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  1. In reply 1. So are most folk! So what has your point got to do with anything? Do you think folk have a holiday on xmas day COD they’re Christians? 2. I didn’t post at all that day... unlike you! Premium bonds! You’re more stupid than you let on! [emoji23]
  2. Do you really think I give a toss what you think?
  3. More important things to do? Like reply to my posts? You once spent an entire Christmas Day posting on the forum about your work life balance!
  4. Its more extreme than Hopkin. He's not even employed by MK Dons!
  5. Yeh, because if you haven't seen anything official then obviously nothing can be happening in reality... and no-one should comment on it!
  6. Have you worked out yet how the national debt is funded! Now get back to your StuD obsession, creep?
  7. You’re addicted to StuD You crave his attention and he ignores you And there ain’t anything borderline about your creepiness either
  8. 'prove it' were you words, you didn't prove your assertion and your assertion was nonsensical!
  9. 'Prove it' were your words! To quote yourself, your target knows when to keep his mouth shut - he's smarter than you!
  10. Possibly? Is that it? Even just going by attendances, our wage budget last season would have certainly put us in the second tier behind Dundee Utd. We'd have been in there with Falkirk & Dunfermline. Its just plain common sense! Why would you even need verification or argue the point? Falkirk were fighting relegation last season, Dundee United were way off the pace, we had the best player in Lewis Morgan. Seriously, whoever was St. Mirren manager last season should have won the league. Finishing behind Livingston would have been failure. Both the Dundee Utd & Falkirk managers got sacked during the season!
  11. ^^^^ says the guy who said "can you prove that?" regarding a point which is probably true....
  12. You're actually making my original point for me....
  13. You are surely not using a news article as proof of salary? [emoji23] £10 million? Aye, nice round number. A made up number if ever I’ve seen one! Give me *actual* proof!
  14. Someone told me that Paul McGinn is related to a former Celtic chairman. Anyone know if this is true?
  15. George Shaw Donnie McDowall Did the Thistle fans like Kenny McDowall?
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