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  1. The sad thing IS that our competitors at moment and will be for remainder unless we manage to restart far more positively have all reinforced their teams for the hard slog ahead. They have been proactive.
  2. Best preseason matches were they two carlisle v saints ones. Both times me and Mrs CS went, sat in CBS stand(pitchside) in line with halfway line with me on the 'away side of it and her 'home' side. First one she was more interested in the carlisle keeper at the time 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  3. I've been in it, it's bloody horrible.
  4. Workington v carlisle preseason matches always a bit tasty, still a lot of ill feeling from the 70s as carlisle abstained from voting when it came to voting Workington out of the league, which helped put them out to be replaced by Wimbledon.
  5. I think by that time it had all but gone for Darlington. Rather mad if they though they would fill that in lg2 when there were much higher profile teams not that far away. Anyway drifted off a bit so going back to old grounds, brunton park high up there.
  6. His quality and haircut certainly fitted in with the 'bib' strip😂
  7. Priestfield stadium at Gillingham another crap one for the away support. One that has been put back into use is the Darlington arena(ex reynolds).
  8. Yeah, Holker Street at Barrow is fairly old fashioned same as Borough park at workington although they are very non league. Don't know if you have ever suffered memorial stadium in Bristol, away fans are stuck in uncovered area.
  9. Will need to watch that, watched the Robbie Savage one about Macclesfield which was good. I think it was the class of 92's Salford City series that really set the ball rolling.
  10. Just been reading some of the articles for this and it's absolutely bonkers. As part of the pitch is in Wales, no fans allowed into ground, there wouldn't be any restrictions of Chester fc having 2000 fans in car park watching match being screened as that part is in England.
  11. Jack Copland for me, always seemed to be in saints shop in piazza when I was young and my dad had to have a look in 'just incase there is something new in'. Great player and always had time for fans, good PR for club at that time. In the 80s can't decide out of the back 4 of Wilson, Cooper, Godfrey and Hamilton tho. In saying that I don't think anyone can fault the endeavour of the cult hero that was Bobby Dawson.
  12. To be honest it wouldn't surprise me wage wise as for instance Matty Willock who we had on loan few years back is on near 1k at Salford. If you put his name up along with salary it will give an idea as to what he is paid, also rest of squad at Salford (2021). It certainly shows the gulf in finances wage wise, and thats lg2. We are paying less than teams like carlisle utd.
  13. Take it you haven't seen Mickey Flanagan
  14. Is it just an out or a out out?
  15. Biggest travesty last night was where did they get the additional 5 minutes in the second half, oops I mean just over 6. I think the worst I have ever seen tho was a match against rangers at love street where the ref added on god only knows how long, then they equalised through Andy Gray and guess what.........full time. I remember Mark McWalter was our scorer.
  16. I think it would be right to assume you mean McCarthy, McGrath, Erwin and quite possibly Dennis
  17. Great team performance last night and it certainly showed the influence that the experienced players in the team had on the young ones. Maybe just maybe certain players who had to sit it out, who it would seem are automatic first teamers get their fingers out and start performing like they did earlier in season.
  18. Main needs to offer more to help team
  19. Quite refreshing instead of the usual crap that comes out of other managers
  20. From the outside looking in, it does seem that the club may be in a fortunate position where it can make a decision on what might generate extra revenue obviously with the right planning permission. Unlike down here we have a totally ridiculous situation where the county council lease both stadiums in workington being derwent park for rugby league and borough park for football. Both of which are now into single figure lease and no sight of renewal so both clubs cannot apply for any funding. About 5 years ago a new stadium for workington was approved with 4G pitch for both teams to use, subsequent regeneration in workington started THEN council leaders changed and shelved plans and along with it most of the outside investment stopped.
  21. So far the jist of this crap tonight is that the village idiot isn't going to act until after new year when case numbers will rocket out of control because...................basically this time of year is a great time for bringing finances in tax wise. Can't wait til january😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 Don't know if anyone's noticed having a good rant🙂
  22. Oh ffs!!!!! Watching this crap by old Doris. How the hell this clown bluffed his way in is beyond me. The old crap especially with face coverings is fine BUT believe it or not WE cannot enforce it on buses, not allowed to question it, etc, etc. All they have to say is 'I'm exempt' 🤬🤬🤬 Should no mask, no travel, tough luck.
  23. To be honest I got booster a couple of weeks ago and I think it was before what one was more effective. I was given the moderna, I guess that was the more available one here at the time. To me anyway I think it's as effective as the risks you are willing to take. If you are gallus with that(a phrase they don't know in West cumbria) then so be it. I just try not to put myself in bad situations and LFT twice a week. We still got a horrid lot of those throat as well as nose ones at home🤢
  24. At moment with the seemingly discontent behind the scenes. Down here the situation with our local(ish) league team being carlisle utd is even worse as their own official supporters club have backed out of a takeover bid of club such being the finances involved to settle debts and no doubt other behind scenes issues. Basically club is buggered under current regime and could possibly be another Bury or Macclesfield by end of season.
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