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  1. Says a tinfoil hat wearer
  2. The cumulative standardised mortality rate for 2021 is now 0.4% below the 2011-2020 average. And the 2011-2020 average is the lowest on record. Let that sink in. The mortality rate this year is lower than the last 10 years average which is the lowest on record. In the middle of a deadly pandemic https://www.actuaries.org.uk/system/files/field/document/Mortality-monitor-Q2-2021-v01-2021-07-13.pdf And this information is published weekly and is available with one click.
  3. These stats that keep getting bandied about showing the efficacy of the vaccine are amusing. What they don’t tell you in the MSM - but you can read in the studies themselves - is that someone only qualifies as “vaccinated” 3 weeks after they’ve had a dose. Someone who is within 3 weeks of a dose is “unvaccinated” And the vast majority of deaths and cases are folk who are within 3 weeks of vaccination This is the biggest health catastrophe in history and it’s entirely man made.
  4. Vaccine induced covid cases surge again
  5. Huge spikes in deaths and cases all over the world with the vaccine roll out. Its the greatest health disaster in history
  6. Influenza still kills tens of thousands in the U.K. every winter, despite vaccines. It’s clearly not less deadly. Weekly deaths in Scotland below.
  7. The vaccine impairs the immune system in the 2 weeks after its given. This is what is driving this current wave, despite it being summer. The vaccine is an unmitigated disaster
  8. New paper out which demonstrates that lockdowns *increased* excess mortality. https://www.nber.org/system/files/working_papers/w28930/w28930.pdf This will please @Bud the Baker as I know that large numbers of excess deaths is his favourite statistic His virtue, their deaths
  9. Now that we know that masks work, this is a great opportunity to solve the problem of clean drinking water in the third world. Just take any dirty water, pour it through a mask and hey presto, clear spring water ready to drink.
  10. 1,356 officially recorded deaths in the U.K. alone https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting It’s thought that only 5% of adverse events are actually reported. They attempt to brush it under the carpet by saying they were old, ill, vulnerable anyway and it’s just a coincidence that they died after getting the vaccine. Most of the excess deaths over the winter were vaccine deaths Pfizer set to make £100 billion from vaccines. The rich are well and truly eating the poor Its going to be the biggest scandal in history
  11. The vaccination programme has been a great success. Other than the tens of thousands who have died as a result, not to mention the huge number of injuries. Its the biggest health disaster in history
  12. So, expecting a striker to score a few goals is dated.... FFS 😂 The reason Brophy ended up at St Mirren and not someone bigger is because those bigger clubs also have dated views on what a striker should contribute 🤡
  13. I’d trade being Scottish Cup and League Cup holders for Kiltie or Middleton any day! you tool! 😜
  14. Stay out of all threads in fact 😂
  15. 😂 Translation - he’s a striker who doesn’t score many goals
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