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  1. How the feck can Main and Brophy have knocks, not played for two weeks...
  2. It's a wee fanny, lonely wee fanny, attention seeking wee fanny, boring wee fanny....it's on ignore now as cannot be bothered with it any longer.
  3. Hes a nasty wee toolbag with shite replys....ruins every topic with his boring shit....
  4. Can u not just shut the fuk up ya wee fanny, like head lice, irritating as fuk....ur boring as fuk as well....
  5. Scooter, scooter, be my mate, ill suck up to u....
  6. Is that it ya wee fanny? You truly are a horrible little creature. See how long it takes you to come back with a cracker ya wee tit!
  7. U don't need to reply to be noticed its quite pathetic sad little man...
  8. If you don't like it you do not need to comment you vile nasty wee man...
  9. Hello all, club is looking for volunteers today to try help get Jota out of Ryan Strain back pocket. At present he is tightly wedged in with no luck so far. Heard it may be a while before he is removed!!!
  10. Ok hard-man...why don't u post a picture of yourself and tell us all ur name.....unless ur a shitebag...
  11. Give it a rest ya nasty wee man, try enjoy urself instead of the nonsence.
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