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  1. If you look why the Cheltenham fans thought so highly of JDH the reason is he had a solid defensive midfielder(and captain) in Ben Tozer no doubt encouraging him. JDH is being asked to play in that position, which I'd say hasn't done much of before. Not really rocket science why he may be off the pace at times.
  2. IMO this would be a good game to revert to 4 4 2 with Tait and McGrath in middle with Durmus and Connolly as out and out wingers. I'm sure Flynn fitted in at fullback before and Fraser I'm sure can do other side. Kilmarnock know we got a soft midfield so why not try something a bit different.
  3. Wow!! It is a bit unusual for you...........only joking👍 What we are missing is say an Alan Power type player in middle, like what JG was and indeed I could see Tait being for next season. However I do think we need to go to a back 4 really. As good as Fraser is, he is a fullback and not a centre half. St Johnstone play 3 at back but they all centre halves and they all know what's required, rest of team buy into it too. All in its not been a bad season by any stretch of imagination although I'd say some on here prefer the hell of great escapes and relegation play offs, strange really. It's a building process and already looking forward to who we can bring in and towards next season.
  4. We need an enforcer in middle of park. To be fair I would like to see tait being given that for next season.
  5. Shiite!!!!! Too many ball watching. Why nobody will foul and take one for the team I don't know.
  6. Now that's a mad substitution. Would rather have had tait still on and pushed into central midfield
  7. Dennis is the better striker, more willing and links play better that Erwin
  8. As good as we have started we need a good experienced central midfielder to settle things down
  9. Does my head in! Media struggle to say anything positive about us, makes them ill to do so
  10. Yeah did see that 1st leg tho.
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