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  1. Haven't clicked onto BAWA for a few weeks. Think I'll give it a few more.
  2. Anyone who has tracked the English game for a while knows it's been on a knife-edge for ages. I think we'll have seen the last of the ridiculously inflated TV deals, too. Corona is going to be a huge watershed moment, for football and for society.
  3. I wasn't expecting to have to explain it, tbf.
  4. I fear my Barry Lavety/e-sports mini joke-ette has been overlooked here.
  5. Bears repeating: if Obika was out of contract this summer, there'd be a queue of Premiership clubs after him. Even with a year to run, that queue might be forming. In fairness, I think most people on here get it now. As is always the case, there's a few idiots on Twitter and, by the sound of it, in the stands, who don't.
  6. I'd be in favour of that across the entire internet, in all honesty. And yes, I realise I'm posting that from behind an alias, but I'm generally respectful on here.
  7. This has been pointed out to him many, many times.
  8. Yep, and at least he's contracted up. 15-goal strikers don't come cheap.
  9. Read that back to yourself. Aye fair enough. I was more thinking of the proportions of the 'sides' in question. But yeah, ok.
  10. Hardly a divide: there's a load of normal folk, and some utter f**king loons.
  11. Feckin massive majority, that. I reckon Lord Pityme's incessant bleating helped to persuade a lot of folk to vote 'yes'.
  12. Just popped in here to see if anyone clueless f**ker was still giving him stick. We've got him signed on for next season, too. If we stay up, and keep him, he'll score 15 for us next year, no bother.
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