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  1. I watched the first 15 or 20 minutes of this game, he was running about like a headless chicken doing absolutely fuck all but bounce around on his arse, caught on bt sport so he cannot deny it, back to non league football so no one has to give a shiney shite anymore. how the fuck did peterborough utd, northampton town, wycombe wanderers and indeed st mirren not see what a thud and blunder player this guy really is.
  2. Did goody see this dumpling morias on video before signing him? it must have been a betamax.
  3. thank fuck for that a crap player who made a total rip roaring cunt of himself, I am glad I won't see this clown skidding about on his arse in a st mirren shirt again.
  4. 1-1 mistake by the killie keeper apparently a point will do, we have been crap today so have been lucky to get a point
  5. any body else still got the killie link working?
  6. f**k right off mate. That's just shite he is also in for the panda job too
  7. we know you would pull him off ya poofy bastard
  8. I certainly hope so as he's a useless cunt he can go and spend most of the time on the pitch on his arse and some other team can pay him to do this.
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