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  1. Actually, I had no idea you were a mathematician. Touche. 😀 I can include both if I want to. One for specificity and the second for generality. There's no problem there. Take your pedantry away from me foul beast!
  2. Oh I learned that REALLY quickly. 😀
  3. It was a scientist who said that. Pretty sure I didn't make any such claim so no idea why you're criticising me for sonething someone else said. I did say I thought we were heading for 3000 daily deaths within 2 - 3 weeks of the graph going up if the trend had continued to be exponential. We got to about 1500 and we know that was a low estimate. Luckily, the death rate went linear from exponential. We can argue the toss about what caused that flattening - lockdown or whatever.
  4. Whoever this fellow was, he was wrong on both counts. It's actually a well known and perfectly valid technique in science and engineering for getting a quick qualitative feel for where a trend might be taking you. Obviously the further away you want to predict, the bigger the error. McLaurin and Taylor series work in a similar way if you want some homework.
  5. I put many caveats on that graph but most people just ignored that and assumed I was saying "this will definitely happen". No variables were needed. It was a simple emprical extrapolation from known data which was designed to show what might hve happened had that data continued to grow at the same rate.
  6. They should send me in to sort out the middle east issues.
  7. I'm not reading this pile of shite. At the start of October, I emptied my ignore bin. You can go back in now.
  8. If this goes on, an obvious solution would be to curtail the season by only playing each other twice before the split and abandoning the national Cup competitions. Trying to cram everything in, knowing before the season even started that they only had a few free weeks till April, and in the middle of a pandemic too, was obviously a stupid idea. What happens if we get a few weeks of snow and ice?
  9. It would be better if you used it as a learning experience not to be so arrogantly certain about "facts" which are derived from methods which are necessarily employing huge approximations. The 3 of you show a shocking lack of knowledge about how science works. You are much worse than the pair of them.
  10. No idea what you are talking about. It didn't take me a week to figure out how to correct it. I just couldn't be arsed re-publishing it straight away. I think slarti or cockles spotted it straight away and I fixed it on Excel a few hours later when I had some free time. The laughter was mainly from the likes of FS and the biology teacher who took exception to the exponential extrapolation from the worldometer data. Then there was slarti and antrin who thought the data was of no value because it didn't take into account every single possible variable. If you were laughing at a graph because it didn't have labelled axes then you might need to get out a bit more bud. 😄
  11. I'm not saying it cannot be transmitted by aerosol but most people are not sitting that close to others for 4-5 hours at a time. What I was focussing on was why it went away and then came back months later with a massive surge in cases. IMO that was nothing to do with students or mask compliance. Clearly the virus was hibernating somewhere until traditional flu season started to hit and then re-emerged. Maybe some people are natural asymptomatic carriers - that will need more research to answer, but for me the culprit could well be that it's surviving on surfaces until the climate is right for it to kick off again.
  12. Oh FFS it was a simple cut and paste error which was spotted pretty quickly and I corrected it the following week.
  13. It might be quicker and easier if you just listed the posters you haven't pissed off on here.
  14. Joking aside, there was nothing wrong with the graph. You might not have understood it or agreed with the prediction but there was nothing wrong with it.
  15. Hang on. That's my job. I won't tolerate competition.
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