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  1. Seems to be better today thanks.
  2. A third of all children in Scotland are on psychotropic drugs?
  3. The forum is running like treacle on my iPad though.
  4. There's even a little present for the Oakster.
  5. You know it's really odd but you've been posting like this for about a week but for some reason you are adopting a "passive aggressive" role and somehow hoping the rest of us will simply read between the lines and see what you are getting at. Cut the bollox and spit it out man. Exactly who are you accusing and what are you accusing them of? We don't need two LPMs on this forum.
  6. If we are drawn at home that day then presumably the Pipers will have to park elsewhere. Not sure why this should be an issue at all.
  7. It's not obvious at all that the mood has shifted. 4.5 million is a huge number but it's nowhere near 17.5 million. Therre is no need for Brexiteers to march. Their side won. This all feels like the Indyref battles where only a few turned up to support No with tens of thousands marching for Yes. That was apparently evidence of a Yes win. We all know how that turned out.
  8. Yes, that's the conclusion I came to a couple of years ago after decades of experiencing dickish behaviour. I spent almost two decades rushing around helping tons of people in all sorts of ways because I thought it was the right thing to do until I realised that the vast majority of people were both taking the piss and quickly forgetting who had helped them in their hour of need. Nobody really cares about anyone but themselves and their immediate family. They say they do but their actions tell otherwise. I am much more selective about who I help now and much less interested in people in general. Specifically my help now is along the lines of helping them to fish for themselves. My days of simply handing over fish are over - they only come back for more. I am a lot happier for it.
  9. oaksoft

    Latest Scores

    Until they get to the Finals and then they show sypmtons of "Scotland Fever" as well where they inexplicably fail to perform. They have the same problem as us. They just show it at a different time.
  10. I agree but I'm increasingly of the belief that whilst a kids environment can tweak his behaviour, the core of a person is probably decided at birth. I suspect that it's more nature than nurture. Personally I think violence is part and parcel of being a human. We are all animals. I reckon there's a thin veneer of "society" covering up massive cracks. You see this when people are free to act anonymously or with inhibitions withdrawn - they behave like absolute animals. You see this every weekend up and down the country, on online forums and Twitter, when people are behind a wheel or when we go to war. Would like to see conclusive evidence either way though.
  11. oaksoft

    Smisa's Shame

    If you ever turn your endless words into anything remotely resembling action I will lick five square foot of paving of your choice.
  12. But she is right. 17.4 million voted to Leave. That's considerably more than 2.75 million. Not even in the same league. Am I being whooshed here?
  13. And you'd be just the man to do it eh? You don't half talk some utter bollock Doug.
  14. Whit? People enjoying themselves rather than wallowing in self pity? The authorities must be informed immediately. Mobilise our "heroic" armed forces. This can't be allowed to continue.
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