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  1. Thought about putting this young mans name out there yesterday as a wee tip... but golf can make look stupid 🤪 looks to have great potential... There's other golfer with a similar name so be careful.. Remember the name MATTHIAS SCHMID
  2. Looked like a horse 3 of the others looked kinda like this
  3. They don't give you a cash out option on each way golf bets either. but you tend to get better odds with them, saying that their cash out offer is pretty crap to be honest anyway and not worth it IMO Paddy Power are much more generous when it comes to cashing out bud... they're even half decent sometimes when your bets going tits up
  4. Came close to taking 10k of them Soderberg was 2 shots clear playing the par 5 17th. Then hit his ball out of bounds 🙈 Mitchell was 5 shots clear in the 3rd round then must have seen the leaderboard and started whacking his ball all over the place.. think one shot hit my windscreen on the M8
  5. A lot going with these bets above far to complicated for me sounds like fun mind.... I'd be shouting constantly at the telly... Kick him, shoot ya moron. that baw was oot ref ya plonker, hows that no a foul ya dick
  6. Dykes reaction in the huddle after the goal tells you it was a hand ball for sure Shull will go aff his heid when he finds out
  7. Had £25 on 3=0 @11/2 should have been 3 at least............. to the Faro's that is
  8. Yes was going lump on that last night when it was 4/5 was very tempting, would have ended up with no finger nails left mind
  9. Pharoah's 0-3 Scotland Start looking out your desert sandals for Qatar What can possibly go wrong
  10. Must have been plenty of coupons up tonight surely virtually no shock results ?
  11. I don't bet a lot on football prefer to bet on the golf... but I've been on a good winning streak. So why not.... had a BIG BET on Saints last week too...
  12. eh Think I might have some Andorra blood in my genes
  13. Pundits on Sport sound last night seem to think they'll be fine this season.. said they have a very strong squad.. eh I think they are utter pish and there's a good chance they'll be relegated
  14. Jack the Rat here.... any you boys got Ronan's phone number
  15. 4 Goals 🤔 Do you think he'd come back
  16. Cody has just dropped down another level to Bath City. ⬇️ doesn't look like he's played yet either Stubbs certainly knew his stuff
  17. I hope you're not suggesting Tait is the answer wide right because he's not ?? Miller to me looked a bit off it but hopefully with a bit of time to settle and a few games we'll see a big improvement' Connor Ronan looks a player to me 👍🏼
  18. Watching the match so was 5/2 Good wee player too Fernandez
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