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  1. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    Are you talking about that court case again?
  2. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    Only an idiot would take comments like that seriously It really is unbelievable. Clearly adding a f**king smiley isn't enough of a clue for some of you.
  3. oaksoft

    John McGinn

    I think you explained it well enough for everyone to see how your "intellect" works. Thanks for that. I needed cheering up.
  4. oaksoft

    John McGinn

    You reckon Hibs would risk losing £2 million to avoid paying us 600k? The next time I negotiate a business deal, can you be on the other side of the table from me please?
  5. oaksoft

    Gonny let me out now

    Anything but that .......
  6. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    If you truly believe this then you have led a pretty sheltered life.
  7. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    I felt nothing because you and your opinions mean nothing to me.
  8. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    Not least of which is the split infinitive Nobody ever died due to a split infinitive.
  9. We didnt need VAR. What we needed was a group of players to be professional when going about their business. Complaining about VAR hen we were playing a team from the Lowland League is embarassing.
  10. oaksoft

    Worst Result In Our History

    I would do but I dont want to ruin the accompanying foie gras on oatcakes.
  11. oaksoft

    Worst Result In Our History

    I am guessing that is not a refreshing camomile brew,
  12. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    What a load of shite. There's nothing wrong with encouraging people to clean up after themselves. You're just being contrary for the sake of it. As usual You sound like a delightful person to live next door to. Thank goodness I have enough money to never find out,
  13. oaksoft

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    The Japanese culture is steeped in conformance, compliance and control. They dont do this sort of thing because they care. They do it because they are indoctrinated from a young age to obey orders. Let's not white knight other people.
  14. oaksoft

    Worst Result In Our History

    Last night's result was unprofessional, born of a Billy Big Baws attitude amongst the players who thought we just had to turn up and score 10 goals. That is why we can compete with Killie but struggle against these smaller teams.
  15. Presumably because millions of websites manage to be accessible on virtually every device and yet repeatedly we hear stories about lack of access to ours. E=mc2 also said both machines are fully updated. The problem with many websites is that they are fully of fancy graphics and clever modern tricks which older systems will struggle to deal with. Website designers are trying to be too clever, too flashy and too "hip" and the result is slow access, clunky handling, absolute crap all over the pages (try accessing a newspaper website for a classic example), graphics everywhere and sometimes auto play video adverts and suchlike. The result for users is that many of them are simply unusable. Web designers need to go back to basics and keep the bloody thing as simple as humanly possible. Too many of them are thinking like web designers when they develop sites when they need to be designing from the perspective of the user. They should hire in a whole load of pensioners at the proof of concept stage to make sure normal people can use the site. That would be my advice.