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  1. I honestly couldn't care less if Motherwell have a new manager or new players. We are more than good enough to win on Saturday. I think we have went off the boil a wee bit recently after playing some really good stuff for a number of weeks. With the right attitude and approach we should 100% be looking for 3 points.
  2. If Tommy Wright was in for this as said in the media then I'm amazed they have appointed Alexander. Don't think Lasley was ever in the mix.
  3. So you don't think Brophy is a good signing and a number of others do, end of ? It seems to me that unless others agree with you that you are just going to keep banging on about it. Go and tell Jim Goodwin, Jack Ross, Derek McInnes, Stevie Clarke and a number of Championship managers in England he is not up to it. Let us know what they say ?
  4. I'm not sure about that. I think he's a dud at Premiership level. Completely failed at League 2 in England. Decent Championship striker but highly overrated by many on this forum and I said that when he left us ! Eammon Brophy is a far superior player to Gavin Reilly. Would be surprised if Reilly stays at Livi for long.
  5. So ask yourself why Aberdeen and Hibs wanted to sign him. Why Stevie Clarke capped him for Scotland and was integral part of team who were 3rd ? Championship clubs wanted him. Alex Neil also had him at Hamilton and offered him repeat contracts. Also I have been impressed by Brophy when we have played Killie. For me though we would need to partner him with someone to work off. I think Brophy will bring out the best in other players also. We are getting him at 24 which is a good age and he can go and improve as a player. I personally don't think we will get better.
  6. I think Brophy will be a decent signing for us and pretty much the best we can get. We know his ability and he is proven. Instead of taking gambles on lower league strikers in England where we are really just basing it on pedigree. Be interesting to see if we offer Obika a new contract. At the moment I think we will but not fully convinced. Also would Obika accept or have better offer elsewhere ? If we could shift Erwin at the end of the season that would be ideal. For me 4 strikers, Brophy, Obika, Dennis and ANOther.
  7. Aye along with McDougall, McAvennie, McGarvey !! Even Alan Logan and McEachran would play every week for 90mins compared to what we have these days. Imagine Somner and McDougall playing in our current side.
  8. That's the bit I'm struggling with ?
  9. Its not just dying its long covid effects and all the potential other effects that haven't been established yet. Inflammatory coditions in various part of the body including heart and brain issues. These are also relevant to folks who are asymptomatic. But hey your a big boy so carry on as you see fit
  10. Out of curiosity, if it hasn't been publicised, how do you know? My nephew works there and he hasn't mentioned it, though he did contract it himself (he works in a "covid ward"), along with a few other staff on the ward. One of the guys who got it told me. Having said that they may not actually have contracted in the hospital but its highly likely. Ive no reason to doubt him. sound guy
  11. I know 2 who were extremely ill with it. Both in their 40s and very fit and healthy. One of them actually collapsed outside Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. Both told me it was a living hell. Young girl opposite me also had it. 18 and aymptomatic but a number of her friends got it and she went for a test on the back of that. She was positive. 6 members of staff in the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow have died of COVID. Not been publicized So I think you need to take it bit more serious than what you do ???
  12. Fair enough but the "my enormous wealth" bit, it gets to be grating
  13. Do you remember how annoying it was when that Ricky guy kept mentioning how wealthy and how many top level positions he had etc etc. You were hacked off with that as I was. So why are you going down that route at the moment ? Yes well done on selling your company and getting a good price. Good on you but can you kinda reign it in now as the best folks don't mention it ? My brother is very wealthy from similar situation to you but you would never know. I prefer that approach ?
  14. You have just written the first thing that comes into your head. But hey you have a lot of money
  15. lenziebud


    Won't be the last either.
  16. If it was a straightforward clash, surely it should have been a bounce ball rather than a free kick to Killie. Yep it wasn't a foul to Killie ? It should have been an uncontested bounce ball with Killie retaining possession Too quick to give protection to the keeper.
  17. Didn't think it was any card for the keeper to be honest. Thought it was a straightforward clash with no intent by either player. We are always demanding our goalkeeper to go take everything in his wake to get the ball, yet when it happens to us, hmmmmmm. Didn't think it was a penalty to us either, despite that moron commentator's opinion. Where has the game gone when we are demanding a pen for that ?? Carig Napier is a solid young ref and more than deserves to be a Grade 1. He will learn from performing at a higher level and may get to be a regular at Premiership or may not, time will tell. 100% agree on the pitch and the state of it as the game wore on. Astros should be banned at Premiership and Championship.
  18. I think this has the makings of a tough match. Motherwell are a better side than what they have shown for a while. I'd expect a huge reaction from them on Sat. We need to score first. Its anything but a gimme
  19. Agree, i said the same in another thread. Looked ok in his debut but don't rate him either.
  20. How many years have you been supporting St Mirren 😀
  21. Yep thats exactly what I thought. Its an odd one and tbh if he was showing that level of form with Cheltenham then I'm surprised he's at SMFC. Maybe Goodwin worked some magic. Lets hope he can do it again.
  22. Problem is the fallout from an OF game can be pretty messy for a young ref. Its a big enough step for a young ref to do a Premiership game never mind one involving the OF. Especially a 10 in a row season. Having said that I have sympathy with your view. It aint going to happen though 😀
  23. Hoping they lose soon to see if it bursts the bubble before we face them. We need to improve also as we have slipped in the last few weeks
  24. Refereeing the OF is another step up for any referee. Just the way it is. Any referee will tell you that. Young referees have to learn somewhere. He will take a lot from today and improve.
  25. No top league should have these astros. Makes us look micky mouse. Should be ripped up asap at both premiership and championship.
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