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  1. I should imagine that despite Johnson’s threats of increased police powers , fines and Covid marshals ( bouncers) , the people of England are more than likely to ignore his pontifications as the horse has already bolted since the real prime ministers “eyesight “ test.
  2. Saw the brief highlights last night after listening to some on radio. Despite some pundits trying to gloss over the awful showing, the proof was there to see. An Englishman crossed for an Australian to score , then the most overrated player ever was “tripped” in the box for our second undeserved penalty in a row. No doubt the same personnel will be classed as “tried and tested” for the next round of games and picked again. To be a supporter of Scotland and Saints, I must have done something in a previous life,lol.
  3. Clarke has selected 10 players from leagues which are not playing at present, including at least three who are not even Scottish. Changes were certainly needed after the shambles on Friday but if this doesn’t work out - by that I mean a victory - then unless SC has the shamelessness of a government minister, I would expect him to stand down or if not, be removed from the position. Just to remind everyone, it’s a league selection they are playing. Radio commentary for me and possibly the tv highlights later.
  4. If you had read properly, I said I don’t get the chance normally as I don’t have sky or bt. I saw the highlights on bbc and the Scotland player took a dive which conned the ref.
  5. Latest addition, McGinn of Scotland on Friday.
  6. This league break is ideal time to sign a centre forward before we face Hibs. Go on JG , you know you want to.
  7. Very sad to see Hladky playing at such a low level. I assumed as he had left saints, it was to either return home or at least sign for a bigger team. Can’t work that one out.
  8. Whilst desisting to suggest a comment like that ought to condemn you to visiting Ibrox or Parkhead, I have to agree with your opinion (assuming a dowfing means heavy defeat,lol). I think ex Saint Steve Clarke may have been found out and couldn’t help but notice how him and his sidekick looked so dejected when caught on tv highlights. To continually pick mostly the same players time after time, following abject performances, whether you think they are the best players, seems to fly in the face of logic. It may be worth pointing out to SC that players like Robertson (probably the most serial underperformer) does not have a “contract” as a Scotland player and can be dropped from the team. There are dozens of players who can be called on in this country who could not do worse than the current lot. Unfortunately none of them play for Saints though.
  9. I made one post and a reply to a cretin suggesting I support one of the OFirm. You, on the other hand have felt the need to post several times, which is fair enough. It’s only a discussion after all.
  10. An undoubted wit and raconteur. Bonne journee.
  11. Won’t see the game of course, as it’s on satellite tv although not that bothered anyway. Seems such a shame that interest in the so called national team is scant, but years of bad results and indifferent and largely unknown players have contributed to this. Sound familiar, anyone ?
  12. Defeats now becoming a regular occurrence.
  13. No longer support them for various reasons but they are the international version of Saints. Nothing up front and terrified whenever they play a half decent team. Oh, and unless you pay for satellite tv, you can’t even watch the matches any more.
  14. I folded and decided to watch last nights sport scene. I doubt any other team in the league would be so completely overrun by St Johnstone, it was embarrassing. Even the presenters were happy to gloss over Saints performance , such as it was. Now comes a run against the better teams in the league, not something to look forward to. We should be used to it of course, but it’s still difficult to accept. We absolutely MUST sign a goal scorer as the present lot are useless , and the manager knows that. Either that or fingers must be pointed at JG himself.
  15. I can read the script already. Fingers to be crossed that Hamilton keep losing and perhaps another to save us. Same story every season. I’ve not seen a second of today’s game, and won’t bother with the “highlights “ later. I assume the invisible strike force of O and M were posted missing yet again. Unless we get someone to score goals, I hope the current rules of no fans continues. I couldn’t go through another season like the last couple. The goalie apart, I defy anyone to post anything positive about saints at present.
  16. Foul language aside, do you see any irony in your comment ?
  17. I can believe it. Another defeat, without even striking a blow. Pathetic, Saints.
  18. Just heard on radio, Morais off, permanently one hopes. Saints are pathetic at present. Find it hard to complete with big teams like St Johnstone. Glad not to be watching or attending for now.
  19. The game in hand will be lost as always against Celtic. I never accept this so called excuse of players having to “gel”. They are professional footballers, it’s their sport, they don’t need to learn something new. That’s what training is for. I’m afraid I agree with the chap who has said we’ve not played well this season so far. Two scrappy wins, a tanking and a lucky draw against Ross County. Next up , a team we have always struggled against. Need a vast improvement. Oh, and a centre forward.
  20. Quite a few have opined that Morais “just needs a goal “ . That ship has sailed, it was easy to spot in one game that he lacks ability at this level. Perhaps his contract is so onerous that whoever sanctioned it is too embarrassed to admit the mistake. A lack of funds does not make it necessary to accept second rate players. A good eye for a player would save precious funds. With any luck Mr Morais’ has run out.
  21. No players in mind as unable to watch any games at present. Am prepared to indulge Obika if he keeps scoring. Morais should be shown the door. Also thought our centre half was hard done by to be dismissed for what was only a strong challenge.
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