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  1. I thought you had a hatchback. Had to get rid of it. Too small to hold my moat cleaning kit.
  2. I just gave you evidence and you dismissed it as fake news without providing any evidence of your own. "Red Tories"? As I said, the comments are coming from Labour party MPs, former government ministers and activists who don't deserve to be dismissed as Red Tories by you or anyone else just because you don't like what they have to say. Stop denying the evidence in front of your own eyes. Blaming the press is a red herring. Those stories are coming from within the party itself. To be fair, the SNP are still the only game in town for me up here. Without them I'd possibly not vote. I have toyed with the Tories but I can't defend Universal Credit in principle or practice because it removes tax credits from those who have saved up and it removes it from the self employed who are struggling to get their businesses started. I also don't want Brexit although I do accept it is undemocratic to revoke it and have argued that point as devils advocate (on this issue I couldn't really give a shit about the democratic will of the people though). Finally, I don't accept the decision not to pass the power to hold IndyRef2 to Scotland even though I would currently vote No in all likelihood for reason I've stated elsewhere. No other party interests me. I'd vote Brexit Party before I voted in a dinosaur like Corbyn.
  3. Free marketeer? You really would be better off not trying to pigeonhole me. And you're crossing a line there with comments about me denying decent conditions for less fortunate people. Rein it in please. There's no need to get pissy and certainly no need to suggest I am lower down the moral high ground mountain than you without knowing anything about me and my circumstances. The paragraph about state support I agree with and that's what I pay taxes for - income, VAT and NI. You're not getting your unwashed hands on half of my inheritance or that of my kids though. That is taking the piss but fortunately it's easy enough to get away with.. Family and self before anyone else bud. Most normal people behave the same way and quite rightly so but I respect your right to believe that you should care about others first. I'm not sure I believe you but I think you believe you genuinely mean it so I'll take you at face value. As for Eat the Rich - you'll have to catch me first.
  4. I think people will and should vote for what matters to them. Under Labour, a very average £300k house in Cornwall would attract an inheritance tax bill of around £100k within 6 months regardless of whether or not you managed to sell the house. Labour can't seriously expect the average person to vote for such a personally damaging tax.
  5. Enough truth that many politicians have quit the party over it. The Anti-Israel argument is just a nice fig leaf to hide anti-semitism under. That sort of tactic has been used and abused by everyone from the IRA to BNP and people see straight through it. We have seen it all before. As for Johnson, I'm not sure there's much mileage in comparing one clown against another TBH.
  6. No. I have changed my mind over many things but I have always believed that my estate should go fully to my children and nobody else.
  7. Just as long as you are not in line to inherit anything. Labour want to make the inheritance threshold £125k and then 40% tax over that. Within 6 months. Seemingly whether you can raise that tax or not. That pretty much covers every person in Cornwall who owns any property of any size. Are you sure you would want to vote for that? In all my years I can't remember a worse choice at an election. A party dedicated to Brexit, a party obsessed with anti-semitism who can't make their minds up on Brexit, a LibDem party who in all likelihood not have any voice and the SNP who would largely be ineffective. I'm praying for a hung parliament until Johnson and/or Corbyn (preferably both) are consigned to retirement.
  8. Sigh! I long for the day we can have an election of any kind without one side or the other trying to pretend they hold the moral high ground. Utterly tedious nonsense.
  9. That's not good enough FFS. If you are calling for someone to be sacked you should at least have thought through at least one person who could replace them. ETA. Oaky, FFS read the entire thread first.
  10. Why not just say "Correct Oaky, I don't go to games and I don't watch them on TV or via a stream either. I read text updates on the BBC".
  11. Amazing how any leader can have any certainty about the costs of Brexit when trade discussions haven't even started yet. Sturgeon should not be spouting this shite. It's treating the electorate like imbeciles. No doubt we'll be hearing you haul Johnson and Corbyn through the coals for doing the same thing. At this rate I'm probably going to switch off from politics until voting time. For the sake of my sanity in the face of all this rank f**king stupidity from all parties. Anyone who actually believes any of this tripe should be pelted with rancid eggs.
  12. But the SNP are the government in Scotland and have substantial powers. My lingering memory over the last 5 years is not about positive changes the SNP have made with those powers but negativity about how we are being held back by the powers we don't have. I have sympathy for that view but they can't be relying on it all the time and as Doakes says, they are increasingly using it. IMO the SNP need to get on with using the powers they do have or stand aside and let someone else do something with them. I think we need a break from the bleating.
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