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  1. Aberdeen are so money now they're even paying our transfer fees for us. Goodwin is some guy.
  2. Yeah. No sympathy from me whatsoever. I think he's going to struggle there and will be out by December. We'll finish above them.
  3. Ooft. That'll be a sore one for Goodwin.
  4. Absolute imperative to get this guy on a better deal. A one/two year extension on better terms should do it.
  5. Robinson's preferred 4-3-3 requires attacking, productive fullbacks (Liverpool are the model here: obviously we don't have Trent and Robertson, but we do need versions of them) so this is great news. Hope we can get the new RB tied up for the other side. Tait likely to be backup on both sides this season; I suspect we may see Fraser move on.
  6. Have they got much ammo for that at the moment? We've beaten them twice, are above them in the league, they're out both cups and they've won two trophies in 30 years. I hope you're giving it to them f**king tight!
  7. Flynn strikes me as the sort of player who might be well suited to a coaching role. Lots of younger players seem to namecheck him as being a role model. I'd like to see him retained and maybe integrated into the youth coaching setup (if he wants to/we have such a role available.)
  8. Ah, fair enough. Yeah, would make sense.
  9. ICT fan saying Jamieson has come back down here. He's not getting game time there. Why might they go to Clyde; you heard anything?
  10. Ooft. Be a hell of a swap, that.
  11. Aye, it's better revealing stuff after the club has confirmed it.
  12. It's actually a shade more than the 5% of the fee, because we get the development fees on top of that, too. I have it that we actually get about 8.5% but that may need corroborating.
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