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  1. Magic Monkey

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Yeah, good shout. It occurred to me yesterday when Jackson was doing a lot of his best work away from the centre anyway. Jackson has enough pace but no height: Duckens is lacking fitness, this could be the solution that stretches teams like we rarely have this season. It'd let us be far more direct, too.
  2. Magic Monkey

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    I like him a lot. Wouldn't be averse to pushing Jackson wide in a front three, with McAllister on the other flank. Shame it'd leave us getting ruined through the middle.
  3. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    I'd rather get Shug to get his boots back on.
  4. Magic Monkey

    New Signings so far...

    The Duck has got something about him. He's mad as a box of tracksuits, but I reckon he's got the makings of a cult hero.
  5. Magic Monkey

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I'm up for a bit of hangman. Clue: a shite manager and a c**t. _L__ S_U__S
  6. Magic Monkey

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I believe it's autological.
  7. Magic Monkey

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    I like this word because it is, in itself, an example of its own meaning.
  8. Magic Monkey

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Minor quibble, but the word is 'libellous' (written down) not 'slanderous' (spoken). They both fall under the broader term, 'defamatory'. ...I'll book my own taxi.
  9. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Sadly, I think the odds of ever signing someone out of contract as good as Adam Hammill turned out to be are very slim. Probably a once-in-lifetime freak occurrence, that.
  10. Magic Monkey

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Completely agree. When we went down to the Championship last time, the club was a complete basket case. The owners wanted out and had done so for several years. We'd only been comfortably safe from relegation a few times under Gus/Danny, yet had become complacent when it came to understanding what it took to get back out of that league. If we go down this time, as a club we still have the memory of what it takes to get out of the Championship. We can do it again.
  11. Magic Monkey

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I was reading that as well. Their forum is nothing like this one: it's full of impatient nutjobs and attention-seekers. What? Oh... This topic ran to 12 pages or so, but in fairness was mostly people telling the OP he was a twat.
  12. Magic Monkey

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Probably easier to gel when you're on the front foot and confidence in the squad is high. Plus, they have our (apparently) first-choice manager from last summer at the helm. Mind when we got pumped by QoS in 2017, they had a load of new players in the squad, too, including John Rankin? They clearly bought the same gel that day.
  13. Magic Monkey

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    We need to work out what sort of a club we are. Are we a club that gives promising young managers a chance, and is prepared to back them through the tough times, with a view to developing some continuity in terms of style of play, using our young players, building a proper bond with support, etc... ...or do we want to become an absolute basket case of a club that fires the manager every time they don't achieve instant success, leading to no credible candidates ever wanting to be seen anywhere near us? Of course we will occasionally hire duds. That's the market we are in. I think we can all agree that the list of candidates in the summer was surprisingly underwhelming. The problem is, knowing when to bag the duds, and stick by the ones you think might come good. Since 2014, we've had Tommy Craig (less than half a season), Gary Teale (shade over half a season), Ian Murray (less than half), Alex Rae (almost a full season), Jack Ross (almost two ful seasons), Alan Stubbs (less than ten games) and Oran Kearney (half a season so far). Of those, Craig was a disaster, a lazy appointment, and failed to build a squad. Murray was a disaster and failed to build a squad. Rae saved us one season, but then failed to build a squad and is a c**t. Teale was stitched up by not being made permanent manager for weeks and weeks, and by the sale of McLean, so he gets a bye, but has hardly been inundated with offers to be a manager since. Stubbs failed to build a squad too, and seemed to put noses out of joint. Should he have been given longer? I'm in the 'no' camp, even though it seems he was correct about the relative quality of the squad he inherited. The one thing that Kearney has that the others didn't is people saying he'll come good; fans of his last club saying he needs time. That we should get behind him. This is a ridiculously tough job - a squad filled with poor players, and some good players who have no confidence. I believe he's done his absolute best in the transfer window and that the players will start to come good. Don't forget he's backed up by Gus, who has 100% got an eye for a player. tl;dr - at some point we need to stop bagging managers who don't give us an instant return. We know that progress is difficult. We arrived in this league with no manager, our best two players gone. This has to be the line in the sand. Give Kearney until next December, at least, even if we go down. If we're not in at least the top four of the Championship by then, then speak to Jim Goodwin. I'm with Oran.
  14. Magic Monkey

    Magic has gone..

    Lovely dogs, man. Shame you're such a mentalist