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  1. I also would be questioning the reason for Goody to be at the top table. If he contributes to SMISA he should only have been in the body of the hall. At the AGM the same mistake is made with the current Manager at the top table from the beginning of the meeting. He should only, as was done in the past, be invited when the business end has been completed. He is only an employee of the Company just like e.g. The Groundsman. If sure he had more things to worry about on Thursday night after the dreadful team selection the night before.
  2. Maybe "not up to match speed fitness wise". Whatever that means.
  3. What I can't understand is being a professional and football is his trade why is he not match fit? Why sign him. He has missed two games plus how many more?
  4. A sub would have been allowed on prior to the free kick. For some reason our bench chose not to select a sub. It surprised me since you see on tv matches the medic talking to the bench indicating that the injured player is unfit to continue and his replacement comes on.
  5. Can only hope the Referee clamps down on their time wasting with an early booking for their keeper and not wait till the 85th minute. The "best" team in the league for using all the tricks in the book to cheat. An early goal or two or three would sort it out.
  6. Ive seen the Linwood Toll to West End and back video but not the Gallowhill one. Not much will have changed in G.hill other than the changes at Rockfield, Brabloch and McDonald's. O yes there will be changes. I no longer stay there!!. Seriously, no shops with tic like Willie Warnocks in Gallowhill Road, no co-op, no Galbraiths, no Alisons Dairy (I think that was the name) horse and float, no street football. If the Gallowhill video is around would very much appreciate if it could be posted here. As i've said before, keep the photos coming.
  7. They were brutal. If I remember correctly Gregor Stevens was one of the three hatchet men.
  8. After a miserable night it has been a miserable day. Only difference the weather will change!! Last night's performance must rank alongside some of the worst I've seen. One shot on target, five minutes from the end and I could have left my seat and still saved it. Can't even get the square pass right (third goal). Why did we change in the second half to long balls from goal kicks? Cannon fodder to Motherwell defenders who lapped them up. 20 players in a wee huddle waiting and certainly our midgets with no chance of winning the ball. Instructions to Morias at substitution. Right Morias your turn, but boss, Gallagher is massive, boss, just jump. Obika reminds me when I played and you were a man short. "he will do". What a waste of space. Please somebody show Macpherson how to take a throw in. At least four foul throws.
  9. Amatuers by name. I bet not much left from the gate income. There are many ways to skin a rabbit. E. G. Inflated taxi prices.😋
  10. hamlet

    Paisley Pubs

    What has happened to the Hotel that was planned for the area in or around Kilpatrick's Offices. I remember seeing drawings and thinking who in their right mind...... Well seems common sense has prevailed.
  11. T Y Antrin for confirmation. What a map you have found. Do you think the water from the St Mirren's Burn was used in the Baths He He. I am pretty certain there used to be a red telephone box at the same corner.
  12. Re photo of Storie Street 1954. From the bottom left corner is the pub that was well supported by the Farmers on market days. After the pub, was that the side entrance to Priorscroft Bowling Club?
  13. How appropriate the timing of this photo. On Thursday it will be 60 years since Davie Lapsley stood on that balcony and held up the Scottish Cup to show the hundreds including myself in County Square who celebrating our Scottish Cup victory.
  14. Shetland- your teasing us- any more details why Billy Thomson was chased out.?
  15. Johnny Rep, exactly my first thoughts when I saw the photo but it was nicknamed Fudgy, Hudgie and Budgie. They were on both sides of Renfrew Road. Passed it to get to Love Street over Footbridge in Abercorn Street. Keep photos coming.
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