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  1. Im finding it hard to fathom why our club see the need to charge our own supporters more money than normal for this type of game nearly 3 times as much for u12s than any other game and also add money onto an adult ticket if you so happen to want to go to this and dont have season tickets what is the justification for this?
  2. Edinburgh didnt get us knocked out the cup our failure to score 1 goal more in ANY of the games got us knocked out.
  3. No why dont you apologise for your continous harping on about a football kit we all get the fact " YOU dont like it and initially it may have been an opinion now its just repetitive durge thus becoming a rant and a boring statement of utter garbage. There are alot of fans that do like it but cant buy it almost every post you put up in any topic ends up back at the strip agree with you on one things it is a fans forum but reptitivness is utter boring give it a rest
  4. I emailed JDSports customer service and was advised that they had nothing tovdo with release dates and it was down to the sales team and "it looks like they are getting all the bigger teams shirts out first for obvious reasons" and that they hoped i understood. Utter ridiculous and a previous email advised i should contact the club !!!!
  5. No i said i paid no attention to their squads of any of the teams i didnt say i never saw the game. Dufc were average on sunday but still had plenty to see dunfermline off. As for last season was a right off from almost day one to get as you say within 15 points of a needed total given our pre christmas efforys is somewhat remarkable as beforw mr inept( i know more than the fans left) it coyld have been 15 points from safety. AR is the man in charge and the management team and players have my support. As for higginbittom at a higher level championship is his level or more to so with the money he was offered. Fluffed it big time for both thistle and killie and thats coming from mates that follow both these teams. No team will need to win 25 games this season it will be a very tight league no run away teams for me
  6. It was not edinburgh city game the ultimatley done us in my opinion its was the ayr games only winning 1 nil and then the calamity defending at hamilton albeit they are a premier league team but scoring 1 or conceding 1 less would hqve put us through. Against edinburgh we played decent football in the first half but it looked like they learned their lesson for 2nd half cutting out mallans freedom and defending deeper and in better numbers to stop the crosses from walsh and morgan
  7. And how is he not talking us down saying dunfermline will finish above us we can not use last season as a guide we had a manager yhat was inept to say the least had no plan A never mind a b or c option when AR came in his remit was to ensure safety first and foremost which was achieved. Dufc have not looked great so far or have hibs in all honesty nor falkirk or raith and as for the soap dodgers well we know what they are. We will cone good for saturday too many knickerwetters on here claimimg to be realistic when the league season has not even started no one knows how we will percorm or how any other team will let alone try and predict teams will finish above us
  8. Why are the so many doom merchants on here the league season doesnt start to this saturday but already people on here saying we wont do this we wont do that such and such will finish above us. No one but no one knows how the season will pan out once it kicks off i for one have not paid any attention to what others have done with squads in our league as i dont care i only give a toss about st mirren fc and how we perform in the league. You claim dunfermline will finish above ourselves and falkirk to say the least what makes you certain of making a bold statement like that they looked well short against an average dufc on sunday.we have a better squad than we have had in a couple season and i have faith in our players and management team to believe in my opinon the top 4 will be in no particular order st mirren dufc hibs and falkirk. Thoae who want to come and say we will be out with certain positions before a ball is evwn kicked and we see how we settle down on the first quarter need to get behind the team or find another saturday afternoon gig.( just my opinion) before the slating starts
  9. Is there a particular reason we are still reading the same rant about the strip on a continous basis. You dont like it fine but stop the constant bleating about it
  10. And how did he get it wrong we won 3 nil played some decent stuff first half but lost our way in the 2nd. We won 3 from 4 in the section and failed to go through by 1 goal
  11. Why can we not just have the same as we had at love street in the home end behind the goal where there was a section at the top of the stand its really not rocket science follow the old tried and tested method that worked before
  12. I know this has a thread but just want to say it is now seriously ludicrious that the launch is now TBC August according to their own website. Someone somewhere needs to sort these clowns out.
  13. Is there any chance this mind numbing thread can be locked do we really care what an ex manager said or didn't say AR is our manager and we should get behind him and the team as clearly since taking over there has been an upturn in results with performances to follow. As wee Stevie mallan mentioned in today's evening times there is a wee feel good factor returning and his game has been helped no end by Rae so best we forget what went before and concentrate on the near future and what could happen under Rae in the remaining months of the season. Just my own opinion though
  14. For a part time club avoiding relegation from the second top flight of Scottish football is success!! He walked from the club so no pay off And in my opinion we were never guarenteed to be in the play offs or promotion given the dross that took us down to this league or given that there were clearly at least 3 very good teams already vying for most of those positions so no he didn't cost us a season only half as AR is now working on his plans for rest of season to get us in shape for next season. And given at the start of the season there was a poll on here asking where we would finish from what I recall most said 5-7 so in that essence no promotion or play off
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