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  1. How appropriate the timing of this photo. On Thursday it will be 60 years since Davie Lapsley stood on that balcony and held up the Scottish Cup to show the hundreds including myself in County Square who celebrating our Scottish Cup victory.
  2. Shetland- your teasing us- any more details why Billy Thomson was chased out.?
  3. Johnny Rep, exactly my first thoughts when I saw the photo but it was nicknamed Fudgy, Hudgie and Budgie. They were on both sides of Renfrew Road. Passed it to get to Love Street over Footbridge in Abercorn Street. Keep photos coming.
  4. Won't be missed. I think there is a bit of ability there but we don't have "time" for him to decide to turn up. Against Dundee he lost all interest when he lost the ball.
  5. The big match. Pretty accurate summing up in my opinion. Getting a bit fed up with the unsporting behaviour that has crept into the game. Newest trick from Dundee goalkeeper taking the goal kick from outside the area. Team one up and in the end only benefit was to waste time and not penalised. That to me is cheating, could and should have been booked. What is the advantage of placing the ball outside the arc at a corner? What "tricks" will Brown have up his sleeve on Wednesday?
  6. Well done Rabuddies, From what I can remember, the town hall was so much "posher". I may also be wrong but i don't think it was the South Minor since you entered to the left of the main door. I warmed your seat, just. Desperately Seeking, you are correct, any Tom, Dick and even me could be fed in either of the canteens.
  7. I think "Glasgow's" the Pram Shop was just after Galbraiths in Cotton Street?
  8. Wonderful photos and information about Paisley Theatres. I remember being taken to see Syncopating Sandy at Paisley Theatre. He is reputed to have played the piano for 133 hours in 1956. It was not in Paisley so I guess he came as the " World Champion" around 1957ish. I can remember walking down the one side of the theatre along the front and up the other side and out. Gerry Rafferty has a song about him.
  9. St Ricky, our manager at the AGM on Tuesday identified the Hibs winger as the big danger due to his speed. He seems according to you to have been spot on.
  10. hamlet

    Paisley Pubs

    Not a lot of homework done on the article "in the centre of Paisley" I don't think so. Antrim, the Tannery is in Bridge of Weir.
  11. What about Dave Walker, Scottish Cup winner or colourful Jimmy Brown etc etc and back to subject Samson correct to accept what in his judgement will improve his standard of living. As any sensible person would. Forget having a " contract" . As we continue to read football is different from any other business and that is certainly true when it comes to contracts. Clubs continually sell players before the players contracts are completed.
  12. You swine it was mine. It had my name on it so give me it back but then again don't since you will drop me in it because we used to tee of from the 5th at 8.30 on a Sunday since the local rule was no teeing off before I think it was 9.30. Remember coming down the 18th one Sunday and hundreds at the first tee. The course was closed for us yins so a quick exit via Newton Avenue . Long walk back to car parked at baths. Aye these were the days.
  13. Car registration numbers with ?GA followed by numbers were registered in Glasgow and from Paisley they were XS followed by numbers. Was the Job Centre and Menzies Distribution not in Hunter Street and "whydowebothwer" don't forget Alexanders Sports Shop and Bryces TV shop. Also in Moss Street was the TSB and Glovers the Newsagent. I wish I had a Pound for every time I went up and down the path from Moss Street to School Wynd.
  14. 59er. 're third awning in Gauze Street. Don't remember a Galbraiths but it could have been Menzies the Ham Curer and general grocery. I was sent there on a Saturday to get the Wiltshire back bacon. I am pretty sure the shop is now the cafe Bianca Nero.
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