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  1. I'm really struggling with anti Jack Ross stuff. He done a fantastic job for St Mirren and got offered a job at Sunderland that if he hadn't taken he's have been a complete IDIOT ? He done a decent job and was inches away from the Championship where I think he would have got the momentum we had in his second season with us. He got Hibs to 3rd and into cup finals and then was disgracefully sacked IMO by Ron Gordon at the first bad run of form. Gordon's judgement from then has been spot on, NOT. He's taken over at United and has had a horrendous result in Holland that the whole club is so far struggling to get over. They will and will be fine. As for Tony Watt and his comments on JR, Watt was kicked out of Parkhead for his lack of professionalism and application. Jack Ross is a really decent manager and first class people manager. I've heard this also from 2 players I know who played under him. So I'm really not getting the anti JR stuff at all
  2. Couldn't agree more. For me he is better than Ronan. Same impact for me that Dorman had in his first 6 months. I'm not sure we will hold onto him. Strain has been a good signing from Australia too. Whole level up from Matt Miller !!!!
  3. You seriously think Stephen Robinson listens to football fans. No manager of any worth would ever do that. He knows what he is doing and working with his own player not the cr@p he inherited
  4. This is a better side than anything Goodwin ever produced. Good to watch and Robinson's side. All the sack Robinson brigade looking a bit silly now
  5. What do you expect him to say of Main and Brophy. With the contracts they have it would be difficult to offload them atm. Given the squad he inherited and bringing in Ayunga, not much scope left for another striker. Grieve has potential. Ayunga is better than all 3 of them IMO. I know its really difficult to find these type of players at our level but Robinson's contacts and knowledge of lower league England are good and I think he'll be on the lookout for another striker come the next 2 windows. Given the contract side of things its probably likely that Main will leave first. When Main and Brophy played against us I was never bothered as they showed nothing each time. Not seen a great deal to change my mind in the time they have been with us ?
  6. Aye probably as he has potential but my gut feel is he wont bag us the goals we need, same with Main and Brophy. Time will tell but for me Ayunga looks like the first proper striker we have had at the club for a long time
  7. The only one of them I rate is Ayunga. Robinson's recruit. For me Brophy, Main and Grieve will not provide the goals we need. They are Goodwin's recruits and I think in time Robinson will offload them. Prepared to give Brophy a bit of time now he is fit to see if he cuts it with Ayunga but for me up till now he has been nowhere near good enough for the wage we are paying him. Lets see how many actual goals Brophy contributes and forget any pens he may take. January could be interesting on that front.
  8. For me Robinson has improved our team to a level where I'm enjoying watching us again. Under Goodwin it was sterile junk. Robinson's recruitment has been excellent and we are going in the right direction.
  9. You could leave and help the situation 😉
  10. Why do we need to fear RC. Big game for us but if we perform as we did in Motherwell game and take our chances we should be well capable of putting 3 points on the board.
  11. True but we didn't have yellow cards for a ball blasted at your hand from a foot away or players have challenge with their hands behind their back. The pen awarded against Rangers in CL during the week summed it all up for me That Rangers semi decision will never be forgotten 😁
  12. Wish we could go back 30/40 years where referees were allowed to use their own commonsense. Fans and media have caused the mess we have now
  13. Perspective !! Why would you want to do that. Easier to sound off a pile of p1sh
  14. Because thats what football fans do. Next week more of a marker for Robinson. With the money Aberdeen have banked and the level of recruitment they have been able to make today was hardly a surprise when down to 10. We are not getting many breaks either.
  15. Pathetic, mind numbing crap ! We need all teams in Scotland to be doing well in Europe and increasing the overall standard and view of Scottish football. The challenge for St Mirren is to get there too, not carp on the sidelines with nonsense like this.
  16. Carson is fine as a keeper, he was decent at Motherwell but he is not as good as Alnwick or Hladkey, so its the only position I don't feel we are as strong in this season.
  17. Baccus reminds me of how Dorman was when he first arrived. All the new signings have added to the squad apart from Carson. Think we might do ok under Robinson after all ??
  18. We wouldn't be offloading him. If its all true then Motherwell have approached the club about Robinson and he is willing to talk to them. So if Robinson is wanting to go back I would let him go and get in someone willing to take the club forward in a way that currently Robinson has patently failed to do up to now ? Also if this is true then I hope him and O'Carroll are on sick leave today !
  19. Wouldn't disagree on his performance at Hibs overall. I thought he started to pick up towards the last few games of the season and show what his potential is. Won't reach it though because in the end IMO he's not prepared to do the hard graft required to get to the top. I don't think he'd be a good signing for us though Robinson was getting the best out of Main
  20. Not once he got himself fit and got his head right ! Ross binned him due to his lack of fitness and approach. Either a lesson learned or he'll keep on drifting downwards. So far for me a bit of a wasted talent although bad injury at Hull didn't help him
  21. James Scott. We have already asked him a few months back and he didn't at that time want to join but that could change.
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