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  1. Ach I know I’m prone to getting a bit over excited on match days but I usually return to my normal level headed self within a few hours. 🤣 Look, the point I’m making is that form by definition comes and goes. The bottom line is that they are the same team we’ve beaten twice and we are the same team that has beaten them twice. It could even be argued that if not on current form, then on personnel, we may even have a slightly better squad than we had before. Yeah let’s wait for Sunday. Cannae wait to gloat. 😘
  2. I know you were quoting Oaky here, but when I used the term “shitin ourselves” it was of course a bit of deliberate over exaggeration on my part (I’d suspect the same applies to Oaky’s post). However the point remains that a helluva lot of people seem to be both seriously overplaying Livi’s quality and underplaying our chances of winning the game.
  3. Cannae believe we’re all shitin it from Livi. A team we’ve beaten twice already this season are being made out to be Real Madrid. Is this what it’s come to? Bring them f**kin on I say.
  4. https://twitter.com/ScotlandSky/status/1351816738627874817?s=20
  5. Is this a whoosh or a sneaky attempt at a double whoosh.
  6. I agree with this post, but it’s important to remember that (albeit after significant provocation) Ricky very much “joined them” rather than beat them. He started sniping at every post by certain contributors and started referencing them in threads when they weren’t even involved. One side had to give up eventually and I agree in the end Ricky probably felt outnumbered.
  7. Out of curiosity, do all teams have similarly busy schedules. Just wondering if the authorities are trying to ensure the league gets to the magic 26 games as soon as possible?
  8. Using hyperbole in that context was nothing short of pure hyperbole. 😉
  9. It’s like he’s trying to create a siege mentality, but unfortunately no one is with him. If he is Davy Crockett, all his pals in the Alamo have f**ked off outside to join the Mexicans.
  10. The boy has lost the feckin plot. Time to go son before you humiliate yourself any more https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19019642.celtic-boss-neil-lennon-takes-aim-scottish-national-team-bizarre-conga-claim/
  11. Pretty much. Don’t recall us carving out a chance of any note at all.
  12. If Shinty pitches counted, Kyles Athletic would need to be right up there. It’s virtually in the watter.
  13. Interesting wee fact that it’s the highest football stadium in the Scottish League. I’d never have guessed that.
  14. I thought it was that one. Why were Spartans playing there. I’m asssuming the opposition wasn’t Airdrie.
  15. I know what you mean but I’m usually only critical of what is happening in the here and now i.e. during games. The other post of mine you quote was about the European place thing whi I’ve repeated here is fanciful. I know you didn’t say we can’t win but you accused Lenziebud of being blootered because he thinks we will, which is more or less the same thing is it not. I’m not saying Livi won’t be favourites so what the bookies think isn’t really relevant. Despite them being favourites I still think we will win this game. I’ve just got a good feeling about it. Feel free to quote this post next Sunday when we’re 4-0 down. 🤣
  16. I’m with Lenziebud on this one. It’s one thing spouting about fanciful European slots after a couple of decent performances, but Jesus Christ if we can’t go into a one off game against Livi thinking we will win, then we might as well chuck it. Sometimes Faraway, your level headed/devil’s advocate style definitely strays into glass half enpty territory.
  17. JDH injured. 😱 Suspended for next weekend anyway, so hopefully he recovers before the next league match.
  18. I’m sorry mate, I’m honestly not having a go at you specifically but I hate this type of naive view. We did not play well in the second half. We were as dreadful in the second half as we were in the first. The only difference was that after going one nil up and us going down to 10, St. Johnstone just gave us the ball to play with. Ordinarily you would say that was a dangerous game to play, but they were safe in the knowledge that we couldn’t lay a glove on them. We did absolutely nothing in the second half. Not once did we test Clark or make any sort of chance worthy of note. It was a horrendous performance and Elvis is bang on when he says if we play like that next week, Livingston will absolutely destroy us. Hopefully we will buck our ideas up.
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