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  1. Imagine having Scholes firing in shots at you in training. I bet he could probably still do a job at that level.
  2. Makes you wonder what the hell happened to him. Looked like such a player at Motherwell; it's not like he's lost pace or gotten particularly old.
  3. To be fair, it already hasn't... Erwin took about three minutes to get off the mark for Saints. He was poor last night though. As I put on P&B, the bit when he failed to slide the ball in to the overlapping Connolly was basically a crime against football. Instead he turned the other way and thumped it at a defender.
  4. Morgan now has Gonzalo Higuain as a teammate. What a move that's turning out to be for the lad.
  5. There's a young centre half at Ayr with top flight experience. I've heard we might be in for him.
  6. Fair play. He's actually been playing for Killie so I thought it would have been an odd one.
  7. Just tagging @djchapsticks so I can see the reaction if this transpires 🤣
  8. Fair play to him. Probably making an absolute killing there. He's 29 so probably his last chance for a big-money move.
  9. He's got 92 pace on FIFA '17 - just ignore his other stats.
  10. Is that true? Jesus. I know times are tough, but that's League Two stuff. Even more laughable is the fact they've priced their PPV games at £20 (presumably) to protect the perceived value of season tickets. It makes you even more proud to see the ST numbers we've posted this summer.
  11. Mor-I-as. Morr-ee-ass. Three syllables. Say it to yourselves as you type it. Apologies to those who've spelt it correctly, @Sonny
  12. League Cup winner Sam Parkin?
  13. 23 years! I'm old enough as it is without folk slipping an extra decade in there!
  14. This. They're not trying to develop him: they want rid altogether.
  15. Celtic about to bring a West Ham striker in on loan. Wonder if that could prompt some movement our way. Probs not, to be fair 😂
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