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  1. How can a Scot not be Scottish? Eh Eh πŸ€” aye kin see where your coming from.... wit I should have said was any Scot that disagreed with his actions is a arsehole in fact even the English now think he was right to take it back, that they gave us it back, now we just need our independence back... I knows that's tough for some folk to leave the safety of our great leaders from down south
  2. Any Scot that could disagree with his actions is not Scottish
  3. Paisley born patriot of Scotland rest in peace Sir Ian Robertson Hamilton 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 After having to suffer 2 weeks of the Queens funeral on every Terrestrial TV Channel.. Let's see if BBC SCOTLAND has the balls and fairness to show the film Stone of Destiny to celebrate this great man's life.... I won't hold my breath... It's available on Youtube and well worth a watch if you haven't seen it, lots of it filmed in Paisley including at the Abbey, Forbes place, the Bull inn and Oakshaw Great Film
  4. Aye better together you know it makes sense
  5. Celtic defence gets found out at this level was only a matter of time before RBL scored
  6. Breaking News Scottish Tories release a joint statement on the economic crisis hitting the Country It's her fault ⬇️
  7. Just heard they're making a joint statement on it shortly 5 minutes or so, seemingly it's a scathing statement and they're not holding back
  8. You know that couldn't be further from the truth you jealous wee man
  9. Don't do that he's stupid enough without giving him alcohol
  10. Covering yourself as usual Being a big Scottish Nationalist and independence supporter a generation is every 2 year
  11. I did tell you he should move abroad did I not.. As I'm sure you know he's been struggling with injuries, he's just moved to Brighton for 8 million a week later the Brighton manager moves to Chelsea you couldn't make it up. not having much luck is he, Brighton play nice football hopefully he will fit in there... but I honestly don't think English football suits him.. Luka Modric was the same when he signed for Spurs was nearly written off as too lightweight just like Billy.... how did that turn out especially when he moved to Spain... still world class at 37... and Billy's only 21 Ya Fanny not 31
  12. At least he listened to me when I gave him advice, don't ever play 2 out and out strikers Adams/Dykes against teams with the best midfielders in Europe they will pick you apart
  13. Some great performances over the 3 games But this lad Hickey was outstanding
  14. Any win is a good win Wilbur I'm sure you enjoyed it as much I did mine πŸ‘ In fact mines had the feel of {After the Lord Mayors Show} as I was absolutely buzzing after being at the Saints game was far more excited about the game I'm on a wee roll as tends to happen after a good win... Scotland midweek and again tonight after they went one down... 100/30
  15. I can confirm that is true i was there when the order came in, Club were given the option of collection or delivery and choose delivery with a 3 week lead time as no one knew where the nearest Screwfix was.. I can now confirm the duct tape has now arrived and was given to Campbell Kennedy but no one can find him
  16. Same move he does till this day gets in front and you can only foul him if you want the ball
  17. Could easily have been 3-0 before we actually scored easy money
  18. Can't believe we haven't scored Armstrong missed loads of YESSSSSSSSSSS
  19. Had a feeling we would get a good result today was looking at 1-1 and 1-0 but decided not to jinx the team... Had this running during the game... a Sunday to remember πŸ™‚
  20. These early kickoff times on a Sunday are Absolutely Brilliant You just can't beat a Sunday game at ST.MIRREN PARK Guys
  21. I would never disrespect anyone who has passed away, unless of course they were the scum of the earth, but today unless someone can convince me by 12 noon that the Queen was a die hard Saints fan and never missed a game when she was at Balmoral Castle I won't be clapping I'll just stand and observe a minutes silence to show my respect, The Monarchy means little to me and neither does any Pope and I don't mean that in a bad way
  22. Got 3 season tickets too.. and I don't like these early kickoffs either.. don't remember ever being at one.. but having voted to keep the family stand for the good and righteous people of Paisley I'll be going from now on
  23. Divide and conquer mate been in use for thousands of years still works a treat to this day, it creates division among the people who are to busy fighting and blaming each other that they can't see the real problem the ones implementing the strategy.... The Ruling Elite
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