues. In the case of the self employed they are adamant that they will not change. In general, as the elected government, they have the right to decide who needs to be supported with UC and who is perfectly capable of looking after themselves. Millions of people ended up trapped no benefits dependency because it paid more to be unemployed than to get a job. That had to be fixed because that simply cannot be right and it's no surprise that millions are now squealing about their lifestyle being affected. I come from the same generation as DougJamie. I know what hardship looks like because I grew up with it. Life didn't get truly comfortable until I hit my 30s. The thing is, you can complain about the Tories all you like but they are not going to help you out of whatever hole you are in. You therefore have a choice. Either dwell in misery, blame the Tories and remain in the hole for the rest of your life or pick up a ladder. I don't think you have any other choice in life do you?
  12. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    I'm sure CS doesn't need you to fight his battles for him. Let the two of us have a discussion in peace. Thanks.
  13. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    Is it possible for you lefties to argue a point without glueing on a ridiculous stake for the moral high ground?
  14. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    Now that just isn't true is it? Everyone has a right to an opinion but that doesn't mean those opinions are all worth something.
  15. oaksoft

    Brexit Negotiations

    If you feel this, why are you on this thread at all? What is wrong with you? Go elsewhere. Be happy. FFS.