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  1. Deary me This is the Guardian from back on 18th May Going to school and sitting exams has been feasible I’m the EU but this sociopath tells us it just wasn’t feasible in Scotland All while he enjoyed his full pay lockdown holiday. Totally selfish. Schools reopening has not triggered rise in Covid-19 cases, EU ministers told Twenty countries have ensured that pupils leaving secondary school have been able to take examinations albeit in amended formats. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/18/french-minister-tells-of-risks-of-missing-school-as-more-pupils-return-covid-19
  2. @bazil85 new paper from Loughborough University which concludes that over half the excess deaths during lockdown have been as a result of the unintended consequences of the lockdown policy itself rather than Covid. It states test the lockdown has increased mortality Yet more scientific evidence that lockdown has been lethal. https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=149097083081121104112089098121114091104014059082060018071002088023117019118119006064117119051059021051011087111011117012089025020070011051015028001000074029111127084042076098095005101099121087031084095119064126098026123012107022003095104123124126094&EXT=pdf
  3. Noticed this on the BBC: However, at the moment, there isn’t actually any legislation with regards to the Aberdeen lockdown. The police cannot explain legislation that does not exist. He talks about “breaching the regulations”. There are no regulations, only guidance. He talks about “enforcement”. You cannot enforce guidelines. The fact of the matter is that the Police going about doing minister’s bidding means we are in effect living in a police state. Its role of the police to enforce the law. If there is no law in place to enforce then the police have no part to play. The police cannot go about explaining guidelines. That is not their duty. And the guidelines are complete and utter nonsense. This country is now nothing more than a fascist dictatorship.
  4. And how does that help individuals whose education was unnecessarily cut short, denied the chance to sit exams and then had their grades arbitrarily downgraded, particularly if they come from a deprived background? Maybe if you’d paid attention at school you’d have come out with more than just D from Home Economics 😂
  5. The ludicrous Aberdeen lockdown is a tactic to divert attention away from the shameful downgrading of individual’s school results. Its an absolute outrage
  6. There was absolutely no need to close schools. The governments in Scotland and the U.K. have killed 000s by denying people access to the NHS, abandoned the elderly in care homes, destroyed people’s livelihoods and ruined the prospects of our children. Its a man made catastrophe.
  7. You’ve tied yourself up in knots with that reply, more or less ignoring what I said and making an irrelevant reply. One more time. The view I held at day 1 was that there wasn’t enough evidence to take the actions we were taking and the evidence that was there - from Italy, suggested that the actions we were taking were wrong. And all the evidence is now in. The pandemic is over. And it verifies that the actions we took were wrong.
  8. You choose to blindly believe what the government tells you I choose to look into it for myself and make up my own mind. There is a range of expert advice out there that contradicts the actions the government has taken. The Tory government takes expert advice for all the policies they enact. Do you agree with all policy decisions the Tory government take? I concluded that there wasn’t enough information to take the actions we were taking and that the negatives of those actions wouldn’t outweigh the positives. Now that all the data is in, the clear conclusion is that the actions taken were wrong and the negative consequences far outweigh positives ( and there are no positives).
  9. Are typos the best you’ve got? You’re very very stupid.
  10. Why ? They are being rigorously tested, it's not in Aberdeen and travel for work is not subject to the 5 mile rule A sensible post at long last
  11. NRS stats out at noon today. Only has a quick look 40 excess deaths in Scotland last week which is 4% above the 5 year average This compares with 161 LESS deaths than the average, ie 1.8% down in England. @TPAFKATS told us that excess deaths in England were “almost” 3 times higher in England than in Scotland. I’ve asked him several times for this data and the source. And I’m still waiting. There can only be 2 explanations. 1. He lied 2. He’s too scared to reveal the dada and sources because it’ll expose his stupidity @TPAFKATS always runs away from facts because it’ll expose his total lack of intelligence The NRS also declared 7 Covid deaths in Scotland. I wonder how that’s possible when the Scottish Government keep telling us it’s zero deaths in Scotland, eh @bazil85 Shockingly, the excess deaths in Scotland are still being driven by people dying at home because they can’t access the NHS We’ve “protected the NHS” by abandoning people to die at home and, earlier in the crisis, in care homes. Its an utter disgrace and something the smug, woke virtue signallers have turned a blind eye to throughout. They’ve sailed through the crisis on full pay at the expenses of other people’s lives and livelihoods.
  12. Locking down Aberdeen is crazy stuff. Looney tunes. We can even more of this when start ramping up the flu testing. We need to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed this winter after all. Coronavirus: New 90-minute tests for Covid-19 and flu 'hugely beneficial' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53632043
  13. Closing the schools unnecessarily, cutting children’s education short, not allowing them to sit exams and now arbitrarily downgrading individual’s results, particularly those from the more deprived areas. Yip, the Scottish government have played a blinder. I would say “you couldn’t make it up” but the sorry fact is that everything the Scottish government has done since the start of the crisis has been made up. And every single thing has made things considerably worse.
  14. Chat about whether lockdown has saved zero lives it a bit of a red herring anyway. If lockdown has saved anyone, will these be more than the number of collateral deaths caused so far and all the deaths still to come? Deaths caused by lockdown far far outweigh any lives saved ( and I think zero lives were saved anyway). And another point to it is that the average age at death was beyond life expectancy and the average person had 2 illnesses which were serious enough to go in the death certificate. NICE has a limit of £50,000 that it will pay for each quality year of life added. We don’t spend unlimited amounts of money to extend people’s lives. And I can’t believe that anyone would seriously argue that we should. If lockdown were to saved 10,000 quality added years of life then it will have come at a cost of £30 million for each of those years. In other words, we would value quality years of life added for someone with Covid 600 times more than we do any other illness. And that’s not right.
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