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  1. Thing is we have played better and lost so a point and not playing well at all will do. Even if its same again on saturday and I hope not, having seen fixtures with dundee utd having to go to killie on saturday and the fakes having to go to hamilton next wednesday then we might be ok
  2. I'm going for a point away from home🙂 Just looked, we are at home and that's without drink🥺 For God's sake🙈🙈🙈🙈
  3. It's a point gained imo for as the game went on Motherwell looked more the likely team for all 3. Thank god I'm off tomorrow as going to have to have a few🤣
  4. It was also quite handy for a lunchtime pint when on day release at Reid Kerr😀 More so a bit later for a quick pint or two after finishing dayshift at gx superbowl.
  5. Yeah did read than bit earlier. It's a horrible thing really, friend of mine has it worst thing is with all this covid stuff haven't seen him for ages now. Even before inbetween lockdowns I could tell a little bit more had been taken, he has always been crap on phone so can't judge how bad it's gone.
  6. My dad used to take me on a Saturday night mind you wasn't out too long as it was his Lounsdale night🙄
  7. On the point of Ross, to be honest he was given a transfer window that was make or break which ended up with the great escape after which he quickly started building the team for promotion. JG similar from last season and now given the chance to really go for it. Fergie was 90 mins from sack at old Trafford, Mark Robins to the rescue
  8. Dual carriageway - sparse, motorway a good hour. My 2.5td i800 doesn't do great going about west cumbria at all on fuel, much better on longer trips (when we can do it again).Only have it as 2 kids use wheelchairs as having EDS. Taken to using eldest lads car as his driving lessons cancelled before going back to uni. We got him a proper inbetweeners car for xmas, a bright yellow ignis. Got used to being called a w****r at work, so might as well go whole hog and be a real proper bus w****r🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Benteke looked shocked it went in🤣
  10. It's amazing how this season has changed everyone's outlook towards the team and what we could do with/need to ensure we stay in top half of league now and hopefully for longer term. Hopefully after this season we will be able to be a more attractive prospect for potential players. We seem to be at the end of the car crash era meaning the Craig, Rae, Stubbs and to extent Kearney managements. Only Ross to an extent and more so now with Goodwin have we got a steady team without the transfer window wholesale team changes which can't have looked good to any potential players. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Ready to go.....................onto any clubs injury list who might be daft enough to take a punt on him
  12. And Hamilton more battle hardened to it
  13. So will be Lennon if it stays like this surely
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