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  1. For those that buy for the first time and not renewing where does it say anything about not for certain games
  2. Actually there was talk of people in that stand saying there was no discount this season even simpler really.
  3. So as well as bending over as normal to them did i read it correct those in the family stand also have to pay to move seat. Did the price of season ticket give discount for these games?
  4. I honestly dont think we should change the starting 11 they have now got some momentum and those players have the jersey to lose now.
  5. 2 wins each in last 4 league visits to their plastic pitch.
  6. I may have missed it what allocation are they getting. Is the South stand going to them again this season. Are we bending over for them given they allow no away fans in just like the other half of Glasgow.
  7. It might be a bit early to say so but Hibs then yesterday looks like the corner might just be turned. If we can go to Livi next and play our game not get sucked into hoof ball with them we should get something from the game. Livi 1 Saints 2 (Ronan and Brophy)
  8. We dont have VAR and as much as I hate Brown it was good play by him he blocked runners off let Ramirez get the run for the header. If that was other way about I would have been pleased with our player doing that too often we are too soft at set pieces we need to learn to be more street wise
  9. Its got nothing to do with having 3 strikers on the bench as Ronan just proved 2nd time
  10. Our Captain fantastic is 8s to score anytime today
  11. Motherwell ran a similar thing during the close season for those that couldn’t attend games not sure how many more fans it got them through the turnstiles but at least it got more through.
  12. It's on the tellybox but any idea if it will be on Saints PPV? Season ticket holders who can't attend can watch for free on tv.stmirren.com. As the match is being shown live on Sky Sports, PPV is not available.
  13. I just hope that we do not get sucked into their game play. Get/keep ball on the shity surface and play football we have shown we are decent if we do that. In the league game the ball was collecting some air miles by both teams.
  14. Home game on the tellybox expect nothing less than 3 points from this, Saturday showed we are getting there might be taking longer than hoped but hopefully corner turned. Saints 3 (Brophy McGrath and Captain Fantastic) Aberdeen 1
  15. We cant your right but if we had started 2 up ……
  16. For the record it wasnt us that didnt get the deal over the line. He was already to sign along with the other boy but HIBS couldn’t get it done.
  17. So as it stands we are taking 3 points but you wouldnt pay for St Mirren taking 3 points
  18. I as a supporter of St Mirren want and expect a win however I dont see where the goals are coming from today with only 1 up top and more often than not 9 behind the ball.
  19. St Mirren: Alnwick, Fraser, Shaughnessy (c), McCarthy, Millar, Power, Reid, Tanser, McGrath, Ronan, Brophy. Subs: Lyness, Tait, Flynn, Erhahon, McAllister, Dennis, Main.
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