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  1. Hi, thanks again, I didn’t have an account and cannot register for some reason but appreciate the help.
  2. Hi, thanks for your help, but I still cannot either register or log in. Been at this for an hour so will just give it a miss. Hope we are able to eventually get back to attending soon. Very disappointed at Saints as they are no help in this matter.
  3. I find I am unable to access Saints tv and despite trying to contact the club, no response. Anyone able to help. .? Yet again refused access to attend the game, pretty furious about this and regretting buying a season ticket.
  4. Are you always this friendly and understanding?
  5. Yeah, thought an email at least, as not all are interested in social media. Perhaps even something in the written press e.g The Beano.
  6. I just found out, by accident, that as a season ticket holder, I had to apply by last Sunday to be entered into a ballot for a chance to watch what I’ve already paid for, the Hearts game. I think that’s pretty poor, meaning that unless you are either well informed or chance upon it, then you are excluded from attending. I attended my first game since the last Hearts game at the weekend. Johnstone Burgh. Maybe that’s my best chance of watching live football these days.
  7. Just watching it now. Saints have passed up too many chances, particularly when up against ten men. This is a game we ought to have won, so draw not a good result.
  8. Was able to acquire my season ticket today at the ticket office. All I hope now is that I will be able to get in to see the matches.
  9. Have given up on trying to get a season ticket again. Will just have to pick and choose games and hope to be able to pay at the gate. Not very satisfactory but sounds like I’m not the only one.
  10. Well beaten and confirmed how over rated this team was. Clarke will be allowed to take us to World Cup elimination before being dismissed. The so called big players were badly found out tonight and as before, nothing up front.
  11. I agree with Turnbull. I feel Clarke will have a lot to answer for by picking only 3 centre forwards. This will be our undoing.
  12. Was thinking more of Saints forwards. Not interested in what England does. Dykes should be replaced for next game.
  13. My sobriety confirmed Dykes to be hopeless. Admittedly a trier but well short of ability. A centre forward who can’t score. Where have we seen that before ?
  14. Dykes was hopeless again. Nothing up front, just like Saints.
  15. As a Saints fan, used to huge let downs and Scotland rarely disappoint. As I have been droning on for ages, we have nothing up front, that’s why we lose. Wish the commentary team were not so sycophantic and place the blame where it’s deserved. The goalie should be dropped, as should Dykes, Armstrong, and a few others. Couldn’t understand where all the confidence was coming from as we have not beaten anyone of note in living memory. Whoever picked this team has to take responsibility. Or are we expected to do a Johnson-esque Nelson and turn a blind eye ?
  16. Often enjoy myself. Not watching Scotland though 😄
  17. Just heard the team Clarke has selected. Oh dear, bad choices.
  18. Not a great Scotland fan but always hope they do well of course, however I’m still unconvinced they are as good as many in the media seem to think. Having two home games out of three would normally make us favourites at any time but I cannot see where goals will come from. Clarke appears to have done a decent job so far but closer scrutiny shows we scraped through on penalties and already look unlikely to qualify for the next WC. Prepared to eat my words if we succeed but fear the worst. Fingers crossed though.
  19. I’m sure another new right wing news channel will suit quite a few on here. “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled “
  20. STV at their patronising best with the preview of tomorrow’s game. How cringeworthy to interview two players, neither of whom are Scottish and then the pundit mentions a few players, all of whom play in England. STV ?
  21. Arnautovic has always been what they would refer to as an enigma but really just an angry man! In other words, riff raff .
  22. Guy who scored the third goal the epitome of poor sportsmanship. Thought the STV all English panel might have made mention of that.
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