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  1. £60k not what you call a real offer maybe looking at where we are they thought we might bite. Mind you the way he has been playing the last few games we could be lucky if we get £60k for him
  2. 30k extra just to shaft the fans. Some new CEO lol. This because the bigots want extra tickets eh wait a minute are these the same bigots that said they would boycott our club cause we helped boot them down The same bod who said they did not care if the blue bigots did boycott us cause it was only one stand. We should give them the percentage of our ground as they give us which means they should get a total of 85 tickets even that is too generous
  3. I think if he gets the no 1 jersey and is the first choice he will be a decent keeper but it will take time and will make mistakes
  4. I am in Glasgow at the mo and a close friend of Webster basically said we put the squeeze on him to sign as he was and if its to be believed he was going to a premier side His plan was to leave in Jan but it looks like his plan has fallen has through his agent has already told him the premier side has dropped interest
  5. Err yeah I was in the Motherwell end St Mirren were out played by a team who wanted it more then chucked it after the 2nd goal
  6. Anyone that was there today would find it hard not to believe we will be relegated today was really bad either Alloa were really poor last week or today was purely down to Alex Rae
  7. If he is right then it was Alex Miller that got us three points last week and maybe some truth that Murray had the team punching above itself as we never got four past us by Livingston when he was in charge. I for one do not think we will go down once Goodwin is back and Rae has had a chance to change the team I think we will pick up points but not too sure if we will avoid the play offs
  8. Yeah Thommo ran about like a headless chicken when he starts then when he does not start its Gallagher that is a headless chicken when will people wake up and get real does not matter who we have up front no service means they will be pish
  9. Bring back Gary Teale he was the last St Mirren manager who could win at home twice what would you have given for two home wins in 18 games
  10. Not the experienced manager that you were looking for like the poster above stated if it does not work you are in the third tier At least he will have a transfer window to try and sort things out and unlike Teale and teh fact that he does not have a good player to lose on the last day. I don't think that things will change this side of the new year but fingers crossed you might make a late push for 4th spot after the New year and hopefully a decent cup run
  11. Well you can not say Danny is not a genuine guy he knew things were not working and has walked away Just hope IM can do the decent thing and do the same. Just hope Alloa do not get the new manager boost as every team seems to be able to get one apart from us Or we could be looking at automatic relegation twice in a row
  12. Morton up to 4th, in a play off spot 12 points ahead going into Fridays match. We are 3rd bottom with the 3rd worst goal difference how bad will Friday be if we lose
  13. Buddiecat "Notabuddie" have a bit of respect for the intelligence of people on here As I said in my previous post the assumption was that the money raised would be split between on and off field. I thought that would have been clear but then again intelligence may not be in abundance So from what I have gathered so far no one from the general support knows anything about this bid at a high level so a lot of blind faith. You only need to look at Motherwell to see the fans buy out is struggling. If they are still in the top tier there is another budget cut on the cards. I am yet to be convinced a fans buyout or fans on the board would do any good. Which is why I asked the original question what do SMISA bring to the table? It also appears that they don’t even represent the majority of the support. As a previous poster suggested bringing in someone in with football board room experience would be a great asset. Also a businessman who has something to lose if he fails. At the end of the day you need to make St Mirren football club work as a business first to get the strength and base for the football side The update given a few days ago appears to be solid in its process but it does raise the question why are they looking at the cost model now? Surely they should have been looking at the cost model before they started the bid process
  14. I was making the assumption that not all the money raise via the fans would go onto the park some of the funds would surely need to be invested in the running of the club So basically from my post that no one knows of any plan to improve the club I admit I am not part of your fan base but if I am on the outside asking these questions then why are the support not asking or is there an alternative source of information? Liked the comment of what football is it really that bad only seen St Mirren on the TV twice against Rangers which you did not play that badly and the Raith game. My money is on Stu Dick with Lookatme a plausible alternative. I am not sure what this is about in regards to the buy out are these other investors?
  15. Sorry to bother you but I will be honest up front I am not a St Mirren supporter nor do I really follow one football team. If I am in Motherwell I look at Motherwell if I am staying in Dundee I look at both Dundee teams I was following Forfar for he last 6 months but now I am back in Paisley I do drop in to various forums just to see what is happening at the local team I followed all the events on the CIC take over which failed now I see that GLS and SMISA are trying to buy the club and this seems to be popular with the support. I do not know who GLS is but from what I have read he will be putting the money up front with SMISA then buying it back slow time Can I ask what are SMISA bringing to the table? They are a fan group which I do not see bringing any more money into the club that you already have at the moment. If they are going to bring more money into the club then why have they not done so before now to prevent your clubs freefall over the last 2 years, Even if they get the bulk of your support say 2000 to subscribe say £10 per month that is only £20000 per month or £200000 per year would that really make a difference? The only thing I can see happening is what is happening at Motherwell is that you will end up with a few privileged fans knowing a little about what is going on within the club and the rest being left out of the loop due to confidentiality. This then means that rest will get fed up and stop paying monies I thought the CIC was interesting but I could not see how the model would have been a benefit to the club short term and it would appear the same thing is going to happen with this new take over bid. Is there going to be an investment in the club or are you going to operate breaking even and hope the new owners GLS and SMISA appoint a better manager than the current board? Again I am sorry to bother you but all the information I have read is online and there appears to be no plan to make things better
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