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  1. 1: get oran kearney paid off 2: Get jim goodwin in and lets get on with it All the rest is propaganda
  2. are you that boring old fart bill lees? him and tom used to be chums back in the day, I remember I was supposed to come and meet him in the wee barrell one time, but it was a saturday and I did not want the lie in in mill street as it was a bank holiday monday too, I did not toe the line on the old guestbook and ripped the piss out of mark yardleys huge arse so was not allowed to be part of the guestbook intelligentsia
  3. If saints pay off ok, surely they will not be able to afford popescu?
  4. Tom, I've known you for years and years, I used to like and respect you tom there was a time when you would not have spoken to me or about me like that. You certainly would not to my face.
  5. no if its that slevering wee shite mcpherson in the dugout
  6. danny's with widdicomb and pump now, he played "jakey rooting in a bin" in an episode of scot squad recently
  7. For me to invest 70 euros in watching st mirren online this season it has to be Sir James of the Goodwin, if its Gus Mcpherson ye can get fùcked!!!
  8. Gus can f ùck off and manage those DIRTY SMELLIE ACCIE BASTARDS!! I do not want this man back in the st mirren dugout he is a sneering, arrogant little shithouse of a man
  9. It better not be that little shit mcpherson I would not get tired punching his stupid fat fùcking face
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