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  1. Big step up for him, that. Big step up for any Scottish player, tbf.
  2. The loan system obviously has a lot of issues, and we've had what feels like more than our fair share of duds. But we've actually done pretty well out of it recently, and this kid was a textbook example. The best approach is clearly to add one or two loans to a stable squad, not try to build an entire team with them. I feel like we're doing that now.
  3. FFS Waters is shite, get Strapp on.
  4. It's a nice position to be in and make a huge difference vs many previous windows (with the exception of the summer/2nd winter windows when Ross was in charge.) If we can add further quality, then so be it, but it's not 100% essential and if we're better off saving the money to do PCAs/get even better players in the summer, then fine.
  5. I think one extra body in that area could be necessary. The run to the cup final this year is going to place extra strain on the squad so we need that depth.
  6. On this day was also the 5-2 loss to a 10-man Hearts in 2012. Rudi Skacel was unplayable that day. The absolute prick.
  7. Yeah, it's a fantastic piece. I love the insight into how being trained in recruitment has changed his outlook. When you add that to his natural love for our club, I can't think of anyone better to be selling St Mirren to potential signings. That picture of Goodwin locking eyes with the Saints support as he lifts the LC trophy gets me every time, mind.
  8. Yes, can't imagine how he'll cope living somewhere with that much bigotry around him.
  9. I think that if Stubbs was kept well away from stuff like transfers, the media, the tactics, the first team squad, the media and the fans... then he would still be an absolute disaster who should never get near another football club job again.
  10. The squad is looking pretty balanced at the minute if, as @Lord Pityme said, a little bloated. As others have said, I think S McGinn will be moving on either now or in the summer. Erhahon needs a loan spell where he can be allowed to spend some time in his actual position. Somewhere like Partick would be ideal - a team nearby who are at the wrong end of their table, but still essentially a good club. Breadner can have a loan as well. I really wanted Djorkaeff to be a success but flashy training goals that look good on Instagram clearly don't make a dependable first choice player. That would leave: Fullbacks: McGinn and Waters, with cover from Flynn and Famewo. Centre halves from: Kirk, Gary Mack, McCarthy, Famewo (emergency cover from Foley). Central midfield from: MacPherson, Flynn, Foley and Magennis. Attacking midfield/wide from: Durmus, McAllister, Andreu, McGrath, Morias (he'll never get played up on his own so might as well call him a wide player now). Strikers from: Obika, Cooke and Mullen. That's an awright little squad, I reckon. Can't believe Durmus got a mention in the OP as a possible 'out', though. Madness. 😂
  11. Yeah, to be fair... some have been honking. Who was that Spurs boy? Emmanuel Sonupe? Not to mention those two from Man City. f**king hell 😐 I think over the piece we are being less panicky with our signings and there seems to be a broader strategy in play. The fact he's rocking up now and not on January 31st gives me hope, even though I'd admittedly never heard of him until yesterday. 😂
  12. What was ambiguous about my previous response?
  13. Am I sure that FlareyBob is wrong? Yes.
  14. Welcome to the Buds. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3409-st-mirren-reach-agreement-with-cork-city-for-transfer-of-conor-mccarthy I like the sound of this lad. If he's anything like McLoughlin, I'm sure we've bagged a decent player.
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