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  1. Ian Scanlon cannot claim the deadliest spot kick taker ever for us. That award would be claimed by our 1959 cup winning captain, David Lapsley who was known as as the dead ball expert. For the record he scored 29 against Scanlons 18.
  2. It's not the two rounds drawn (I think they do this in the domino leagues) but there is no reason to make the draw before all ties have commenced. Don't see Cove winning now.
  3. I cannot remember a draw being made in the past before the round matches have been played except when a match goes to a replay. I guess the sfa or what ever they call themselves expected the final match to have been completed by 2.00 pm but it's not, so could they not have rearranged the draw for after the last match. Maybe their big pay packets don't include out of hours work.
  4. Can anybody remember if the drinking fountain had a cup to use.
  5. Not sure if was a club as such. Saying that because i'm sure I would signed up to join. Some form of Union use rings a bell. The snooker club was a nice warm place for the worthies to pass their time. There was money involved with a game played with 4 skittles surrounding the blue spot and a skittle in the middle which had to be knocked down without knocking over the outside skittles. You had to be a "player" to get the downstairs room.
  6. I remember the day the Deputy Headmaster and later Headmaster of Camphill, Sam Thomson came marching in and it was not to play a frame of snooker. It was out of bounds for us. Ducking under the table to avoid been seen didn't work. Culprits lined up the following day for punishment.
  7. One of the "in" places on a Sunday. Always heaving.
  8. Certainly has stirred memories. From the plan just as I remember. Also the bomb shelter which was between the tennis courts and the main gate and looks as if it's marked on the plan.
  9. If I remember correctly the mini zoo did not take the place of the actual Bandstand. The Bandstand was bang in the middle of the park. That looks like the Bowling Green in the background
  10. Spot on. Exactly what I thought when I saw it. Only one balcony has a chance of early morning sun. No comparison with property in Cotton Street facing the Abbey.
  11. In the same boat as Goodwin. He has no idea either.😊
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