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  1. I like the fact we seem to be going 2 up top as I dont think either player is a solo line leader
  2. By the time the camera pans round to their forward he is in an offside position but we don’t see the start of his run as camera is on the defender with the ball playing it to him
  3. Yeah seen that thought they might know something we didn’t for a moment
  4. My question is why has SR persisted with 4-3-3 all pre season and in first 3 cup games then change to 3-5-2 1 week before season starts
  5. Back 3 or 5 depends how it’s looked at I see it as 3-5-2 lol
  6. I use to think they brought some atmosphere to games esp away but garbage like that last night in an empty stadium in broad daylight as been mentioned and with the stupid feckin balaclavas etc on just utter moronic. As one poster said just as well the wind blew it in an opposite direction for his young son. They should just stop now. Keep that stuff for the streets when walking to the ground what happened to good old away days like Dundee the other season full stand great atmosphere none oh this mince
  7. I cant complain can watch via iptv not hd quality but that’s from dtv link lol
  8. No idea what to say as it is not an iptv provider I have ever used and I can’t complain about mine sets up chat groups etc for us all to help each other as well as always on hand to help if needed
  9. Yeah I had to get it via SPL channels not the Airdrie link
  10. St Mirren tv on iptv seems to hqve it via dtv at the moment
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