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  1. Another week of donation to william Hill for me🙄
  2. Was renamed pishart by some that were stags head regulars on matchdays🤣
  3. Oh I give up!!!! After a much better first half, we come out and let hibs dictate. Fook sake. 😠😠😠
  4. Much better team in first half, and a striker scoring too👍
  5. Oh I totally agree, they could quite easily finding themselves adrift as eventually it catches up. Alternatively you got to look at Leeds years ago spending big, gambling on getting into champions league. When they didn't, the wheels soon fell off. The EPL can either be good for a club or utter financial disaster.
  6. Imo I do think Ashley wants to sell the club but nobody has come up with actual money to do so. Will only spend whats needed to stay in prem.
  7. Also Newcastle just don't seem to improve. God only knows what they see in joelinton
  8. Yeah it could be a long drawn affair. Mind you nothing to the devastation if the cassette recorder chewed game tape up😭
  9. To be fair to cooke, after reading some of his interview for Bath City he seems quite a sensible lad having left us he had chances to stay with full-time football but chose to go back down south to take back up teaching and playing part-time for Weymouth and now Bath instead of chasing 1 year contracts. Fair play to him. He did also add that in his time with us he had 3 managers, shortened season and don't forget serious injury. Who knows a more stable situation clubwise and no serious injury, could have been decent imo
  10. Even their set up for promotion to the super league isn't as straight forward as you would think. Winning the championship doesn't guarantee promotion to super league but winning the grand final does. There has to be some change to league set up to make it more competitive more so with the fact the last team outwith the OF to win the premier was Aberdeen with fergie in charge. Another couple of points are when sevco had to start again, why 1) were they allowed a huge playing full-time squad to compete in a part time league, not exactly a level playing field. 2)were they allowed to get back into the league set up immediately, down here if a team goes tits up they have to start again way down and name changed to say AFC Wimbledon I'd say teams were coerced to letting it happen.
  11. Would it really be a bad thing? Meaning that possibly lg2 clubs even maybe some lg1 clubs would be development teams for young players and if using the American system, a wage cap too. Spl might not turn onto a 2 horse race like every season.
  12. Totally agree with you especially with the dvla situation as where it would take a couple of weeks for new drivers to obtain a provisional psv licence in order to start, now its taking 5/6 months by which time more drivers leave as other fields of employment are having to start paying better money. In same respect this ludicrous situation is also causing the problem with the hgv situation.
  13. Even more so if you've had a few🤣🤣🤣 to be fair my mum and dad bought a house down here for when they retired, which I stayed in and it was on top of a bloody big hill which took 10 mins to get into whitehaven sober and about 2 hours getting back pissed
  14. It does seem to have got less steep over the years. It hasn't, but it does seem that way. Or maybe cars aren't as crap as they were then haha. In saying that in those days cars were like tanks powered by a 1300cc engine.
  15. Said car was the typical 70s special with the black vinyl roof and black vinyl seats, perfect for those hot summers🤣
  16. To be fair didn't think it was as early as that. With this what does make me chuckle is remembering carrying on always about having to take his beloved vauxhall viva up the chain road as obviously it was soooo steep a hill it would wreck the engine jeez
  17. Would go as far to say some 'star performer' at district council thought of it to justify a no doubt inflated salary😐
  18. I remember palombos when we lived on brediland road and chics that used to park just outside gate at Camphill. As for when we lived in Heriot Court, we were on top floor so if you heard ice cream van their was no chance of getting to it 🤣
  19. I'm going to wait til Mrs CS is in a good mood and book tv for that Sunday afternoon.....................more likely end up in spare room watching it so nobody else has to put up with me🙂
  20. Booked Thursday off work then?😀😀
  21. Maybe have a birthday drink to celebrate 🙂
  22. The thing is that sky sports(and others) put so much money into football that fixtures can be adapted to suit, they don't take travelling fans into the equation.
  23. I agree with the contract extension for RF given the last injury he had and give him a chance, whether he stays at the club in January who knows. I would also throw in that given RF's age we may be his last chance at full time football and it wouldn't really surprise me if the club has been helping him maybe make the adaptations he may have to make, let's not forget JG been down that route having to juggle part time footy and work. A slightly different situation would be the Cammy one. As its his last year of contract and been sent on loan for the season, I would be very surprised if we see him back at the club.
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