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  1. Agree. The older guys will remember Jimmy Brown a legend with Hearts and Kilmarnock before playing for us, who's choice of jerseys was Blue against the tic and Green at Ibrox. He loved annoying them.
  2. Not finished on time since work had to be stopped because planning permission had not been applied for. Legal requirements could not have been part of the best run clubs questionaire. SS, I thought I was the only one to still remind and bore anyone who listens about the premeditated brutal attack by McGrain on Frank McDougall. It would have been a jail sentence if VA R had been in place.
  3. Can you explain the details of his inability to manage budgets causing us to leave Love Street.
  4. And mine. Career interrupted by McGrain with a brutal assault.
  5. Don't want to guess, just name the two Directors. Has Wardrop resigned from the club Board of Directors or only from 1877 club. If he has resigned from the main club it would seem rather unprofessional to make the announcement in the way you are claiming prior to an official announcement.
  6. Unless Ross has told you personally, you may be wrong in assuming it was the first offer he had and seldom works out second time round.
  7. Correct. The "short cut" from Abercorn Street to Old Sneddon on the Gilmour Street Station side. Faraway, impressed with your memory with names of buisnesses.
  8. They seem to be learning. Actually applying for planning permission unlike extension at Ralston.
  9. A young boy from Gallowhill drowned in the cart. He was playing with his pals near to the foot bridge in Abercorn Street and had been sliding down the banking. My guess would put this around late 1950 or early 60's.
  10. Will they return the £30.00 donations ?
  11. Nothing to be worried about. The sign will be returned to its position after the refurbishment is completed.
  12. He maybe woke up this morning "stiff" What a wate of a wage. Can't remember when he last played (stayed) on the park for 90 minutes Kilmarnock knew what they were doing when they cashed him in.
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