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  1. This guy would make Reverend I M Jolly the life and soul of rave party This was Faraway earlier
  2. In fact if in the unlikely event he doesn't win there's always the consolation he will pick up the prestigious Portmahomack Supporters Club Player Of The Year Award. The venue is already sold out
  3. Got quite a few reasons actually, 1. I wanted to vote for a outfield attacking player as goals will win you games, 2. When we needed someone to step up Ilkay Durmus did, his goals won us big games and big points 3. Aberdeen at home 3pts. 4. Motherwell away 3pts. 5. Kimarnock home 3pts. 6. His free kick to salvage a massive point against Hamilton 7. being a silky left winger myself back in the day I suppose am a bit biased 8. He showed a great attitude while playing, on the bench or being substituted no dummy's out the pram 9. We still have him for at least another year 10 So therefore he gets my vote and this hopefully
  4. If your still over in the Czech Republic mate keep a eye out for any other duds that are kicking about over there, Stick there name and football club on a postcard and send it to Tony and Gus at... The Simple Digital Arena St Mirren Park, Greenhill Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA3 1RU
  5. Vaclav was the obvious choice am sure he'll pick up a few awards, but I've went for Ilkay Durmus thought he had a great first season and Young Cammy MacPherson
  6. Sometimes I wish I had one that big.. but the wife wont let me cut 2" off 😏
  7. You nailed it Tom That's exactly was Shull was pointing out,
  8. Sometimes a club is just a good fit and brings out the best in you, would hate for him to leave and then play second fiddle somewhere, it happens, I hope he stays a wee while longer he's not only a great goalie, he's the best { my opinion } we've had, only Campbell Money comes close for his service and bravery
  9. Just let the guy have his own opinion, he's looking at Hladky from a different angle than the rest of us living in Czech Republic. He won't be the only one over there who's surprised how well he's done here.
  10. Contradicting yourself there Shull. Neither brora or Kelty leagues were played to a finish so why should they be in the play offs as league winners, Bonnyrigg rose were only 6pts behind Kelty with a game in hand, win that the gap was 3 pts. Kelty Hearts had only played 25 league games Your Sincerely Neil Doncaster
  11. Faraway's right Prague Buddie ignore him. You have more chance of converting Al Qaeda to Christianity than winning a debate with oor Bazil
  12. Am old school we always changed ends when we could. Old Tedious Tom will vouch far that, He used to miss the 10 minutes of the second half crossing over
  13. You said it yourself Prague and with a machine gun Think you need to cut down on that strong Czech Lager mate, You could at least have said Campbell Money and a warning shot would have been sufficient
  14. Maybe he just likes playing in the rain
  15. Tickets are for W6 but depending what way were shooting and if i can be arsed will move to W2 usually lots of empty's there.
  16. was skimming a bit of the top Ricky
  17. The reason being we had more time to prepare, like cancelling non-emergency operations and outpatient appointments, making more hospital wards available for ICU, Italy and Spain didn't have that time unfortunately,
  18. Must have made a mistake will check Ricky's figures myself he had 5,438
  19. Clever Disregarding the evidence that came out of Italy and Spain, Classic example of the first casualty of war..... the truth
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