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  1. Magic Monkey

    First Team Squad

    Yeah. Jack Ross would have helped, but we would still have struggled. He was right to move on when his stock was high.
  2. Magic Monkey

    First Team Squad

    The parallels between this and two seasons ago are uncanny. Were we not stuck on four points for ages then, too? Sadly, we don't have Ayr, Raith and Morton to pump this season.
  3. Magic Monkey

    First Team Squad

    And Coulson's away as well. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2255-hayden-coulson-returns-to-middlesbrough Thought there was a player there, in that lovely summer evening against Killie when even Jeff King and Cole Kpekawa looked like players
  4. And he's gone. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2251-nicolai-brock-madsen-returns-to-birmingham-city
  5. Magic Monkey

    Interesting Read

    There's a first time for everything
  6. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Thing is, we can't expect guys to find their feet instantly as part of a team that has yet to find its feet. Edwards has that high-energy, running-about-a-lot thing going on, which could be useful if we start to develop a system that involves a bit of a press. Without placing too much hype on Hammill, you can't underestimate the impact that having someone like that in the team can have - at best, he'll not only create himself, but will also drag opponents out of shape, creating space for other guys. Basically everything we had last season with Reilly, Smith and Morgan.
  7. Magic Monkey

    4 told they can leave

    Looks like @bazil85has beaten me to it. They've done nothing, but three of them are injured. McShane may have a part to play if we lose McGinn for any period. I think most are hoping Eck can come back in some capacity once fit to do so.
  8. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Well, yes, that was implied by my post, tbh.
  9. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Right back at you. Nobody likes a crcitic.
  10. Magic Monkey

    4 told they can leave

    Answer my question first.
  11. Magic Monkey

    4 told they can leave

    So, let's take a look at this picture again with the benefit of hindsight Will any of the five on the left ever play for St Mirren again?
  12. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Bloody hell. That's a horrifying indictment of Stubbs' recruitment this summer (not that we were in any doubt that he'd f**ked it up). I had especially high hopes for Coulson and Jones - and you'd imagine neither of their parent clubs would be happy with them sitting in the reserves. They'd surely be better off in their domestic under-23s. Ah well, at least this is all behind us.
  13. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    I'm staggered we haven't. Feel bad for the guy, but such a serious injury would surely end most loan deals instantly?
  14. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    I really hope we sign Hammill. He played 38 games last season for a team that Stevie Mallan couldn't get into...
  15. Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    I'm not aiming to turn this into a Gus debate, but Mahrez was very, very slight in his younger days. I can understand why people might have had reservations over his ability to cut it in Scotland. His own family were skeptical when he eventually signed for Leicester, and that was a few years later. Either way, my point was more that the number of goals he scored for us goes up every time you hear the story Here's hoping Simeon Jackson is the real deal. God (or Allah, eh Riyad?) knows we need a boost right now.