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  1. The ref and Lino got to the right decision albeit wrong reasoning
  2. Gogic is looking decent even at centre half. We really need to get him signed up for next season.
  3. I see we are starting the game with 10 men tonight
  4. As I say it’s just my own personal opinion had his turn and it never works out when managers come back I never said get someone that is shite when a club brings in a manager nobody knows how it will turn out. If he came back who is to say it would not turn out shite with Jack
  5. I might be in the minority here but if Goody goes I don’t want Jack back it was a great ride when he was here and the connection with the fans was second to none. However he left and moved in as we now have it never works when a manager comes back and I’m not convinced he wouldn’t be using it as a stepping stone just to put his name about again im not sure yet who I would like to see take over but for me just no.
  6. Couldnt agree more on the kids in for a nominal fee if not free would have been a fantastic gesture by the club. As for the qf I hope Partick beat Utd at Firhill
  7. Cheers W6er I feel I should pay for it no matter if it’s on iptv. If it was away team tv it would be stuff them lol
  8. Thanks TPAFKA got all club channels although as its on our own tv channel I feel I should buy it and put a little bit in. I don’t care when it’s on away ones lol
  9. Randomly silly question does anyone know if there will be ppv for this or anywhere to watch it as I have iptv all channels. I’m waiting on a pcr so as it stands cant make it tomorrow
  10. Looks like a 4-2-3-1 clearly short on numbers as we have a backup keeper for the backup keeper on the bench no Main injury rumour must be true
  11. Not quite sure who is available in our price range wage wise on the free transfer list but I think we need to look
  12. With the news of Brophy being out for possibly 4 weeks should we look to the free transfer market for cover as Main n Erwin ain’t going to do anything
  13. I’m clearly not a fan of his baggage and previous issues. That aside if Goody believes he can change him get him fit again and doing what he is renound at doing best putting the ball in the net then if as been mentioned already caveats are placed into the contract then I up for it. If that is the case then top 6 could be for us, Dundee was never a good fit with the likes of McGowan, McPake, Adams all been/being in trouble with the law it was never a good recipe for him to be there, they wanted him bqck again after being released by Celtic he knocked them bqck maybe seen sense a bit.
  14. Cammy has left on a permanent https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/4257-cammy-macpherson-leaves-to-join-st-johnstone
  15. Is there a ppv option as i cant make it down today due to work
  16. That's last night's news. I think they are still waiting on PCR results to come back today, which may change it. It was originally last nights post but was updated and edited at 14:37 and mentions following this morning’s pcr results the game is in. Bit lazy by the record to edit last nights post but its been updated
  17. Yip mine too saints u7s v Celtic 😂😂
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