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  1. Christ. As it happens, I do tend to suspect he's not the best person for the Chief Exec job. I believe he'd be a better fit as a club ambassador, tbh. But still, would be interesting.
  2. I've posted elsewhere, probably P&B, that's what concerns me slightly about his career path. If he went to an upper-Champ-level side - probably only Dunfermline left that doesn't involve moving to the highlands - and did well, then his next step would probably be to a bigger club than us. Maybe we'd catch him on the way down again. It really did surprise me that he didn't fancy Dundee, as they're going to be a big fish in that pond next season. Can't see beyond them and United for the top two places. Edit: tl;dr - I can't really see where he'd go in that league that would be more attractive than us.
  3. It's standard practice with those settlement agreements. It prevents people going to the papers with any old bollocks and generally makes it easier all round - just draws a nice, clean line in the sand that everyone knows can't be crossed.
  4. It has got to be Jim Goodwin. The time wasn't right last summer and I said as much then. But he's been through a tough season with Alloa and emerged successful, relegating Falkirk in the process. He has said he's ready for full time football, he loves us and we love him. I can't wait to see him leading our club once again. I'm currently dreaming of the press conference at which we unveil Goodwin, then just when it looks like it's over we confirm Popescu, Muzek, Mackenzie and McAllister are all re-signing. Gary Mack stands on the press table, takes his top off and necks a pint while Mihai lets off a flare. Might be a bit showbizzy for Saints, tbf. Make it happen, GLS.
  5. He actually has said that (one of those rare instances on here when someone making a claim is actually backed up by quotes and facts!) https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ambitious-alloa-boss-jim-goodwin-15011804 Edit: @munoz beat me to it.
  6. They're not the team they were 29 years ago.
  7. I believe we spoke to him last summer but then he withdrew. We didn't even go to him for the Kearney appointment.
  8. Had no idea he was technically still with us from last season 😂
  9. Folk convinced that GLS is desperate for Gus to take over, and that this has been a long con to get him into the job, are missing the very obvious point that Scott could have appointed him as manager last summer. Or again slightly later last summer. Or in late 2016. Seems weird that he'd feel the need to get him into the job via the back door when the front door has been so readily and frequently available.
  10. He was playing (and starting) for the Danish u21s at the Euros, too - they finished 2nd in a tough group and were unlucky not to go through (just four teams from three groups qualify).
  11. Danny Mullen looking like Elliot outta E.T. Shame Oran can't just phone home instead.
  12. Well, yeah, there is that. I'm trying to see what deal he's on there but can't. I assume he extended by a year - maybe we could just offer them a friendly - next weekend 😂
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