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  1. Waiting on highlights, Saints as usual on last ! Good derby win though.
  2. Listening to the game was torture in the last ten minutes 😮 but at least we held on. Looking forward to the highlights later.
  3. Jamie McGrath is a real find, so good that he very likely won’t be with us for too long, but great whilst he is here. Hope we at least make Celtic work for anything they get today. Coys.
  4. Sorry but he is well short of ability for our league. Should be offloaded as soon as possible and back to non league in England. Have never seen anything to.persuade me he could cut it here. Not his fault but that of whoever signed him. Sayonara.
  5. Might just tune into Alba at ten to see if we really did win,lol.
  6. Saw the whole match on Freesports earlier, although I had vowed not to watch,lol. Saints were pretty poor and up against a team who were far from impressive. Tait was our best player but Mason was hopeless, must get rid of him as he is on loan. Erhahon and Macpherson were poor and shouldn’t have been in the team. Obika, powderpuff, slow and rightly booked for cheating. Waste of time with him, a full season too late. Such a pity we couldn’t take the opportunity to get to a final but we hardly deserved it. If we don’t start picking up wins very soon, it will be the usual fight against relegation. I feel the team let the fans down badly yesterday.
  7. No point replying faraway. Had you on ignore for weeks. 🤣
  8. Was utter misery listening in, but the fact is yet another game without us scoring. It must be some kind of a record. Anyway, poor show once more by Saints. To make matters worse, the woman presenter on radio utters so many errs, umms and ahs that she could be Johnson’s speech writer. Our chance to win a trophy with no big guns left and we are just not up to it. That leaves the Scottish cup and relegation dogfight. Happy days.
  9. Despite the few on here advertising their largesse via paying for tv deals and turf accountants holidays, I assume the vast majority will be relying on radio coverage. I do think it’s pretty mean that bbc have no intention to screen even highlights of a national cup semifinal. Likely splashed all their budget on the English cup as ever. As for the game, Saints have confounded most by eliminating Aberdeen and Rangers but can’t see it today. Probably less awful to lose a semifinal than suffer against our perennial nemesis from Perth. Good luck anyhow later.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a highlights programme of this game on normal tv, as I know a satellite channel is showing alive coverage which most will not be able to access ?
  11. As I had a spare two minutes, decided to watch the highlights in bbc I player. Looked to be all st Johnstone and no shots from us. Was that accurate ? If so, we are back to earlier in the season. We really have to win the two postponed games we have in hand or we will be in real trouble. Fingers crossed.
  12. For anyone who has studied a foreign language, the inability to distinguish the difference between the perfect and imperfect tense in certain verbs. “I seen him”. “He’s went offside” etc. Never sure if it’s genuine ignorance or laziness. It may seem rather pedantic when there’s much more to worry about, but still rankles.
  13. I’ve not seen any full games, only the few minutes of highlights we get at the end of sportscene, and even skip that like yesterday when we lose. Consequently I’m not as qualified to comment as many of the experts on here. Rather glad though not to be witnessing such a poor goals return yet again, it’s pretty demoralising and even with what should be a looked forward to semi final approaching, I feel our opponents are a much better team. I can only hope we are able to avoid relegation and try to improve for next season when I might be able to get back inside the ground. Good luck for next Sunday as well.
  14. He was interviewed on tv earlier. Made the point he has never played here and is not up to speed on our game. Nothing wrong with that. Just as a matter of interest, how would you describe someone born in England and lived their whole life there ? Oh, and that accent, lol. Anyway, let’s hope he starts off with a defeat.
  15. I’m a Saint AT Johnstone, you numbskull.
  16. Wrong assumption. We ought to win this one.
  17. I doubt, being English, that his knowledge of our football will be great. 3 points tomorrow a must.
  18. Ok, my interest or knowledge of English lower leagues isn’t great but surely you get the drift. Stubbs tried it and it didn’t work, we had to bin all the duds he brought in. The others I would ship out are Sheron, Foley, Obika and the forward guy we got recently from Ross Co. It’s my opinion none of them are good enough for our top league. Just my opinion,mind.
  19. For anyone who might have been tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt, his destination sums it up. Our top league to non league. Was never a footballer and running around aimlessly is no excuse. Whoever signed him needs a lot of explaining to do. Good luck to the guy but thank goodness he is gone. Next job is to get rid of a few other sub standard players- all of whom have been recruited from English non league or 4th tier- and wise up to the fact that it’s a gamble that very rarely works.
  20. Damning with faint praise.
  21. I’m not the only one, of course, but within 5 minutes of watching him I could tell he was hopeless and way out his depth. Not his fault, he probably tried his best but why has it taken so long to do something about it ?
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