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  1. At least we got a point, should have really been 3. However back to a little bit of normality with a good old 90 mins of saints rollercoaster.
  2. Anyways England and penalty shootouts. I 'love it' when..... They make an arse of it Love it 不不不
  3. All I will say is thankfully we are still wearing face coverings 不不不不 We may get '66 still rammed down our throats at every opportunity but at least it won't be '20
  4. A hat trick of crap penalties, in saying that got to face them all at work tomorrow without having a smug look about me不不
  5. Missed a couple of weeks of this....1997 Jeez by this time I'd stopped messing about with bowling machines, started with stagecoach and got myself onto national express rota
  6. Probably no different now just different generations of it. It is amazing that even after 25 years away that name still noticeable.
  7. Was that the scullions that lived in Ivenhoe Road? My mum used to go on about them when she worked in Murrays bookies down from Camphill.
  8. Just seen Kasper Schmeichel's interview on sky sports news amongst the England love fest 不不不. "Has it ever been home??" priceless不不 concerning euros
  9. Didn't even have goalposts then at Wembley 不不
  10. Don't forget we've been ridiculed for that song since............... Not that England continually bang on a song........... Would we have mentioned it all if Ally had kept his promise, well maybe just a wee bit不不不不
  11. In the respect of England, over the years they have really had some of the best players at their disposal but the English FA have never been able to appoint anyone capable of getting the best out of them. I took a group years ago to England v Northern Ireland at Old Trafford whilst Wembley was being done up, accepted the offer of free ticket as really when would I get to see the likes of Beckham, etc play and not just on TV. One if the best players I've seen.
  12. Can only think it might, might make some of the miserable buggers i work with happier 不不
  13. Can you imagine if they did win it唐唐唐唐唐
  14. Could be a win win for you as hopefully that will be the final不不
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