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  1. Let’s face it the quote from the Hibs forum is right on the money, We do as a Club always seem to be in turmoil and start the season handicapped !!!!
  2. Faraway if it’s Torvill & Dean I think we’ll be skating on thin ice!!!! I’ll get my coat.
  3. Jason Cummings is a decent player just worried about his off field antics and if he’d be a disruptive influence in the dressing room?
  4. I’m sorry but is it just me, I get the feeling we just piss about and at the last minute grab anybody available (usually nobody else wants).
  5. Think the only beach work should be the Jock Wallace method at Gullane instead of pissing about in Spain!
  6. Faraway [emoji99] [emoji99] [emoji42]
  7. Faraway I’ll start a new thread when you peg it to
  8. Paisleys finest got a mention on tonight’s show!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Last time I ate your apple pie it stuck in my throat
  10. Think we should play Dougie Somner, Frank McGarvey, Peter Weir, Billy Stark if only if only
  11. Oaksoft what a complete tosser, do us all a good deed and [email protected] off
  12. Could always do what Barcelona did and sink the pitch rather than raise the stands, cheaper option but still very expensive
  13. I think Isle of Bute Saint is correct players of this kind is hard for St.Mirren to attract so when we do there is usually a reason, ie injury prone unfortunately
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