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  1. Thank you thought it was ok myself
  2. I am going for a narrow 2-1 win for the saints goals from Mullen and Obika
  3. Good use of the exclamation mark well done you 👍
  4. I dont disagree the price for games in Scottish Football is over the top and i dont disagree with those that choose to not go to games its about choice but i also dont feel the need to call those that do choose to go muppets or any other names its a choice we all make, i dont see the pricing coming down anytime soon as the so called powers that be ( Neil Doncaster) as one are so far up their own .... and believe they are doing a good job and cant/wont change anything, my own personal opinion is 12-15 maximum would be a starting point.
  5. Yip it will be no more than £29 next season
  6. Yet you comment on being in this part of the forum ?
  7. Not for me to school you on a meaning
  8. I can go anywhere i choose to on the forum didnt realise i needed permission, and i learnt that word years ago in school at least its better than ha ha as a stand alone post, or post for the sake of it. I actually make an effort to retort to posts
  9. What the hell has both of the above got to do with an employee(our goalkeeper) telling his employer(St Mirren Fc) he is leaving when his contract is up, just like any employee does when they are looking to leave their current employment. Oh that's right it has absolutely hee haw to do with the actual thread you started but just can't help yourself and your doppelganger drop the same innate diatribe in anywhere possible,
  10. Given this is a thread about the game as I've been rightly told in my opinion i will go for 2 - 1 saints
  11. I plan to enjoy the game and the weekend in Edinburgh and it wont be £30 plus next season at worst case it will still be £29
  12. Well once again that's up to them as you dont go that's your prerogative just as it is theirs to do as they see fit, your beginning to sound like your avatar and his garbage he is spouting at the moment
  13. Why reply on it if you couldn't give a toss
  14. As already mentioned this is a thread about ticket prices not tit for tat mundane diatribe of crap. Those that dont go because of the price complaining about those that go to follow their team and do pay it bottom line its our choice to pay the admission price at each stadium when we feel like it, those that dont go are in their own right to do so but either way its an individuals choice lets keep the thread to what it should be or close it down
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