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  1. Didn't he? Who is saying that? Also, someone at the club had to have made the decision to bring them in and take a risk. That had to have been either Gus or Oran or both of them otherwise we have a THIRD person at the club making these judgments.
  2. No difference from an Agency then presumably.
  3. You are probably right. On a serious note, I never EVER want to be "up with the times". Whenever I see people heading in the same direction, my immediate instinct is to try and go the other way. I have no interest in ever fitting in. In fact trying to fit in is what IMO is at the root of what makes huge numbers of people utterly miserable because they are scared of being criticised for trying to be themselves.
  4. That's pathetic. A signing is a signing and Lyness certainly counts.
  5. Is that you admitting you've made a bit of a tit of yourself? Admit it. Cleanse yourself. Let the bad air out.
  6. Not Twitter. Which is what I was having a dig at. I wasn't talking about social media in general. I was talking about Twitter and specifically your willingness to believe any old shite. Was that a trick question?
  7. That's not true. We signed Lyness and Gary Mack. If it's facts you are after you probably need to do a bit more research.
  8. I am sure you will find some other Twitter nonsense to keep us all amused with.
  9. More speculation. You have no idea where we are.
  10. You are speculating at best that Gus has not done much over the summer.
  11. You are completely delusional if you think you are much better than him.
  12. I won't lie. I've made myself look a bit of a tit there.
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