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  1. Sorry Clarkson is washed up and done. Should never be near our first team and should NEVER have been signed. Ross will bin him Gallacher is utter junk also. Nowhere near good enough. Another who should NEVER have been resigned. Ross will bin him too McLear is a smashing young talent who has the potential and is good enough to make the first team on a regular basis. Mallan is overrated and not fulfilling the potential he has. I haven't seen him dominate the midfield in any Championship match this or last season. Couldn't fill McGinn or McLeans boots. Mallan should have stepped up today but he never does. I agree on McKenzie and Webster. McKenzie has looks far more solid beside Webster. I'd keep McKenzie long term. Offload Webster. I don't think we were more than decent for 60 mins today. I think we were very average for 60 mins and very poor when Morton went down to 10. We need to get someone to play up alongside Sutton to be more of a threat. Hopefully we find that player in the window. Shankland and Hardie have both contributed damn all this season. At the moment the jury is out on Ross. We are not picking up the points we need to. We have lost a lot of points to teams round about us. We need to start winning. Ross is a rookie manager fighting a battle that an experienced manager would find hard.
  2. I agree that McLear isn't the issue. I rate McLear highly and think he has the potential to be a first team regular like the 3 you mentioned. I cannot for the life of me understand what Jack Ross sees in Clarkson. Utterly washed up and done. He should have went with either Hardie or Shankland up front alongside Sutton and stretched Morton. Shankland being my preference as he has been effective when he has come on last 20-30 mins of games Instead he made the game 10 vs 10 by bringing on Clarkson JR needs to do well in the window or we could be struggling as the other sides above us are picking up points and battling already. Jan and Feb are massive. Minimum second bottom. Pretty sure we would stay up from there through a play off
  3. Big gamble with Ross on paper. Hopefully not in reality. Maybe Ross being at Alloa on Sat will give the phycological boost of the new boss being in the dugout for the first time for the more important game against United. Really should be in our dugout come Saturday and on the training ground tomorrow. We are bottom of the league and Ross needs to get to work NOW!
  4. I agree and i think it will be a lot faster than 20 years. Probably 5-10. It is also a real possibility for our club too, very shortly. Wouldn't suprise me at all. Much as it would disappoint me as at the moment our pitch is the one thing we can be proud about
  5. You must be winding us up. McMullen was exellant before he had to go off on Saturday.
  6. Watched Agnew a number of times now and he's nowhere near good enough. Game passes him by and doesn't stamp his authority on the game. Only valuable at set pieces but his work in midfield isn't good enough. Think Murray thought he could step up but not so far. Squad player at the moment. We need to get him out the first team and onto the bench Mallan is now starting to find some form again and is way better player than Agnew
  7. Rangers will win the league Hibs, Falkirk and St Mirren in top four. We are better than all the rest and that will show over the season. Form at the end of the season going into play-offs is key also.
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