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  1. 2nd jab coming next week. Can't wait. Get that AZ or Pfizery goodness inside me now. Hope the microchip they inject into me reboots faster than the one they gave me with the first jab. The internet signal was a nightmare. No facebook, no twitter.... Get it sorted Bill. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brilliant scientists across the world who created these vaccines so quickly and essentially ended serious illness and deaths amongst those who have had their jabs. That has been the greatest achievement since the discovery of penicillin.
  2. No. Using a football analogy, having you in the team is like being 3 men down. Basically I'm saying that you are less than useless, a hinderance to your own side, etc. Nice recovery. I will accept that argument.
  3. Margaret Ferrier. Ah yes. I forgot about that nugget.
  4. Are you sure you used to be a mathematician? I'm beginning to think you failed the arithmetic part.
  5. I have no idea what "scumbag beds" are. If you fancy giving the Queen's English a bash, I might be able to give a fuller answer.
  6. I was correct in both statements. I'm beginning to see where slarti is coming from now.
  7. Hang on that's a good point. @slarti, he's pulling your trousers down. If you're going all bare arse on him that's on you bud. Why would you not wear pants? The chaffing alone would be unbearable.
  8. I've missed something along the way. I thought the SNP had 48 seats but that article states it's 45. I know McAskill and Hanvey have gone to Alba. Who am I missing?
  9. I won't lie. I was fine with the dunce's cap but then he mentioned trousers round the ankles and all manner of red flags started waving.
  10. Yeah, he's not quite ready for this level yet IMO and would benefit from a spell on loan at Championship level for a few months under less pressure. I suspect that's what will happen with him.
  11. Yeah, as much as I see what you trying to do, I'm with Top Cat here too. His point is perfectly reasonable and you know very well what he's trying to say you wee trouble-making rascal you. You've got to remember he's not as far as I am aware a mathematician and isn't presenting a formal proof complete with definitions. He's just making a comparative point that we haven't had this good a season since a time in the very distant past when you were still able to sustain an erection without external aids such as splints, pills and so forth. He's actually gone beyond the call of duty to convert 2 point games into 3 points in a futile attempt to satisfy your pedantry. If I had known in advance he was going to try, I'd have stopped him from wasting his time. I'm with him on this. 1981 we're looking at I think (if you include 2 Cup semi finals). ETA. Blimey. We were still shutting shops at half day on a Wednesday and not allowing anything to open on a Sunday.
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