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  1. Formula e can only be used on shorter lap amounts due to charging for now. I cannot see a formula e race lasting 70 laps of an F1 circuit for example, tech won't allow it. F1 however has been I'd say watered down over the years with all card starting with full tanks instead of some team doing 'splash and dash stops to try and make them more competitive. Like @Callum Gilhooley said it is the pinnacle of motorsports and should be treated the same. Risks or not. Same as TT racing in IOM, they know the risks.
  2. I think in hospitals anyway there are far too many levels of managers etc. Understandably there has to be some structure but especially what I've seen in West cumberland hospitals, it is a bit excessive. Also what they have been doing at said hospital is they have been getting more staff to take up NHS contracts instead of extended time on locums wages which can be more than double.
  3. I like his take that attitude and fitness are free....... Maybe the team took adjusting to that last season after the emphasis was be difficult to beat. Maybe thats why some ended up leaving at end of contract because their attitude wasn't right. Only Alnwick has bettered his career imo.
  4. I think in the past Ross would think he could easily get one over JG when it came to players. It would appear that SR is a totally different prospect as if for say Ross sneaks in and signs a SR target, I can imagine SR would already have a few targets already primed just in case. A now think SR is very old school being that players will have a use but then moved on to be replaced in an evolving squad and not hold onto players because he feels he has to.
  5. Not as if he hasn't done it before...........
  6. Can see him ending up with us. Same type of player as gogic, plays both defence and midfield. And SR knows how he can play too.
  7. Ah well never mind, in saying that I don't think SR was hanging about waiting for him to make up his mind. Possibly a move for O'Connor ex morecambe using the budget set aside for gogic
  8. Should maybe get in contact with Forest Green, after all they signed McAllister............ They can keep each other company on injury list
  9. To be brutally honest I think we should cash in and sell. Ok he has been unlucky with injuries but would rather he was costing some other club.
  10. Especially if JG wants to spend some money on buying Dunne. Maybe JG would also fancy taking brophy too. Its not that I think brophy is a bad player just not a team player.
  11. I'd rather guess that the original poster of this thread hasn't read the whole article and/or understand the reasoning for kibble buying into the club. The things that stand out are that its apparent that the care system in Scotland is far better than the kak handed approach in England. Unlike some of the other care providers in the article, kibble do state they can provide work experience for when those who they provide for reach post care age can hopefully gain employment, etc. Thus ensuring future funding. With some of the decisions, like obviously pushing the new season budget out a bit imo it would appear that a bit of good business accumen has been done as hopefully a successful club coupled with a successful partner can only be a good thing for both parties.
  12. Nah loving it!! Maybe the coconut rum and lilt having something to do with it. 🙂
  13. To be honest lg1 standard not any better than bottom 6 of spl. Wages will be higher.
  14. Must be a sellafield worker away for the weekend. Thats the standard of driving I have to put up with daily.
  15. Didn't think of that one. Fingers crossed he sees the intent that SR has on building the team and signs
  16. It does appear that SR isn't going to wait about for Gogic. If he can get Gallagher AND Gogic then fantastic really. But good to see us being proactive really.
  17. Maybe even take brophy in a swap deal so he can take wages off Aberdeen whilst injured. Don't think brophy is a SR type of player.
  18. Cyclists 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 especially those nutters that cycle for their daily dose of radiation at sellafield. Stupid lycia and more so those silly cycle sock/boot things🤬🤬🤬 Anyway rant over and back to topic being none or very little aware of others round them. Imo if they want respect from other road users then respect other road users. Do this mad thing like use cycle paths.
  19. To be fair I think they are probably willing to pay higher wages.
  20. For me personally serving my time as a mechanic was the increasing use of electronic ignition thus taking away the hell of adjusting distributor points. Fast forward quite a few years and now cars, etc are loaded with sensors that need laptops to find out what the hell is wrong with them, then once fixed need laptop to reset any fault lights. Sometimes tech advances go too far.
  21. Was he the owner for a long time? If it is who I think I went to school with his daughter Veronica.
  22. All this makes for really good reading and once again I eat another slice of humble pie of jumping on the SR not good enough train. It certainly does seem that he isn't going to be messed around with players taking time whether they have other contract offers or waiting possibly for other ones coming in. It would appear you either want to play for him or you are out. I actually like that attitude. Also like the fact he is getting them in ASAP so the 'new' team gels for the start of the season.
  23. Thing is they probably don't have the biggest wage budget in league 1 so have to take a punt on players whether they have a bad injury history, etc. Hope he knows they are a vegan club and into all this sustainability stuff in a big way............ No bacon sarnies........well proper bacon anyway haha
  24. Now now😀 I could see the point before to an extent but not forgetting at the time of the independence vote some parties actually sang of the same hymn sheet to oppose the SNP which was undoubtedly their own undoing come the main election. Paisley was a 'red' town for many years. Just an opinion
  25. Great stuff tho. Going to strut into work in morning trying not to either laugh or say anything🤣🤣🤣
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