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  1. It did seem a bit strange with a team going through quite a good run of form to a squad that looked devoid of any energy and whatever they tried didn't work. Like I have said before the performances in last 4 have been way better and not ashamed to admit I may well have got it wrong about SR.
  2. Looking back at the last 4 games especially where the team seemed to be a lot fitter,etc does beg to wonder if there was a bit less emphasis on that and more tactical positioning under JG.
  3. Wouldn't be a bad thing to free up money perhaps to sign gogic.
  4. Well another clean sheet, another point and a team that seemed to have more energy again albeit some playing with pain killing injections. Once again i will admit I got it wrong in slating SR. Roll on next season.
  5. Only went once and that was for Darlington 0 Carlisle 5 with a certain Michael Bridges playing for Carlisle. Another freebie for coach driver have to add😉 Quite impressive 25k seater stadium pity the average home gate was 3k. Good to see the new(ish) owners of it now allow the reformed Darlington team to play there.
  6. Ah didn't know that thanks. A bit like the Keepmoat stadium at Doncaster. Only know that one as years ago took carlisle fans down and couldn't get in free as a driver😧
  7. I got to agree with you on that one not only on the injury sense but he isn't the best team player. Whereas Main and Grieve are and would appear to fit in with SR's way of playing. In saying that it is up to Brophy to impress SR and get in the team regularly.
  8. I can also see your point with stadium criteria but that in itself could be addressed in the same way that gretna did with temporary stands. Falkirk is a strange one, putting all the money into stadium but the team itself falling short of promotion which would start to generate income. This is also apparent down here with, let's say, Blackpool FC. Finished developing bloomfield road ground to Premier league standard only to be filled for 1 season and now in league 1. One of the biggest ones was The Reynolds Arena, Darlington. I'm sure @StanleySaint will know about that one.
  9. Well 7 points from 9, I'll take that. Looking better.
  10. Really hope we can nick this, livi are dreadful. No threat just disruptive
  11. Quite possibly someone who can fit in where Jordan Jones did. Also SR rates. As for Greive, he must be horrible to play against runs all day, doesn't seem to be bothered about being kicked for 90 mins AND can be in right place right time like against Dundee.
  12. I would rather hope that the SPL was run on merit with regards to promotion criteria concerning playing status instead of Super League basically protecting the status quo in regards to who they want in and indeed as now who they would like in being Catalan, Toulouse and if covid hadn't happened then a heavily bankrolled Toronto.
  13. @faraway saint would i be right to assume that if Arbroath were to achieve premier league status, would they have to move to full time status. If so I don't have any doubt their board would make it happen. The main issue for me would be the deep down thinking of the players and whatever their respective jobs are. The reason I've brought this up was a few years back Whitehaven RLFC (I know it's rugby but sort of relevant) played Castleford in the championship grand final to gain promotion to the Super league. Now Whitehaven had won the league but super league had changed promotion rules to the grand final winners got promoted not league winners. To gain entry you had to be a full-time club, Whitehaven weren't Castleford were. Prior to game Whitehaven had beaten Castleford but on the day same Whitehaven team played as tho they had never met. The pressure of having to sacrifice jobs, a lot of whom worked at sellafield on good money for the possibility of just 1 season full-time spoke volumes.
  14. The beauty of it all really is that Arbroath really haven't got anything to lose. Its not belittling their part time status in the slightest as it has been highlighted this season that their commercial side has grown along with a really good down to earth manager who can get the best out of his team shows what can be achieved. For Inverness a loss on Friday would mean another season of juggling finances yet again to stay full-time and hopefully go up and for whoever Arbroath may meet in the final should they get there the fear of relegation and the financial implications of it certainly would play into Arbroaths favour imo.
  15. Not so sure as a much improved team performance against dundee. Whether the players are now getting the tactics and now playing with a bit more freedom or pushing for a move wouldn't like to say. That along with last home game of season and on a proper pitch i reckon we will take the 3 points. Need to remember to put laptop onto charge before I go to work as I don't finish til 7pm tomorrow.
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