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  1. Who would you all put in as the starting 11 tomorrow to get us the point as a minimum. Just hope that muppet Hardie has a stinker always seems to do well against us. Then it’s Party in Paisley
  2. Just on the off chance does anyone have a spare ticket for the game I certainly didn’t think we would sell out and left it too late due to other things. One of the regulars in the pub I serve claims to know Brian McGinty and can probably get me one but not confident in that lol.
  3. I think I'm not sure it will still be 18. It the 2 goes to their development squad as I thought I read on their website all on the day tkts are 20
  4. As already been mentioned it could be carnage tomo then don't get me wrong I'm only 1 person but if as is being mentioned on twitter they all do it it could end up very messy
  5. I'm not sure if the tickets are different coloured are ours not res at top and bottom where aactheirs will no doubt be blue
  6. If as is mentioned in twitter every fan that travels down and does what I'm thinking then it could be very very busy at the turnstiles and as you say it doesn't state away ticket or away support then I may need to get to the ground early
  7. Can anyone confirm if our tickets stipulate the away end or a certain stand etc. As there is rumours on twitter the home end tickets don't say anything meaning in theory but one and gain entry into the away end because if it didn't scan if the new turnstiles are installed at away end you could just show steward the ticket to override it and get in if don't say home or away end if mention a stand
  8. Does anyone have a spare adult ticket for tomo by any chance lol
  9. Ah well looking likely I will miss this one as can't get over to paisley tomo. And I simply can't buy a home end ticket as I will be looking to celebrate our win by a few goals.
  10. Cheers shull this has been my problem lol I signed up for overtime the last week and working 07:00-22:00 since last Thursday they've gave me Saturday off and I decided I fancied this game but it seems not unless they decide to do pay at gate due to the turnstile issues they are having
  11. Does anyone know if there is any likely good of their being a cash turnstile or tickets being purchased down their I simply can't get to paisley tomo due to work which has been the same last 10 days online portal just crashes and no one answered phone earlier part of week so too late for any other options
  12. Where is it said we favour Irvine where has it been said we favour Irvine over anyone it's common knowledge an extension was triggered. And where has it been put out there officially that we offered reduced terms. Oh that's right no where just some supposition in jack I certainly trust clearly your not of the same chain of thought given he has no say on what the club offers any player
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