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  1. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    His brother Amal is decent too, but Stubbs wouldn't even consider him. "When you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal," he said.
  2. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Everton have been very busy today. Three big signings (that I know of). Hopefully that will cascade down...
  3. Magic Monkey

    John McGinn

    Hope you had some good reading material! Ie, not this thread.
  4. Magic Monkey

    John McGinn

    And I for one cannot wait for this shite to be over.
  5. Magic Monkey

    John McGinn

    I dunno, I think McGinn could be ok. Gritty, hard-working and a knack for protecting the ball, I think he'll do well.
  6. Magic Monkey

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Not really. Both social media platforms, allowing people from all over the world to discuss basically whatever they want. The main difference is that this feels like more of a closed community (which it isn't), while Twitter is far more open. Either way, there are plenty of valid points for comparison.
  7. Magic Monkey

    John McGinn

    Were you moving more quickly than Alan Stubbs in the transfer market?
  8. Magic Monkey

    Sign Shankland!

    That's because we were romping the league and he really didn't fit JR's style of play. He scored 10 goals in 23 appearances for Alloa, and Shankland scored 15 over the same period in the same league (from 23rd December onwards). I'd suggest he wouldn't be a massive downgrade for Ayr. If anything, it's a shame nobody's bought Shankland for megabucks because we might have got some of that money for Stewart I do agree with that, though
  9. Magic Monkey

    Sign Shankland!

    It'd make more sense for us to attempt to swap Stewart plus a bit of cash for him. Ayr would surely be more interested in getting a ready-made replacement, and I reckon Stewart is more than good enough for the Championship. Not that I believe we are in for him, but if we were that's what I'd be doing.
  10. Magic Monkey

    Sign Shankland!

    People have been hinting for a while that EPL clubs are unlikely to be letting players out until the 9th, when their own squads are finalised, so I'm guessing (hoping) we'll see some movement then. I suspect Stubbs knew this when started managing expectations about any signings happening soon. It's far from, ideal, but such is life when you're feeding off scraps.
  11. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

  12. Magic Monkey

    Fraser Hornby and Harry Charsley

    I would certainly give a most rigorous round of applause.
  13. Magic Monkey

    Fraser Hornby and Harry Charsley

    I am very much in favour of signing Fraser Hornby and Harry Charsley, if only because both their names makes them sound like they could have been playing inside-right for Blackpool in the 1950s.
  14. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    S'ok, I wasn't doubting you, just making shit jokes
  15. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    What were the conversations? Ghana join the Saints? Ghana no dae that?