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  1. Read somewhere Smith was "working for .... gers t.v."
  2. What a team that was. John White was no Jessie he was different class. I still remember the shock of hearing about his death. Sheltering on the golf course and struck by lightning. Not so easy to watch Scotland games from Wembley in later years thanks to SFA arranging the blocking of transmission in Scotland. Probably a run of the mill Junior game playing. (and they are still making silly decisions) Remember having to go to Largs to watch since it was transmitted via Irish Television service and could be picked up there.
  3. Must be held within 15 months of the last one. Many thanks for the info. An explanation for the reason to have a change of date would have been nice. Very simple and free since they have our e-mail addresses. I have been getting the feeling recently that the existing shareholders who are not members of Smisa are being overlooked. I wonder where we would be in the pecking order if a small number of spectators were allowed in to live matches. Ah bring back the days of Todd and his cohorts when you got a free drink after the AGM held in Knox Street.
  4. Sorry, but no excuse. An Annual General Meeting requires to be Annual. The boat has now sailed. It is irrelevent what is happening at the time. At St Mirren we would never have a meeting if we we waited for the right time. My memories of meetings during the tenure of Stuart Gilmour included, we cannot discuss this because.......
  5. How soon??? I bet it will be next year.🤔
  6. Away back then I bet you were glad there was neigh horse manure left on the road.....
  7. There was a wee Barbers and a Ladies salon called Marshall's. The sweety shop at the top selling broken tablet and the penny tray was my first stop after getting of the bus.
  8. Well done. The Toby was a favourite pre and post match meeting place more often than not to commiserate.
  9. They stopped posting out the invitation and Report a few years ago. Only done by e-mail. I was told there would be paper copies available at the meeting. I have a couple of questions that I am not certain about. 1. By law, must an Annual General Meeting be arranged. (Will be without attendance of shareholders), The last AGM was held the second/third week December 2019. 2. The number of days notice in advance required prior to the meeting.
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