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  1. Got to say there is a reason why people play centre back as big Harry just showed, crap at shooting🤣🤣🤣
  2. Having been away for the day and missing game but keeping a sneaky eye on score I would have said very decent point to get. Apparently Mrs CS says better things to do on a Saturday🙄🙄🙄🙄 Anyway back to topic, never a penalty in a million years and it has to be said after an appalling year of VAR in English Premier where everything was scrutinised beyond belief, this season there is a bit more common sense applied this season. Hopefully such decisions won't stand next season in SPL. It was a dive.
  3. To be honest both Irish and Luton job may well be. The financial side may play a part. In saying that Wigan are after a new manager too, might as well add them in now in the mix.
  4. Ref had taken it for a draw on coupon😐 Went from controlling the ball i.e. in lead up to goal then it appeared to be panic stations!!!
  5. That only works against teams like the old firm that are going to have most of the play.
  6. No positives from any loss. Agree with someone else's post, other teams have worked us out to an extent, games like this one are never going to be good on the eye. Players have got be up for it and for some reason have got this top 6 team stuff locked in their heads and it does seem apparent because of this inability to fight for every win. 2 games now we have a shambles instead of a team that was working for each other.
  7. Once again on the back foot starting both half's. SR needs to drum it in to them about not letting it happen.
  8. Hmmm awful defending again. Its a tho we haven't the bottle to be a top 6 team
  9. It's not that bad...............honestly 🤣😂😂
  10. Too right! Still a bit behind 🤣🤣🤣 Anyway you could have suffered the same if you had taken that job at gen 2
  11. Whoosh! Sorry bit of a lag on hesgoal 🙄 time difference in cumbria 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Cumbriansaint72

    Mr Gilmour

    Would be interesting to see if that was the case or not.
  13. Cumbriansaint72

    Mr Gilmour

    Only thing is I'm sure Kibble would sell their % for a lot more that they acquired it for.
  14. Cumbriansaint72

    Mr Gilmour

    Indeed I did. Whether or not it was a failure nobody would know due to the impact covid had on such businesses. A friend of mine had to close his business in the leisure/entertainment sector just purely down to adaptations, trying to get people back in and not forgetting the impact on older machinery not operating for so long just made it not viable. Having said that what they changed the Hillington project into certainly followed to the points I have made about Kibble potentially utilising current club sponsors,etc in providing work experience for their work based training programmes. Basically saving the hassle of cold calling companies.
  15. Cumbriansaint72

    Mr Gilmour

    Could it be the other organisation came up with possibly more money than was required and GLS took it? Also it would be interesting to see if the original agreement with SMISA was legally binding or was it a 'gentlemans agreement '. If the latter then it's just down to business, happens everywhere.
  16. Cumbriansaint72

    Mr Gilmour

    A good point you make about it isn't as much fun as they thought. Whilst reading all this stuff I had a look at the Exeter City model of being fan owned(which they are). Does make interesting reading of all the hard work that their supporters trust had to put in over a long period of time to get to where they are now. Our situation is different with another organisation having a sizeable % in club, now whether SG has a magic financial wand to buy this organisation out then offer SMISA the chance to purchase these shares at a manageable rate like the original GLS model then I'm sure opinions to his motive may well change.
  17. On the plus side we are still in top 6 after this
  18. Robbo needs to get this team back in tomorrow for some ruthless training. No day off after this.
  19. To be fair hibs started off on front foot, we didn't
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