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  1. They get results because they are bloody difficult to play against and if you aren't up for it they will catch you out. What we have now is a team that can keep going at it and that showed today. I think the player recruitment has been pivotal in the fortunes of club as most have already played for SR and know what he is about. Maybe thats what was wrong last season when he took over and we looked awful. Big critic at time(me), humble pie now. I would expect one or two to move in next window and to be replaced by others who get SR and can push team on.
  2. I think they might be ok to stop up. Last season will no doubt have taken its toll but I'm sure over the course of the season they will be ok but not promotion contenders.
  3. Pedestrianising town centres all good if they thought about parking, decent road links and public transport. In fact everything that most out of town do have and thats one of the reasons why they succeed. Over here the same where banks are concerned and their buildings lie empty due to cost of changing purpose etc
  4. Down here its like chalk and cheese between whitehaven and workington. As much as whitehaven promotes itself as a historic market town the run down town centre doesn't go well with the amount they have spent on the harbour and marina which aren't bad at all. Good views of empty shop units. Sellafield put a lot in financially for any office spaces they can get their hands on so you can imagine the impact covid had on the town with all the working from home. On the other hand in workington it's the complete opposite busy shops in town and out of town sites. Even has the customary empty debenhams building.
  5. That's a bit of a strange one as I would have assumed that would still be a priority. In all honesty it's all a bit strange when you think of it really, not so long ago we couldn't do this, that or the next thing. Now especially where I work and who we are contracted to run full capacity buses being 77. Peak time these are full..............cab window wide open time. Known as the covid expresses by us
  6. I remember Tandy in the piazza also there was a big music shop as far as I remember. Also Aulds bakers at entrance to multistorey.
  7. I guess you aren't a fan of the Royal family then and that's fair enough. I'm not that fussed to be honest it is what it is. What I meant in reply to previous comment was I have done coach holidays in the past that have included places like Windsor, Hampton Court, Edinburgh, Castle of Mey and as close to Balmoral as you can get. Tourists love it. Thats what I meant.
  8. It is because we are good at it regardless of the situation and it brings a lot of tourism into the country.
  9. Another thing about yesterday I did notice was the way that Carson not only was constantly organising the defence but able to take the sting out of the game too.
  10. Funnily enough I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday about that after the match. Unfortunately as things this way have gone in the past, Gallagher wearing wrong coloured strip to be considered. I hope this these days is not the case. I would also like to add there were others that should really gave Clarke some food for thought after that performance yesterday being Erhahon, O'Hara and Fraser. And why not.
  11. Was quite pleased with that one, William Hill gave flash odds the other day of evens instead of 1/40 for a goal to be scored in the game. Always happy to take a free tenner.
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