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  1. Decent result the other night, only saw the highlights of course. Seems the stars are in alignment for both Saints and the national team at the moment. As for the English game, a rare treat to be able to watch on my own tv, but mindful that we have a poor record against our rivals. As both teams are likely yo be made up of players from the English league, I think it would be a mistake for Clarke to field anyone from out with their top division as the difference in ability would put Scotland at a disadvantage. Just my take on it, mind.
  2. Funny being able to watch live coverage of Wales and England on my tv. As for coverage of Scotland ?. Half an hour recorded highlights at an ungodly hour to look forward to tomorrow. Probably won’t bother.
  3. Hard to judge the game having only watched the extensive highlights (was it three minutes ?) but had a feeling we wouldn’t win. Next game will be a hard one as Motherwell are doing well.
  4. Great performance today, think we were the victim of VAR. This is the best Saints team for a long time, hope they keep it up.
  5. Hibs look a very poor team, there for the taking and dreadfully slow. Confident for the LC quarter final.
  6. Good result and a great goal from Saints. Very impressed by the Motherwell support, they got behind their team all throughout. We look a decent team these days. 👍
  7. Many thanks for the advice, I shall make contact tomorrow and let you know how I get on. In fact if I am able to acquire said hospitality, I shall be happy to pass this on to your good self for your kindness .👍
  8. Not been able to acquire a match ticket yet, but this will be my fourth home game so far and although having purchased a season ticket, only one of those games is covered by that. I think that’s rather unfair and pretty mean by the club to do that. Nevertheless, hoping for a win tomorrow.
  9. Good win but torture watching the last 20 minutes. Can’t seem to hold on to a lead after a good start. Was impressed with McMenamin, looks a good player.
  10. Good result on Sunday, let’s keep it up this Saturday v Dundee.
  11. That’s about right. Have seen both home games but not too impressed although hard to judge as both opponents were pretty hopeless. Expecting a big improvement today.
  12. Second goal with Strain was great. Hope he remains after transfer window closes.
  13. Just my opinion. Was the abuse really necessary ?😺
  14. I think Robinson is making a bad job with his signings and this will be his undoing. They all seem to be made of chocolate. Can see a change of manager in the not too distant. Ninety odd minutes to see off a non league team. Pretty pathetic.
  15. A last minute decision to attend was made insightful by the brace from the debut boy. Also impressed by Sutherland, he definitely has something. Arbroath were poor and we ought to have scored many more but 4 goals is unusual for us. Still need vast improvement from the defence but it may come with time. Incidentally, got my season ticket in the post yesterday 👍
  16. Hardly sectarian singing, rather refusal to applaud what to many is an offensive and unelected position.
  17. Robinson drafting his letter of resignation ? 😁
  18. Taylor and Small are both hopeless, into the sea with them. Our end to last season was worrying, just nothing up front and goals scarce. We must qualify from a very weak L Cup group at the very least. Hope the keeper signs back on and maybe the new Irish lad can score a few goals. Won’t bother going until league season starts , that’s if season ticket arrives 😁
  19. Record in signing strikers has been poor so hope he doesn’t try the same kind of players who have proved insufficient.
  20. I ordered mine quite a few weeks ago, specifying a card as I don’t feel the need to take my phone to the football. Still not received it though.
  21. Seriously though, our recent form is relegation standard, just as well we were exempt from that. Yesterday had the air of a pre season friendly, Saints were awful, next season could be a worry. Finally, there was never over seven thousand in attendance.
  22. In my last post, I was overly pessimistic about us only winning one point from the last 21. Thankfully we doubled that. 😁
  23. I do, but only for home games. In fact, just renewed today for next season. 👍
  24. Watched the highlights, really poor and good riddance to the guy who got sent off.
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