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  1. I was just saying the calculations were relatively straightforward and unlikely to waste much time, although how anyone could consider time spent on mental arithmetic a waste is beyond me! As an aside. and like my comedic hero Ronnie Corbett. I do like to drift off-topic - is it not a pure fanny of a scandal that our public health stattos in Scotland are taking 4 days off and won't be updating us on the pandemic until Tuesday when they will no doubt return hungover and with chocolate smeared on their nipples.
  2. Will be burning bread tomorrow so I'll get this in early -COYS1
  3. The calculations were relatively simple - give bottom place Hamilton 5 wins, next bottom Killie 4 qnd so on...leaving us with a Eurovisionesque Nul Points to add to our total! I'm impressed with @Slartis plan to best Well in our next league game - that would leave us 8 pts ahead of them with only 4 games to play. *********************** General question - do we want the final game against Utd. to be a 7th/8th place decider or would we prefer it wrapped up (either way) before? *********************** Torturous Pun Alert - I prefer Burlesque to Eurovisionesque!
  4. Is it the bribe aspect you object to or the worry that you'll be asked to pay for it 6/12 months down the line?
  5. It's not really an equal comparison though England comprises 83% (last time I checked) of the UKs population and policy is skewed to the SE of England, even Ruth Davidson admitted this while the EU comprises a number of successful countries whose populations are in the 5-10M range - the EU is much more mindful of it's smaller members than the UK.
  6. Nooooooooooooo! I'm gonna chop my foot off. on the other leg who knows their parties might be fun...
  7. Interesting to see NS suggesting the Tories were looking to cut funding to Scotland and BJ claiming there are no such plans two hours later - the Barnett Formula has been under scrutiny by the right wing of the Tory party since 2014 (the day after the referendum IIRC ) if not before. ********************* As an aside the Scandinavian model relies on much heavier overall taxation than here in the UK and if their higher Income Tax rates remain below 60% the relative income levels at which higher rates kick in are a lot lower than the UK, it's also interesting to note the income spread of the Scandinavian countries riches → poorest is a lot less in these countries too in comparison with the UK. Green policies have to go alongside higher taxation and radical societal change or else it's just fuzzy NIMBYism!
  8. ..."PURE FANNY" the patois of a moron. the position in question has been a problem all season yet your contribution was, as I said, raw sewage, there are few enough posters on the forum nowadays but you wouldn't be missed...
  9. Just to make things clear I do not regard myself as being exclusively an SNP supporter, I am also a Zapatista and currently at war with Mexico. Once I have achieved Independence for Scotland I intend to sail to Hawaii with my harem and join the fight to achieve independence from the USA. From there we will sail to mainland USA and liberate the Spanish speaking regions and form an Anarcho-Socialist-Green state dedicated to free love. That's my bucket list...🎁
  10. Here is Manu Chao's tribute to the great man, recorded in 2008 while he was still alive and yes it does include both goals against England in 86. MANU CHAO [Maradona] official video - Bing video Manu Chao are a sorta punk/ska/flamenco collective.
  11. One of those holidays you should be planning sooner rather than later...
  12. If the were any justice in the world God of War would be an anagram of Raw Sewage.
  13. IIRC only one person he-who-must-not-be-named wanted Kenny.
  14. ...and most importantly one Hertz fan/sleazeball will presumably be sick as a parrot!
  15. The Brexit referendum was only advisory, there was no need to accept the result so technically it was the Tories choice, somewhere out there there's a better, kinder universe where this actually did happen. Of course that's a disingenuous answer but no less so than saying that Brexit was not largely down to a sizeable (and predominantly right wing & jingoistic) faction of the Tory party agitating for it - with plenty of support from sundry billionaire Press Barons. *************** In the RealWorldTM The Proclaimers should've realized the best deal realistically available from their POV was membership of the Customs Union which was rejected by only 6 votes in the round of Indicative Votes two years ago today.
  16. Also schadenfreude plays a large part in the mentality of football fans, I certainly hope QotS can inflict further embarrassment on Hearts... Hope I haven't jinxed it.
  17. It's a dog-eat-dog world, if they stay up Killie are likely to be stronger than Hamilton certainly and (due to their sugar-daddy) County probably. Karma...
  18. Only standing candidates on the Regional Lists where the SNP only gained 4 seats last time round, more likely to hurt the Greens. Doesn't affect me I'll be voting SNP/Green again. He has a point that tactical voting for a second Independence party could increase the pro-Independence majority at Holyrood but I couldn't stomach voting for a party led by Salmond given what he's done over the last 12 months. If he had acknowledged his past behaviour had been inappropriate then maybe, if he can't acknowledge (nevermind apologize) because it might leave him open to further legal action then all the more reason for him to stay the hell out of Dodge. Interesting to see estimates that between 5-7% of the Regional List vote might win the new party seats at Holyrood. ********************* FFS - It appears Joanna Cherry has defected to Alba - Long live Boris King of the World,,,
  19. Ah, it's Scotland vs Austria... Is that a euphemism for inbred? Surely a'body frae Arbroath would be supporting Austria.
  20. I am continuing to indulge my retro tastes watching the delectable 60/70s sex bomb Catherine Schell in an episode of The Persuaders. SEE RANK PS - I still don't know who Scotland are playing...
  21. I have had both of these hairstyles and I can assure you they are testosterone enhancing... Mon the whoever it is Scotland are playing!
  22. Well that's football/life - there's always somebody coming along to knock you off the back/front page...
  23. When Patrick Harvie said whoever had leaked the Holyrood Report should be forced to resign the cameraman cut to Labour's Jackie Baillie looking guilty as hell...
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