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  1. 255 “cases” in Scotland today and “Interim chief medical officer Dr Gregor Smith said the number of Covid cases was now doubling every 7 to 9 days in Scotland.” https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18736010.sturgeon-announce-further-urgent-action-covid-within-48-hours/ Here are the number of “cases” in Scotland over the past number of days: 19th - 222 18th - 256 17th - 264 16th - 280 15th - 238 14th - 186 13th - 178 12th - 213 10th - 216 9th - 231 https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/cases Either Dr Gregor Smith is innumerate or he is lying. I suspect it’s both.
  2. And then When he returned two months later with the same problems and rectal bleeding he was given more antibiotics and told he was unable to be referred to a hospital specialist “because of Covid-19”. but you missed this out because it doesn’t fit your agenda
  3. Carl Heneghan demonstrates that a third of supposedly Covid deaths in the last 6 weeks were not from covid https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/death-certificate-data-covid-19-as-the-underlying-cause-of-death/
  4. Another paper out which demonstrates that the policies that are currently being followed are actually increasing deaths. Abstract: Minimizing infections and deaths from COVID-19 are not the same thing. While society has some control on the final number of infected individuals through intervention and mitigation strategies, we have much greater control over the age-profile of the final cohort of infected individuals. By ignoring this distinction, strategies which focus on minimizing transmission rates to every extent possible in the entire population could increase deaths among all age groups. We argue for what we call the heterogeneous transmission thesis: in the response to a highly transmittable infectious disease with highly age-variable mortality rates, death rates (for all age groups) may be minimized by mitigation strategies which selectively reduce transmission rates in at-risk populations, while maintaining closer-to-normal transmission rates in low-risk populations. https://www.math.cmu.edu/~wes/covid.html
  5. Wealth of US billionaires grows by a third, all while millions around the world are dying and thrown into poverty Looks like the rich are eating the poor @Bud the Baker profits before people https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/sep/17/wealth-of-us-billionaires-rises-by-nearly-a-third-during-pandemic
  6. New paper out which demonstrates that social distancing can INCREASE the number of deaths https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsif.2018.0296
  7. Father-of-three, 38, given two years to live after lockdown restrictions delayed his cancer diagnosis https://inews.co.uk/news/father-terminal-coronavirus-delay-cancer-diagnosis-498126
  8. With @Cookie Monster urging the government to shut down the NHS again this winter, throw thousands of elderly people out of hospital to their deaths and destroy the livelihoods of millions - all because he likes to think he’s being virtuous - it good to see a more sensible narrative now hitting the BBC Its no surprise that callous fascists like @Cookie Monster want to shut down an alternative viewpoint. He’s previously threatened that he’d put me in hospital (he thinks he’s hard) and now he’s calling for me to be banned. Covid: Is it time we learnt to live with the virus? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54228649
  9. Causing 40,000 avoidable deaths in the U.K. and millions around the world can hardly be described as cautious. You are killing people, those deaths are on your hands.
  10. 😂😂😂 The irony is that the it’s the policies that you’ve supported that have caused 40,000 unavoidable deaths.
  11. Your conclusion is governed by your political and virtue signalling agenda.
  12. If cases double every day as per the red bars then we’re in trouble. But the red bars are made up. The blue bars - mainly made up of false positives - aren’t doubling every 7 days however.
  13. Whitty and Vallance said that if there are 50,000 cases a day, 200/day will die. That’s a Case Fatality Rate of 0.25%. CFR is usually 10 times higher than The Infection Fataloty Rate. So that means they think the IFR of Covid is ~0.025, about a quarter of the IFR of seasonal flu. And there won’t be 50,000 “cases” a day
  14. Letter been sent to Boris and his advisers from a string of credible scientists this morning, including Carl Henghan and Sunetra Gupta.
  15. Just watched Grant Shapps on Talk Radio from yesterday The interviewer asked him if there had been any discussion in cabinet about false positives. After twice attempting to answer the question with irrelevant replies he admits there hasn’t been. He’s then questioned about the false positive rate being around 1% and how this means that around 90% of Pillar 2 positives tests are actually false. Like the innumerate Matt Hancock and the innumerate @oaksoft he then goes on to say they a 1% false positive rate means that only 1 in every 10 positive tests is false. The interviewer tries to explain it to him but he fails to understand (like @oaksoft he doubles down on his error). Oh dear. And we’re about to get hit with a second lockdown on the back of this...
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