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  1. Hmm, I think you'll find that a major aim for the EU is political union in order to make monetary union work in their opinion ? Do you really think Scotland will dictate the terms that it will enter the EU if its allowed in? I think we will be in the Euro if we ever go independent, just my opinion. Ask Ireland how they got on with interest rates set by ECB and who controlled that !
  2. This is a bannana skin match. Inverness have improved under McCann and Dodds and turned RC over in Dingwall on Friday. We will need to play well to win anything else and we could be out on our ear.
  3. I think this will be a tough match and think best we will get is a draw, which will be decent result.
  4. I took him off to see his reply. He's back on !!
  5. Have you not got that twat on ignore. Everyone else has ?
  6. Be interesting seeing the Scottish public paying Scandinavian taxes. Bet that won't be in SNP manifesto. Also our culture is vastly different from Scandinavia. The comparison with Scandinavia is a bit of stretch for me.
  7. Yep next they will be telling me i'm not Scottish
  8. Oops i should have read the thread 😂
  9. Why do associate anyone who criticises the SNP as a tory ? Demonstrates a lot of what is wrong with nationalism
  10. Aye just when the schools are going back, you couldn't make it up. Maybe they could channel the resources into fixing the shambles they have made of education in Scotland. Its such a political decision its embarrassing
  11. Do you really need a manager to beat Luxembourg at home ? I get the point about Kenny being out of his depth at international level but surely at some point the blame must lie on the players ?
  12. Didn't think you would because there is no game. Your making silly comments on which from what I can see there is no legal basis. Maybe if you care to expand on what the technicality is then I may be able to see your point ?
  13. What is the technicality ?
  14. We need to beat Israel if we are to qualify from this group. We really needed a win tonight. For me both Austria and Denmark will take care of Israel home and away
  15. Yes they are, they started poorly but for months have been far better than us or months now. They are rightly 6th and we have blown our chance. We can't score goals
  16. St Johnstone deserve it. They are a far better side than us and are justifiably 6th. We have been rank for quite a while whilst they have been superb. We couldn't have come close to doing to Hibs what they did to them in LC semi at Hampden. All the talk of Goodwin, the real young up and coming manager is Calum Davidson
  17. Aye couldn't be bothered reading the thread !
  18. Are you seriously telling us that Sturgeon and Salmond have made no difference to the where the SNP are in the polls, that its all down to a belief in the idea of independence. If Sturgeon is forced out you are in for a serious reality check
  19. RC is a tough game for StJ also. No guarantees at this point in the season.
  20. If we can't get a result at Hamilton to get top six then we don't deserve it. Simple.
  21. Haven't quite seen enough of Dennis but my hunch is you are correct
  22. I agree he played well but I'm glad he went off ?
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