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  1. Then it should be in the general discussion section not in the rumour section. The rumour section on a St Mirren forum should be about our player going out or new players coming in potentially. Or someone could start other scottish clubsrumours section where it would fit perfectly so in my opinion its irrelevant in tbis section
  2. In all honesty this is a St mirren forum who really cares what an ex saints player does its not a player we are singing or linked with so pretty irrelevant this should be in the other football section
  3. He done a fantastic job whilst here for us, but he has gone back to his parent club for whatever reasons so can we close the thread now its irrelevant.
  4. Well clearly your guarantee was 100% nonsense. Great 3 points for us today another 2 points clear of bottom club Hearts
  5. Im with you i will take that every werk if that's the case 😁
  6. What difference does it make how they go in if one is bundled in means he is in where it matters and the 2nd well if you dont shoot you may not score and as it is he got2 and we got a point
  7. The bottom line is to sell our own stands week in week out and there would be no need to give them a second stand but given that we cant then we may as well generate more money for the club its not like we are the only ones that do it. We are not exactly selling our souls like livi or hamilton who give every seat possible to them
  8. We dont have a choice in if we keep him or not. Magennis macallister foley and flynn are better in my opinion albeit hard to call given they play in different positions .
  9. I have spare tickets for the game today if anyone is looking for cheaper tickets adult and child.
  10. I have spare tickets if you want an adult and child for £20
  11. I have spare tickets if anyone wants a cheaper tickets 1 or 2 adult tickets and 2 kids pm me for price
  12. Just my opinion. Lose and he should get sacked. Team is abysmal and he is largely to blame. Your right i love Goody but it seems a bridge too far right now there is no cohesion in the team we seem to have regressed in our home form and away is absolutely turgid i have 3 possibly 4 tickets for the game on saturday 2 adult 2 children and it is looking like a 3 of the 4 maybe cant make it i was going to put up a post if someone wanted a wee bit cheaper day out on saturday i can meet them for reduced price tickets for 3 possibly 4 but i would probably get laughed at lol
  13. Its not really happened for us this season and Saturday is a huge game but where has it been said that Goody gets sacked should we lose
  14. Gee thanks never been held in high esteem before or been likened to Bonnie Tyler
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