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  1. Was about to say that if someone comes in at CH then I think Foley will almost certainly be away. Understandable that we'd hang onto him until a replacement is in the door.
  2. This moneybox. Belonged to my Grampa, who brainwashed me to be a Saints fan. After he died in 1998, it stayed on my Gran's shelf until she passed away in 2014. We opened it to find a solitary £1 note 😂 I also love my 87 cup final scarf, which is incredibly tatty now but I don't dare wash it in case the text comes off.
  3. IIRC did Morias not come in at a point at the start of last season when we were clearly panicking a bit about signings? Happy to be corrected, but I'm sure there was a point when we were behind the curve and we may have briefly lowered our standards to fill the squad. See also: Oan Djorkaeff.
  4. If you could combine Morias' strength, speed and application with McAllister's talent, you'd have one hell of a player on your hands. Shame.
  5. Good. I hope Mason is enjoying himself. I think that's the biggest issue for loan players in the current climate: can't be easy being away from home for a long time while you can't socialise (even if he can't socialise in Coventry, either, I'd imagine it'd be tempting to conflate the two.)
  6. Looks like we've acted properly since discovering the problem: we alerted the relevant authorities asap while we investigate. Given that it doesn't concern playing or management staff, I have to imagine the sums involved will be relatively minor; we can settle up and move on.
  7. He'd be an upgrade on Magennis, to be fair.
  8. He reads the game well, is great on the ball and is deceptively mobile. Great signing. Be wonderful if we could extend his contract but we're going to have some major competition for that, sadly. Erhahon and Doyle-Hayes now first choice in the middle, for me, with Cammy not far behind. Nice problem to have.
  9. Yep, absolute gutter for him, that. And, tbh, I take a little bit of pride seeing former Saints doing well. I don't subscribe to the "they don't play for us any more, f**k 'em..." school of thought. I was quite looking forward to seeing McGinn and McLean, and potentially Morgan, playing next summer. Someone needs to warn Norwich not to get sucked into that gentleman's agreement stuff. Their fans will never forget it.
  10. Imagine having Scholes firing in shots at you in training. I bet he could probably still do a job at that level.
  11. Makes you wonder what the hell happened to him. Looked like such a player at Motherwell; it's not like he's lost pace or gotten particularly old.
  12. To be fair, it already hasn't... Erwin took about three minutes to get off the mark for Saints. He was poor last night though. As I put on P&B, the bit when he failed to slide the ball in to the overlapping Connolly was basically a crime against football. Instead he turned the other way and thumped it at a defender.
  13. Morgan now has Gonzalo Higuain as a teammate. What a move that's turning out to be for the lad.
  14. There's a young centre half at Ayr with top flight experience. I've heard we might be in for him.
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