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  1. just for the record if she was to take that scarf aff she might get it he he
  2. .....and spent a couple of hours in the boozer that day every cloud and that lol
  3. unsold seats in tile bar dont know price though
  4. woe woe woe i was soberish when i done my business lol
  5. aberdeen u 20s 2 v st mirren u 20s 0 ft
  6. so much for the tickets getting sold out fast !
  7. tut tut why do people have to indulge in drinking excessively at games, on saturday i was stone cold sober watching people drink at the bar having a few before the game too enjoying themselves is just not on ........am just jealous tbh lol
  8. ha ha i knew it wait til i see him the big git
  9. if you mean me trying to get my fat erse over a gate well then yes but no was just a walk in to a playing field
  10. thanks bud the address has been noted and will be used if i need to unload
  11. down friday ,stay couple of nights in premier inn back up the road sunday me and skoda jr ......oh and am going to the game ! lol
  12. dundonald bluebell jfc v st mirren xi sat 18th july 230 pm
  13. had a few though kept the good name of st mirren fc intact lol
  14. myself and two mates on the 730am citylink gold bus and back on the 7pm bus a wee magic bottles on the cards me thinks
  15. for those going to inverness on sat its £10 adults £5 concessions and under 16 free and only main stand open
  16. £6 for a guest and its got to be pre booked f**k me chelsea or man utd we are not !! get a grip ffs
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