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  1. Meiksyboy

    Saint Mirren v Kilmarnock 11 March 2019

    St.Ricky do you mean the Liberal Club as I don’t remember a Conservative Club?
  2. Meiksyboy

    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    Thomson, Money & Fridge were decent keepers
  3. Jaybee you are correct that although the results are not yet going our way in our last few games our % of possession has been really good, so hopefully the results will follow.
  4. I agree he comes across as a really nice guy but the team are still not performing for him (worrying)
  5. Meiksyboy

    January Arrivals

    Going by our performance tonight albeit against Celtic away we are half a team short, I don’t see any improvement and 1 week to go in the transfer window it’s worrying.
  6. Meiksyboy

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all Buds, and hopefully a better New Year.
  7. Meiksyboy

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Same old same old
  8. Meiksyboy


    1st thread should have read Nutini predictive text doh
  9. Meiksyboy


    Very good Paolo, good write up for Paisley that’s right which team do you support? Oh yes Glasgow Celtic?
  10. Chocolate Wendy house rather quickly melting in the sun
  11. Meiksyboy

    What is our chances

    McCall is not a nice guy who cares what he thinks, why do we even listen to anything he says
  12. Meiksyboy

    Pre Season Friendlies

    Early days, don't read to much into pre-season friendlies
  13. Meiksyboy

    Ryan Brobbel

    Faraway [email protected]@@@@e
  14. Meiksyboy

    Ryan Brobbel

    No just putting it out there, just thought he was TNS best player and read some of the clubs he's played for
  15. Meiksyboy

    Ryan Brobbel

    What's the chances of Ryan signing for St. Mirren, he's only 24 and looks a good prospect