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  1. My campaign to keep you in seems to be working [emoji8]
  2. Pozbaird appears to have disappeared after his latest racist comment. Hopefully for good. He was the most odious poster on the forum by a wide margin.
  3. Dundee United will have spent the most, by a huge margin, IMO. I would also hazard a guess that Falkirk were the next biggest spenders. I reckon we would have been the 3rd biggest spenders. As Falkirk were out of the picture, Dundee United were shit and we had the best player, Lewis Morgan, then I would say that winning the Championship was expected. If we’d finished behind Livingston then it would have been a failure IMO.
  4. If Jack Ross were appointed by Sunderland he's be universally disapproved of!
  5. If Sunderland were to appoint Jack Ross as manager, I would imagine that their fans wouldn’t be too happy!
  6. He should be wearing nappies then! Either way, there is no way that we can appoint a manager whose toilet issues are so bad that he disappears during the most critical part of the most critical game of the season!
  7. Jose mourinho earns more than Jack Ross I can’t prove it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true! [emoji14]
  8. In the last minute of the most important game of the season? [emoji23]
  9. And the cameraman and commentators.... If Hopkin were really in charge, he wouldn’t be nipping to the loo in the 89th minute of the most important game of the season! [emoji23]
  10. Said employee of yours would be going for these jobs without you knowing about it though, so it’s an invalid comparison.
  11. As you imply, the end of Rangers would have meant the end of Celtic as a giant club. They would have withered. It would have been great for the remainder of Scottish football.
  12. David Hopkin is a miracle worker. He can even nip to the loo in the final minute of a premiership play off and no-one notices.....
  13. Wouldn't listen to a word that IOBS posts. He listens to the voices in his head.
  14. David Hopkin disappearing up the tunnel in the 89th minute. Would someone in charge really do that? I’m surprised no-one has outed this farce in the media yet!
  15. Pozbaird hasn't been seen since his racist joke on the hackers thread.
  16. At least it’ll give me rest from having to satisfy your wife
  17. They’d have been calling up Joe Bryan of Bristol City for left back
  18. Jamie Murphy? Really? Souttar from Hearts? Stevenson is 30 FFS! Would be good to see how Archer, Hendry, McKenna, McTominay & McBurnie do though. Could be the backbone for years to come.
  19. Went to Ibiza the last 3 years with the wife and kids during the expensive school holidays. This year, going with the burd, no kids and out of school holidays. Like I've died and went to heaven.
  20. Livi won't have any trouble holding onto their manager....
  21. Indeed, in addition to paying off £3 million of debt and building training facilities. StuD doesn't know how much money was available for non match revenue generating facilities. His own master plan was for the club to build a running track!
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