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  1. Certainly none from you though. You would think an inveterate gambler might try to either attend matches or at least brush up on his football knowledge before lining the bookmakers satchels. 😂
  2. Ok perhaps I should have said “need” to win. I do think we will lose though. Thanks for such an interest in my post.
  3. Saints really must win this to get back on track. Livi 2-0 Saints.
  4. Please don’t bother with your snide remarks. If you can’t be civil just ignore whatever I post.
  5. Agree with this, Israel have shown to be a decent team.
  6. Sorry, you are right, will leave it out.
  7. Only have radio coverage but sounded as though we missed a few sitters ? Bit like Saints, nothing up front.
  8. Fantastic result against a top class team. Worthy of removing a bottle of Dom Perignon from the cellar.
  9. Let’s get sensible here. We failed miserably from the qualification group, suffering heavy defeats along the way. We subsequently managed to qualify via the back door after draws against Israel and Serbia, scoring one goal in the process. We have improved, but from a very low point and may continue to improve, but goals are our Achilles heel. I am very pleased the national team has finally made it to a finals , having been at France 98, but a huge improvement is required to avoid our perennial failure at mixing with the big boys.
  10. Obviously some are able to watch this game and radio coverage is minimal, but from what I’ve gathered, a draw seems to be the best we can expect. Our record recently against lower league teams would suggest that’s par for the course. Just heard a player sent off so if we can hang on against a team a couple of tiers down, that would be admirable.
  11. First time I’ve seen a whole Scotland game for some time and whilst Serbia were hopeless for the first70 mins or so, we were well on top. Game should have been wrapped up by that time and the sitter missed by Robertson (surely the most overrated player) summed up our Saints like inability to hit the net. However it eventually worked out despite the manager bringing on three absolute duds which turned the match in Serbias favour. He really has to ditch a few from that squad or forget about doing well at the finals . This game summed up what it’s like to support saints and Scotland. Things come good every couple of decades,lol.
  12. So who were you referring to? Sorry, I was being facetious.
  13. When was the last time a Scotland game was Available for all to watch on tv ? Glad they managed it as I’ve not been able to see any live games for years. Unfortunately from the highlights I have seen recently, I think it will be a defeat as, like saints, there’s no goal scorers.
  14. Would that be the same chap who was caught red handedly breaking the rules by betting on football matches yet somehow managed to avoid dismissal from his job and be banned from football indefinitely ?
  15. Listened to ten minutes on the radio and turned off. Didn’t expect to win, can’t score goals against anyone ! No forwards.
  16. Just for accuracy, Saints derby match is and always has been, against Kilmarnock. That’s where we get decent crowds as well.
  17. Pretty simple. We have the worst forwards in the league and nothing was done to rectify that.
  18. Your opinion of course. Thanks but I don’t indulge in betting. Unfortunately it’s impossible not to be negative about Saints this season., I don’t relish that.
  19. Against my better judgement I watched the first half on Alba. That was enough for me and I’d heard the second half was played in fog anyway. We can’t score any goals so we will be relegated, unless someone saves us (probably only Hamilton ) Could you imagine paying to watch such utter drivel .? Noticed another couple of new faces, likely from English lower/non league, both hopeless. Very sad days indeed.
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