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  1. Well done you not been on here for a few weeks but well spotted
  2. Im entitled to my opinion as is who ever but why just be disrespectful of saints in all comments and as such its any other forum users right to challenge
  3. Yeah live tv pay day to a provincial club not worth anything at these times is it
  4. What a twat dis a player before he has even played for us yeah well done 🎺
  5. They mean feck all its called confidence for the team building it game by game win by win. We have 3 games in hand 2 very very winnable. I want us to win every game but i am also realistic to know we wont but i wont berate the club or players like you. Trumpet!!!
  6. Aye cause beating Aberdeen and Rangers in the cup games is nonsense what a muppet
  7. Read your own quote before you make absurd comments about being shit for 2 years then
  8. Thats right the team that went 11-12 games undefeated are pish we havent played great since the cup game. We have no divine right to play well in every game yet still pick up points do yourself a favour get real this is St mirren not man utd or Athletico Madrid
  9. Dont agree they had better 1st half we had better of the 2nd half point a piece is right result
  10. Agreed offers nothing at all its playing with a man down to start with
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