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  1. ah the memories..... takes me back to when we used to stop at blackford for a pit stop pish at the wee public lavy there next to the bowling green ....well to youze that know me ,the rest is history 💩
  2. 5 of us leaving paisley a 6am in the car ......aff oor heads lol
  3. usual go for a piss miss a goal he he
  4. feb 2005 was the year that game got called off late
  5. our bus that day didnt leave til full time time safe to say we were slightly tipsy for the replay im sure the saints fans got in for free
  6. was driving that day ah the memories
  7. christ i remember that day it did turn out a good day and for the record we are still less than handsome but now tile bar members
  8. aye alright i was ranting ye know lol
  9. had a look online child 13-17 £20 ,18-21 £20 ,adult £20 ,oap £10 u12 £5
  10. if thats me your refering to am sure if ma memory serves me right it was a mr paterson .....i think lol
  11. yes it will a good drink after it if we win ...in saying that will be a good drink even if we draw or get beat
  12. still two games before this mind ye and 47 quid for the two of us for ibrox but thats another story
  13. thats why am asking colin ,as i said went online got our two season tkt seats 20 quid each ..but hey ho there bought now bud
  14. just wondering boab got them anyway just wish that fecking boy o mine was still 12 lol
  15. wonder what we are terming concession as it states adult 20 concession 10 and under 12s 5
  16. just bought cup tickets online there myself and my son just over 16 £40 for the two of us ...... bollocks
  17. they had two shots all game and scored 1 bit harsh of a scoreline for the boys
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