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  1. Plenty room up here in ma hoose or as the locals call it The Portmahomack Tavern We didna even fill the place for the Ben Macdui Cup final
  2. Stop F%&kin about with the black n white stripes. We were the first football team in the world to wear this strip we are the originals.. a slight tweak every year is all that's required for our strip
  3. Blackmail is it who's the culprit ? Big Bad Bazil again
  4. Keep the home strip Black and White only Keep the red off it
  5. Goldson should have cleared that into the stand
  6. No bitterness from me I believe you should always support your home team and the Country of your birth, and we should get behind and support other teams from the Country when they play in Europe and England.. unless you have a good and honest reason not to. I looked up my family tree quite recently {yesterday actually} and found my Great X 15 Grandfather Wolfgang Schultz moved to paisley from Frankfurt as a bricklayer to help build the Paisley Abbey I've Followed Eintracht ever since 🇩🇪
  7. Thought this was just as predictable too with a little luck obviously 🙂
  8. Which one the penalty save or the penalty scorer
  9. Yip noticed that too... nerves maybe ?
  10. Great result for Inverness who will give the fakes a better game plus i backed them to win on pens.. sorry faraway
  11. Wullie Collum has made this game exciting Man of the match Wullie
  12. If they beat both teams will still be Championship teams, just can't see this Arbroath team beating StJohnstone over 2 games
  13. 37 year old is the best player on the park by a country mile
  14. Name the Dome after him either him Drew Jarvie or Bobby Adamson
  15. Makes us look like Man City Don't think The fakes will be having sleepless nights
  16. Yes Goodwin was taking us to the Abyss. just a pity he didn't move earlier we would have got that top 6 place and Aberdeen would have been relegated
  17. Gut feeling is Arbroath have had their chance to come up in the Killie game, hope they can do it fingers X
  18. Didn't even know this game was on... put this on when I seen Charlie had just came on..... Had to be in the script after Saturday
  19. Should have been inducted along with McGinn and Big Baz Kibble's head should roll for this snub
  20. Must be some size of restaurant with 250 employees how many tables 4000
  21. Another wee betting story The 2005 US Masters I had backed Chris Dimarco @ 80/1 Playing the 16th one shot behind Tiger Woods, Dimarco hit his ball to about 8ft Tiger was in a impossible position in the rough, commentators where saying this could be a two or three shot swing to Dimarco I had it in the bag 2 minutes later Tiger chipped in for a birdie Dimarco missed And to rub salt into my wounds I have to suffer it every year when they show his chip at least 50 times every time the Masters comes round as the greatest shot in Masters history I got a boot in the gang goolies and NIKE got their best advertisement ever as the Nike ball stopped on the edge of the hole for 2 seconds to wave to the cameras before dropping into the hole
  22. Couple of mates met him in the Craig Dhu many years ago was drinking in there must have been working up here
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