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  1. OK you seem to be a bit slow tonight so I'll break it down. I said there was nobody else we could have reasonably brought on. That word "else" is pretty important.
  2. A minor concern tonight was the state of our bench. We had nobody else we could reasonably have brought on tonight other than kids so we look very light in depth. This will definitely need looked at soon.
  3. Pretty sure there was a 5-4 win over Ross County at home around 2012. Can't remember the last time we scored 5 goals away from home in the top flight though.
  4. FFS can we not just enjoy tonight without people moaning about Sunday? We hardly ever see wins like this against top opposition. Let's just enjoy it. Party time!!
  5. Absolutely and we need to look at this once the euphoria calms down tomorrow but for tonight it's a well deserved party. Goals 4 and 5 were simply magnificent.
  6. No but recognising a joke would be good.
  7. The polls are and continue to be too close to call. Even at 58% it was too close to call because of the large numbers of Don't Knows. I'll start getting excited when one side gets to 60% because that's what's going to be required to avoid Indyref3. As for Johnson's witticism, anyone taking that personally needs to get a life frankly. FFS, have we become a nation of souls so fragile that we can't handle the slightest bit of piss taking?
  8. Oh pipe down ya numpty. I know you THINK yer hard but like every other testosterone fuelled idiot, yer aboot as threatening as a wet sock.
  9. Spoken like someone without kids.
  10. Then don't release them. Millions of others manage to live very decent lives without resorting to crime. What's so special about Martindale that he deserves a second chance when perhaps his victims didn't get the same luxury? It's a very curious thing that we continue to fetishise criminals without a word for the victims other than perhaps the occasional cursory virtue-signalling platitude. Why is that?
  11. You've got the makings of a decent gameshow there 😀
  12. I don't think so given that he wants to select a player who is suspended for this game. Shades of Stuart Pearce at Nottingham Forest when his wife pointed out he'd forgotten to select a goalkeeper.
  13. You would play McPherson who is suspended for this game? 🤣
  14. Sorry but I don't agree with that. There is nothing noble about any form of violence other than strict and proportionate self defence and I do mean strict and proportionate. The ego involved in wanting to brawl like a common primate is completely different to flaunting an intellect. I'm not sure why you would even think to compare the two.
  15. Agree that it might be time for at least one old head in midfield and Durmus needs to start. Confident we can bounce back.
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