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  1. Ronan the Barbarian, probably.
  2. To be fair, Duffy was absolute pish compared to most decent defenders in this league, yet has gone back down south to start in the Premier League, so maybe we're harsh on the defenders up here.
  3. It's the almost plausibility of them that makes this an artform.
  4. Yeah, just said the same on P&B. It's the simplest explanation for a frankly baffling selection.
  5. As always, agree with all of that. TBF, I think that Dennis, while he's not that fast, offers cleverness of movement that is unrivalled in our squad. Just a shame he doesn't also have cleverness of not needlessly elbowing your opponent in the mush.
  6. Yup. If you're a decent, pacey wide player who happens to be available and within our budget, are you joining a team to either sit on the bench or be made to play wingback? f**k that.
  7. Same here. I was already preparing my 'f**k off Jack Ross' response. Lovely story; what a gent.
  8. This was in amongst the stuff. Small commemorative glass tankard (?) from 1959 with the team names printed on it. Lovely little thing.
  9. To be fair to the big lump, he will absolutely tear up the Championship.
  10. Was handed a tonne of stuff from my mum's loft the other day; various bits I'd kept when I was a kid, mainly press cuttings. I'll have a proper look through when I get the chance and see if there's anything of interest. The first thing I did see was the match report from the B&Q cup final. f**k knows why I hung onto that.
  11. I certainly can't see us pushing the boat out for a winger given that we don't play with them.
  12. Dunne is left sided and very quick. Can play left CH in a three or LB in a four. No idea really but with his pace maybe left wingback too? Dunno. Option at least. Ah, ok, wasn't aware he was pacey. Can't honestly recall seeing him play. That's potentially a solution if we're in a pinch, though.
  13. If we go with a back 3 we might need 1 more that could play both CB and CDM. As CDM it be along side Power in a more disciplined role? Ethan is still learning and not as solid for the formation I feel Good win wants to play. Agree with this. I guess the only question is whether this leaves us with adequate cover for the wingbacks. Tait and Fraser can cover the right, but we'd struggle down the left if Tanser was injured. I guess a back 4 with Tait at LB would be an option again.
  14. The club has tightened right up in terms of leaks of transfer targets. This is definitely a good thing, even if it does make the windows a little less fun. I personally enjoy the (informed) speculation and the near-misses.
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