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  1. Who is your big team though? St Mirren or Arbroath?
  2. Fucking hell Let’s hope we get a days extra holiday to help make up for it
  3. Surely not FFS. The coronation will probably be on a Sat and may cause fixture cancellation Could cause fixture pile up chaos I’m just hoping parkrun isn’t cancelled this week
  4. Jeez, it’s all over the major channels Thankfully not e4 though so should be okay for Married At First Sight U.K. tonight
  5. Dunne and Fraser can’t play left wing back though and a defensive right footer covering left wing back is not ideal.
  6. I could easily run for 90 mins in that temperature - and at a faster overall pace that they guys playing couldn’t manage - and I’m in my 50s. They wouldn’t even come close to managing my fitness 😉
  7. Totally. But a right footed wing back playing in the left has the luxury of cutting in. I’ve been arguing for a long time that Tierney should be playing right wing back for Scotland With Hickey now playing on the right every week in England, it’ll be interesting to see what happens, especially with Patterson now first choice at Everton. Steve Clarke has a decision to make in that position…. and Tait shows the potential of an inverted wing back
  8. Been following the game from a roof top pool in Spain with a gorgeous blonde, drinking beer and showing off my 6 pack All statements true glorious
  9. Hope you’re parole officer doesn’t read this!
  10. Fuck me, it’s all part of the world going mad Dehydration my arse I’m sure everyone can manage a couple of hours without a drink ffs! As a runner, it reminds me of these fools you see running with a water bottle ! Clowns! Its a little known fact but nobody dies of dehydration during marathons. But folk *do* die of over hydration….. it’s a common occurrence. Folk overload on water before races for some bizarre reason. There is no “climate crisis”, it’s total bollocks!
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