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  1. Saw game on Alba and Saints came right into it last half hour but yet again nothing up front. That’s going to cost us a top six place as usual. Hearts were hanging on at the end and they are not a great team by any stretch. Had a couple of nameless teams been denied the penalty we should have had, the papers and radio would be discussing it endlessly. Definitely need to win the cup tie as I think another couple of league defeats are coming up. Why sign another defender when we need a centre forward.? Just asking, like.
  2. Seems a lot of Hearts fans don’t like us and hope we go bust. They are also confident of victory tomorrow. Think we ought to roll up the sleeves and get stuck in. Not particularly confident but there’s nothing to be afraid of, judging by Saturdays game. BTW the prices being charged are outrageous.
  3. Enjoyable game and a very decent crowd yet again. Really ought to have been a few up at half time but without a goal scorer that’s likely to happen. Didn’t fancy the sub who came on, messed up a great chance , then was himself subbed. Need better than that. Also need to keep eleven on the park.
  4. First time at Rugby Park in a few years and first away game for a couple of years. Bought my ticket before the game at the ticket office, no problem. However, my seat was right in with the singing section and drum 😄, so had to move for the second half. Bit of a backs to the wall performance but suppose a point better than nothing. Won’t tire of saying this, but we desperately need a striker, absolutely nothing up front. Triers are all very well but without ability we won’t win games. Great support though. 👍
  5. He is hopeless. Robinson should have taken him off the minute he missed the penalty. Genuinely far off the standard required for our league. Capt Sparra was our best player but yet again , even with an extra man, we almost threw it away. Great 3 pts nevertheless. Phew !!
  6. Just like in any other sport, Australia are never easily beaten. It’s not their main pursuit but they put eg Scotland in the shade with their fighting spirit. Well done Oz. 😋👍
  7. Not too confident of a win tonight, given recent form, but ever hopeful. Would be best if Ayunga is dropped and Brophy play instead.
  8. Awful display. Noticed the crowd at Easter Rd was quite sparse, because Hibs have been rotten recently. They beat us easily, even on their poor form. At least we have some points on the board, might need them on this display.
  9. Some great performances today, have to say Main was in his best form. Could be an asset. Should have been miles ahead of, and I must say, the poorest United team for a whole, but we held on and deserved the win. Only bad point was Ayunga who is not good enough and should be chased. Nevertheless things have been much worse 😄so let’s keep it going.
  10. Dreadful game and lucky to get a point, the goalie single handedly winning that. Up front the usual nothing and Ayunga is hopeless, as is Main. Grieve looks like a wee boy in a man’s game, no use. Bright point was the crowd, best of the season I’d say, thanks to Killie. Much improvement urgently required.
  11. Good to see the derby match restored, Killie seem to have improved a bit recently so ought to be a decent match. Unfortunately won’t be there, that’s two in a row but hoping for a win.
  12. It’s actually Rep of Ireland. No one uses the term “Eire” , except on stamps.
  13. Great to see the old Spiders up there near the top.
  14. Just to put your nose out of joint, I did manage to make the game. Sorry your team lost. 😆
  15. Thanks to Saints changing the date and time of the match, none of our three season tickets will be used. Probably a blessing in disguise as it’s likely to be a mauling by Celtic anyway.
  16. Thoroughly agree, it’s well overdue that we get rid of that dreadful family. It’s completely embarrassing to watch and listen to endless sycophantic toadies , I reckon there will be a serious backlash against the BBC for the hours of one sided drivel foisted upon us. As for the football being cancelled, I have a good idea why that happened. 🤨
  17. Our forwards are hopeless and won’t score goals when needed. Too late now to sign anyone. Yesterday was a poor result against a weak team. Must do better.
  18. Irrespective of dates and timing ,or Sky coverage, I suggest a saints defensive line up including Jimmy Drinkwater, Jim Clunie, Cockles Wilson, Abercrombie, Jack Copland, Jim Goodwin and Gogic. Dundee Utd went for the “after you, Claude” tactic on Sunday. Those chaps above, I suggest would adopt a rather different attitude, one which is much more suited to dealing with the current Celtic team. 😁
  19. Although Saints missed at least 3 sitters, it was a bit worrying how much room Hibs had down the wing. Thankfully their crossing was woeful but we really need to convert stonewall chances, our forwards are culpable. Nevertheless, a decent run of form and we ought to make it for in a row against St Johnstone .
  20. Normally an away win against that team would be considered quite an achievement, but they are currently hopeless and there for the taking by all and sundry. However, I shall return to my turnip field, thoroughly chastened by your wise comment, and try to learn more about football. 😁
  21. I welcome the return of Gogic, he is not only tough but a good user of the ball.
  22. Have you had a look at Robinsons record since he has been here ? It’s just my opinion and if you are happy with things that’s fine.
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