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  1. Tom, You could have left a clue about the pen corner, !ike a cinema!!! Your memories going. It was the Tapit Hen.
  2. Done. Or not had symptoms need also to respond?
  3. Will soon be "imprisoned" by government rules to self isolate so have to find indoor hobby. Here's what your looking for. OBTW Surely it's not St Mirren's responsibility to refund on season tickets. It was not their decision to cancel/ Postpone/delay the outstanding matches. Take It up with the football authorities who took the decision. Forgot that would not suit his continual criticism about the Management of St Mirren F. C.
  4. A senior moment? Already posted on 30th October. Punishment - more memories please🍻
  5. Another 21 minutes game time for Chabbi to-day. He will soon be "match fit!!! Remind me, did we sign him in January? Cannot understand signing a player and not having him on at the start. IMO our Manager with his team selections and especially with his choice of substitutes is the reason we have not picked up more points.
  6. And they didn't teach them to fly the Union Jack properly, its upside down😬
  7. Please don't tell me Messrs Atkinson, Stewart and Henderson were/are died in the wool supporters. Naughty of you not to complete the story of Reg Brearley. Our white knight Stewart Gilmour won the day. The majority of shareholders did not vote to sell a controlling interest in the club but the Directors with majority shareholding power did. Sounds a bit like what the concern is now!! Do not understand your statement " St Mirren fans have a history of getting it wrong. We have been in existence since 1876, so must have been doing something right.
  8. If they were going to consider health and safety issues the pitch inspection would have be irrelevant.
  9. I also would be questioning the reason for Goody to be at the top table. If he contributes to SMISA he should only have been in the body of the hall. At the AGM the same mistake is made with the current Manager at the top table from the beginning of the meeting. He should only, as was done in the past, be invited when the business end has been completed. He is only an employee of the Company just like e.g. The Groundsman. If sure he had more things to worry about on Thursday night after the dreadful team selection the night before.
  10. Maybe "not up to match speed fitness wise". Whatever that means.
  11. What I can't understand is being a professional and football is his trade why is he not match fit? Why sign him. He has missed two games plus how many more?
  12. A sub would have been allowed on prior to the free kick. For some reason our bench chose not to select a sub. It surprised me since you see on tv matches the medic talking to the bench indicating that the injured player is unfit to continue and his replacement comes on.
  13. Can only hope the Referee clamps down on their time wasting with an early booking for their keeper and not wait till the 85th minute. The "best" team in the league for using all the tricks in the book to cheat. An early goal or two or three would sort it out.
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