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  1. Czech Republic went into lockdown a week before the U.K. last year Now has the highest death rate in the world @DougJamie says it would all have been ok if we’d gone into lockdown last year a week earlier He’s not quite a useful idiot though. Just an idiot. @Bud the Baker was one of the middle class left’s useful idiots though he did their bidding at the expense of the working class and the vulnerable his virtue, their death
  2. I’d kick them both out today but good on the septic boys for the fireworks. f**k the royal family and f**k the middle class left lockdown
  3. County are 10 behind us, Killie are 11, they both have 12 left to play for and have already played each other so both could finish above us. United are already above us. Well are 2 behind us and still have United and Hamilton to play, win either of them and they could finish above us. If we lose all our games we could finish 11th but, as I already said, it won't happen like that. Teams have to play each other, you haven’t shown all the permutations here you imbecile. We’re already safe tit
  4. Mathematically we could still end up 11th Is it though? Show me your workings you fool 😜
  5. Without doing the calcs, I’m sure we’re already safe even if we lose all our remaining games
  6. Teams have to play each other so I don’t think 11th actually is a possibility
  7. Well done to the Celtic boys today setting off fireworks outside Parkhead during the 2 minutes silence. 😂
  8. He was ahead of his time in recognising something that isn’t a thing?
  9. I wonder if Harry is feeling a bit guilty now about his missus and him lying on Oprah. 😂
  10. There would have been less deaths if there had been no lockdowns. Lockdowns spared the middle class lefties and their useful idiots (you being a useful idiot) and killed the vulnerable.
  11. The vaccine did wonders for Phillip I see 😂
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