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  1. I asked a question via the Smisa website and got a prompt and detailed response . I would encourage others to give it a go.
  2. reserve/bounce game against Celtic today -- don't know if it is open to the public but may be some of the new faces on show
  3. We were well beaten but a word of praise for our goalie who was excellent . Didn't see the first goal but he had no chance with the others and made some very good saves including an excellent double save in the second half.
  4. Great win and delighted for Baird . The goal was great and the 2 blocks at the end were priceless. Every player gave their all and a very smart move to bring on McKenzie for the last few minutes. Bench is looking stronger too. Hard to find a fault really.
  5. All the rave reviews for the young players are very well deserved and Morgans goal was an absolute beauty. I thought the introduction of McLear was very interesting. Given the slender lead and his lack of experience the manager must really trust this boy.
  6. This article is an excellent analysis of our current woes and rightly highlights the list of abysmal signings over several years. There seems little point to moaning about having no money when you have spent as badly as we have over several years. Only thing I would disagree with is about the extent to which anyone blames Gary Teale. He must have had some input to last summers signings, particularly Calum Ball, but as someone who was at Motherwell the other night and stayed to the bitter end, there seemed to me to be a recognition that in terms of our current circumstances Gary is seen more as a victim rather than as a villain.
  7. I have read the stuff on the forum for years and never previously posted on any topic but I feel really strongly about this so here goes : "If I could change one thing about our new stadium it would be the facilities for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility who sit in the front of the stand and take an absolute soaking on any wet day. This is a disgrace and surely more important than video screens and other non-essentials. On the next wet day just take a minute and look at the folk in front row sitting in capes and all other kinds of wet-weather gear getting drenched. I admire their dedication to watching their team and do not feel that they are being treated with respect or consideration" I would end my wee rant by inviting one of the directors to come and try it on the next day that it is pouring with rain. If it is wet this Saturday against Accies this would be a nice gesture and an indication that the support of some really loyal fans is not just taken for granted. COYS
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