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  1. Faraway [emoji99] [emoji99] [emoji42]
  2. Faraway I’ll start a new thread when you peg it to
  3. Paisleys finest got a mention on tonight’s show!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Last time I ate your apple pie it stuck in my throat
  5. Think we should play Dougie Somner, Frank McGarvey, Peter Weir, Billy Stark if only if only
  6. Oaksoft what a complete tosser, do us all a good deed and [email protected] off
  7. Could always do what Barcelona did and sink the pitch rather than raise the stands, cheaper option but still very expensive
  8. I think Isle of Bute Saint is correct players of this kind is hard for St.Mirren to attract so when we do there is usually a reason, ie injury prone unfortunately
  9. St.Ricky do you mean the Liberal Club as I don’t remember a Conservative Club?
  10. Thomson, Money & Fridge were decent keepers
  11. Jaybee you are correct that although the results are not yet going our way in our last few games our % of possession has been really good, so hopefully the results will follow.
  12. I agree he comes across as a really nice guy but the team are still not performing for him (worrying)
  13. Going by our performance tonight albeit against Celtic away we are half a team short, I don’t see any improvement and 1 week to go in the transfer window it’s worrying.
  14. Merry Christmas to all Buds, and hopefully a better New Year.
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