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  1. Maybe in the days of Gordon Scott being the top man but really don't think they would with whoever and whatever is on the board.
  2. Decided to watch 2nd half...... Cant be any worse
  3. Any point in watching second half people? Maybe a good excuse to get steamin tonight.
  4. I agree totally. Dunne and that other clown want a good kick at halftime. So do the rest of the team.
  5. Dunne and goalie. Not even sunday league standard. Shocker.
  6. Another f*****g stupid mistake by an experienced player.
  7. Well it has to be said that one set of fannies has shown the other overpaid fannies how it's done haha
  8. What gauls me about it all is that he is a decent striker really but there seems to be something amiss. What he needs to realise that at 26, the way he has carried on. Nobody going to take a chance on him in future or next choice of club very very limited. Killie exactly knew what they were offloading.
  9. Actually quite impressed as it didn't play up once.
  10. I think he posts on here too!!! Not me I watched it on the demon hesgoal🤣🤣
  11. We aren't as bad as last season. Until you get to the strikers. Right fair play to Main to get himself back into the team. Where is and what the hell is wrong with our 'super' striker brophy??????? Waste of a wage
  12. Maybe so but now cufc manager had coached him before and knows how to play him
  13. Oh but we had a finisher.......... Let him go to Carlisle in January Guess who scored for them yesterday with a right time right place finish....
  14. We are literally playing 5 at the back. Once again the wingback crap not working.
  15. If it was a young inexperienced player that came out to defend like that would be a bit excusable. Tanser is experienced.
  16. Not a lot he could have done???? Not run with his arms out to defend perhaps. Would get it in the neck for that on Sunday league
  17. Just a thought, I'm not 100% on this one but I'm sure somebody will remember. When we signed brophy I think he was out injured at killie. For a player of 26 to be as injury prone is either a worry or there is something amiss with the player. Can make a comparison with Dennis when he was here, suffered a serious injury but obviously work hard with rehab to get back into the team and indeed is still doing well at carlisle and ready for a 46 league game season.
  18. Hopefully brophy. We can't afford to pay big wages to someone who seems to be constantly injured.
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