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  1. we are getting nothing from this referee
  2. Will the crazy Northbank Agaro not leather them?
  3. Pink Evening TImes and a half bottle of Eldo.
  4. Camera work provided by Two Tits and a Camcorder, game recorded in Betamax
  5. off the post then should have been a pen for hand ball
  6. New commentator being tried out today, sounds better than the usual boring cùnts highlight at 44 mins is when the pie arrival is announced.
  7. 0-1 big gap in defence and 3 saints defenders ball watching the rebound
  8. anyone remember the cup game at fir park in 1977, we were flying high with fergie as boss, I can remember counting 50 buses that travelled from paisley that day and overcrowding in the saints end with some fans having to be moved. Willie pettigrew broke our hearts that day and I remember a saints fan greetin on the bus back home.
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