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  1. I see your creepy crawly stalker is still following you around. Weird. His posts today and every day have been idiotic. Bud the Baker destroyed him earlier on.the Womens fitba topic.
  2. Uncle Colm will be our new Tannoy Announcer with you as his assistant. Zzzzzzweeper07 & The Houston Haufwit
  3. I don't know. I will ask my big cuz if I see him on Sunday.
  4. Lunch over, back to work. Hopefully get all my duties done before I try find somewhere to watch the Match. I think we'll scrape it 1-0. coys
  5. Indeed, I really think Uncle Colm is heavily jaked today. He is normally a prat but he is ten times worse at the moment.
  6. And don't call Waldorf34 very stupid. He is not. You've proved you are. Zzzzzzzweeper07
  7. You're dafter than I thought. What a cnut of a day you're having. Why can't you comprehend the post you quoted ? I think you've put yourself in a coma. Waldorf34 is correct. You're a dum dum. Zzzzzzzweeper07
  8. Loving your attention. Try not to be so dull. Zzzzzzzweeper07
  9. I am more like Stretch than Shull even though the latter is a relative. I aspire to be Wendy, he is a fine poster. Your postings assume to me that you're an alias of the Village Idiot, Jobbee and Kemp. Have a lovely day, Rab C.
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