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  1. It's actually from joint 3rd to joint 5th, not 4th. Pedant 🤣🤣
  2. I tells ye, some c**t on a steel drum ootside ma hotel windae is gonnae feel ma last second goal concession wrath in a minute if he doesnae put a sock in it. 🤬
  3. Ethan and O’Hara were the clear top performers tonight. A few other did well and a few were unremarkable. Don’t think anyone had a stinker.
  4. There it is in all its glory. Don’t come greetin tae me if ye don’t join in wi my Nostradamus like vision.
  5. Right. Thanks to an afternoon 2 pints of Caybrew and a bottle of Pinot Grigio, all negativity has been put behind me. Saturday’s predictions…. Buds to beat Currant Buns ***** beat County Hearts and Livi draw Killie beat Hibs Fakes draw with Motherwell United beat the Sheep. Buds go 3rd clear. Jobs a good un. In fact I’m puttin an acca on.
  6. Massive loss of 2 points there. Our December fixtures look horrendous. We’ll need to pick up a couple of pretty unlikely results to finish the year in any sort of comfortable position.
  7. The day I settle for a point at home to St. Johnstone is the day I give up supporting Saints.
  8. Oh shut up you daft prick. That was f**k all to do with the manager. The players on the park f**ked that right up. They were managing the game out just fine until they started kicking the ball away etc. The manager got his tactics spot on. He made the right substitutions to get us the lead and then made the right subs to shore up the game. It’s not his fault the players shat their pants again.
  9. Could that be any more us. Don’t anyone dare complain about the extra minute. if you can’t see the game out against 10 men it’s a disgrace.
  10. Just sent my Killie supporting mate a message saying “Would it make you feel any better if I told you Kiltie scored a lovely equaliser for us tonight?” 😀
  11. A goal for us and a goal for the currant buns would be just lovely. Still Cannae believe we didnae turn up against Killie. Threw 2 points away there.
  12. So what?? St. Johnstone got a penalty they deserved. What’s your problem?
  13. Hope there’s a fair few latecomers. Crowd looks absolutely shite at the moment.
  14. Oh and by the way….I’ve just dragged myself away from my hotel pool in Grand Cayman to watch this, so sparks might fly if it’s shite. 🤣
  15. Well………..I’m tryin ma best. 🤣 And that’s me afore a baw is kicked 🤣🤣 ETA - I think the “my arse” posts are justified and don’t constitute a rant. The other is slightly less defendable. 🤣
  16. So we don’t play one of our best players just in case he gets injured?? f**k that shit. Fitba is f**king f**ked.
  17. No Baccus at all?? If that’s because he’s being protected for the WC that’s a shocking decision
  18. I’ll have you know I’ve been very level headed this season. Well, by my standards anyway.
  19. Agreed. 👍 If we win 1-0 we’ll go 4th. If we win 12-0 we’ll go 3rd. There’s something to aim for. 😄 ETA - I’ll be raging if we only win 11-0.
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