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  1. Do I take it you are attending your first ever match then . 🤔
  2. A whole 45 mins against ten men to come. Pity we have no forwards. Radio coverage minimal, reporters pathetic.
  3. I’d give both a free transfer in January. No use as footballers.
  4. Won’t bother watching on Alba later as it sounds dire. Unless we get a striker etc etc. Must beat Ross Co on Saturday now. Poor show.
  5. Both are hopeless. By fantastic, I assume you mean running around keeping well clear of any action. Watch him closely, contributes nothing. Free transfer next month.
  6. At last, Obika dropped. Don’t fancy Erwin either but has to be better than Obika. Definitely have to acquire a goal scorer which could transform us into a decent side. For today, our record against St Johnstone has always been poor. Would take a draw.in advance.
  7. Game live on radio, will listen with one ear. Sounds like a team to try and keep the score down, nothing up front as usual. Rangers to win. 😒
  8. Rangers rarely concede goals. We have no goal scorers. Rangers to win, I’m afraid. That leaves us with the Scottish Cup and avoiding relegation.
  9. A good win for us, as I expected. As a previous poster noted, we could be a good team if we just get a centre forward. Get rid of those not up to the job and concentrate on one or maybe two who can score.
  10. It appears not to matter how well we play- and recent performances have slightly improved- but until we acquire a goal scorer we are in grave danger of demotion again. I think JG should release those failing up front and replace with a centre forward. Please, no rejects from the English lower leagues though. For tomorrow, this is a game we must win, and Motherwell are not playing well so we ought to do it.
  11. We should release all those deemed as “strikers” , Obika , Morais, Dennis, Erwin who can’t score a goal between them. That’s us been playing without a centre for well over a year now. If we get one in it may not be too late to survive.
  12. 😒 pathetic, can’t beat ten men. Nothing up front as usual.
  13. Following the recent 0-3 defeats, must win today. Coys.
  14. Means we have to start winning games from now on if we are to have any chance of escaping the drop. I think the punishment is fair enough.
  15. Despite winning 11 trophies in a row and nine league titles, and whereas supporters of any other team would realise everything must come to an end sometime, I understand DIY shops in the east end of Glasgow have sold out of pitchforks. In these dark times ( and as I write this, there’s a power cut where I live) it fairly cheers me up to listen to the crestfallen tears and anguish being relayed via Radio Clyde. I know, I know , it’s cruel but times are hard, 😆
  16. Game on free view now, ch 64 for those of us who don’t subscribe to PPV.
  17. Certainly none from you though. You would think an inveterate gambler might try to either attend matches or at least brush up on his football knowledge before lining the bookmakers satchels. 😂
  18. Ok perhaps I should have said “need” to win. I do think we will lose though. Thanks for such an interest in my post.
  19. Saints really must win this to get back on track. Livi 2-0 Saints.
  20. Please don’t bother with your snide remarks. If you can’t be civil just ignore whatever I post.
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