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  1. And a pint before getting on the train on the way home with a carry out fir the train, a pint when you get off the train and then a few cans when back home Ideal day out
  2. Glenvale’s next match is in 2 week’s time at McKenna Park against….. St Peter’s! unfortunately it clashes with Saints V Livi so I’ll miss it
  3. Just back from watching Glenvale beat 3rd placed Giffnock 4-3 to stay top of the league. 0-0 at half time, Giffnock went 2-0 up, Glenvale came back to lead 3-2, Giffnock equalised and then a late vale winner Saw Barry McLaughlin there. Rumour has it he’s going to Giffnock…
  4. Glenvale go top of the league with a 3-2 win at home to Newmains. Great game!
  5. £80k over 4 years at 5% Pa equates to circa £8k interest
  6. Going to Easter Road next Weds on the train for a few beers in Edinburgh. Looking at timings of trains home, could be an issue if game goes to extra penalty and penalties? Last train to Paisley is at 12.15. Need to get train from Waverley at 10.45 to make that. Taking into account walk to the station, extra time and pens would mean no chance of making the the 10.45? Either leave early or Saints fans fighting for taxis back to Paisley? Any thoughts?
  7. He left Morecambe without seeing through that project and with no transfer window!
  8. It’s the rest of the league that are currently subsidising OF. Without anyone to play, the OF would go out of business. The opposition aren’t getting paid their share of the money being made at Ibrox and Parkhead. No opposition, no money.
  9. Great start to the season for both St Peter’s and Glenvale, Thorn not far behind Goals galore too. Glenvale’s defence is dodgy though
  10. Superb! Lets remember he’s only 19 Fantastic signing, I knew Robo was waiting for him
  11. Josh Kerr beats Jabok Ingerbritsen in the 1500m World final tonight! With Jake Wightman winning last year, thats two Edinburgh AC 1500m World Champions in a row! superb stuff!
  12. Sweden didn’t lockdown and have had the least number of excess deaths in Europe Lockdowns have killed thousands in the U.K and millions worldwide, caused the cost of living crisis, destroyed the education of children, destroyed business, ruined lives, crippled the NHS, plunged millions into poverty worldwide, the rich have got richer and poor have got poorer. And all of this was for seen, I stated it would happen from the very beginning
  13. No plans for bank holiday if England win World Cup https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-66524191 😂
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