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  1. shetland

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    Married couple of the year DJ SPS
  2. Heading down for the match. I can see us winning 2-1.
  3. Dont give it to that sweetie wife, SPS. Keep it for me. See you tomorrow,
  4. shetland

    Binned Again

    We are cousins but we don't come from Greenock.
  5. shetland

    Binned Again

    Why have I been binned and when am I getting released ? Is this because I am a relation of shull ? btw, , noticed St Ricky is back trolling again
  6. shetland

    Binned Again

    Ricky was banned for trolling DougJamie, Bazil and Jaybee are far worse. I am guessing Ricky has never met Div.
  7. shetland

    Binned Again

    Good post. So, the so called bad boys have been binned. The forum must be thriving now. I checked out the last few days looking for entertainment, fun and thrilling talk from the untouchables like .... Wilbur, DougJamie, Jaybee, SPS sorry I mean ISA, Bazil, DJChapsticks, Kemp , Sonny, Nedflanders and a few more. Absolutely no contribution from them, no good posts or threads of interest getting started. Some should be in the bin or banned for their constant abuse and trolling. Fortunately for them and although Div reads every post every day, The forum owner knows them and wouldn't dare punish them.
  8. No. Just a knob Santaponsasaint - The Forum Sweetie Wife SPS - No ISA - He is.
  9. shetland

    Binned Again

    Four new residents who should know better. Really should be six with Jaybee and Sweeper07 also binned for a spell. What about time limits for their stay ? It is a Sin Bin after all. 3 days 5 days One week One Month Lifetime Ban for the very very worst offenders.
  10. Too true, If they three were the last remaining men on earth, I would sew my fanny up.
  11. Had a great day at Easter Road yesterday. Team played very well. I am so looking forward to the Aberdeen match next sunday.
  12. Zzzzzzweeper07 is Uncle Colm Tribute Act
  13. I am going for a comfortable win for us. Three nothing.
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