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  1. It's actually a shade more than the 5% of the fee, because we get the development fees on top of that, too. I have it that we actually get about 8.5% but that may need corroborating.
  2. As @JJ McG says, I am hopeful he'll step up when McGrath is away. We've been awful when they have played together; they are too similar and non-complementary. We all know Kiltie was bought to replace McGrath who then didn't leave. Not anyone's fault, but it has hardly been fair on Kiltie given that even an out-of-form McGrath is an automatic pick (rightly or wrongly). When you chuck in our Death to Football tactics, I think we can afford to give him a clean shot at making a good impression as our main AM.
  3. Doesn't look like he has (soccerbase).
  4. Yeah, I liked the look of him at ICT. Would have loved to have signed him, either then or now. Or the end of the season if he's not getting a look in at Hibs.
  5. Ross County often didn't play him properly either. Was he not played out as a wide forward quite frequently? Mind we did that with Lee Erwin once and he was shite there, too.
  6. Take him in a heartbeat, tbh. Hate the guy, but he scores goals.
  7. I'd take Gogic - we've played entire games against Hibs where we seemed to just shell balls directly onto his forehead. Greg Stewart would be on my wishlist, but might be out of reach, and if he was relocating to Scotland again there'd be other interest in him for sure.
  8. Miami then New York... the boy is living the life. Fair play to him; hope it goes well.
  9. To be fair, Duffy was absolute pish compared to most decent defenders in this league, yet has gone back down south to start in the Premier League, so maybe we're harsh on the defenders up here.
  10. It's the almost plausibility of them that makes this an artform.
  11. Yeah, just said the same on P&B. It's the simplest explanation for a frankly baffling selection.
  12. As always, agree with all of that. TBF, I think that Dennis, while he's not that fast, offers cleverness of movement that is unrivalled in our squad. Just a shame he doesn't also have cleverness of not needlessly elbowing your opponent in the mush.
  13. Yup. If you're a decent, pacey wide player who happens to be available and within our budget, are you joining a team to either sit on the bench or be made to play wingback? f**k that.
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