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  1. Must admit it crossed my mind during the international break, seeing how shite RoI are that McGrath can’t be too far away from a call up.
  2. I would personally like Cove Rangers in the next round.
  3. C’mon!! Repeat after me..... I, Faraway Saint, an erstwhile decent chap of (relatively) sound mind, on 31 March in the year of our lord 2021, did without encouragement or provocation, chat a load of old bollocks on the football forum known as Blackandwhitearmy. I hereby humbly apologise for said pish talk and make an irrevocable pledge never to talk such unadulterated mince again. Then we can put and end to this sorry tale. 😄
  4. That seems to be a very long and unnecessary/unrelated response to a very small point which you seem to have completely and utterly missed. The stats I quoted were intended to make one point and one point only. That being that if he touched the ball 79 times during the match (more times than the other two midfielders) then it’s rather strange that you never noticed he was playing. Absolutely no requirement to be so defensive/argumentative. Oh and by the way, when did “Solid” and “tidy game” represent “Magnificent performance”.
  5. He had 79 touches with an 89% pass accuracy rate and was the third highest rated player behind Tierney and McGinn. You obviously weren’t paying much attention 😆
  6. Ha ha. I actually thought McLean had a really solid game. Very tidy the whole match.
  7. No don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating lumping it forward willy nilly. But there was literally umpteen times tonight when the wing back was on for a pass from the midfield, but instead they turned and passed it back to the defence. McGregor was absolutely criminal tonight for it. Any number of times Fraser was completely free on the right wing screaming for the ball. When I say we’re not direct enough I mean we don’t MOVE the ball forward enough, not LUMP it forward. We need to take more chances. Be more adventurous. Especially against a team like the Faroes. We take “patience” to an extreme.
  8. You’re right mate, it does, but there was also a visible lack of willingness to get forward at the end which was very frustrating.
  9. Ach it was ok. Much of it was very frustrating. We overplay far too much. If fitba was about making as many backwards passes in 90 minutes then we’d be world champions. Multiple subs aside we visibly stopped trying to get forward for pretty much all of the last 10 minutes. Still, all that said, suppose can’t grumble too much about a 4-0 win.
  10. I thought that. Took them in a 4 game acca which kicked off with Romania to beat Armenia 🙄p
  11. Ooops. A rather topical Freudian slip there mate. Apologies!!😆
  12. I was thinking Norman Tebbit but I suppose I shouldn’t make gender assumptions. 😄
  13. Think we could do with giving them a good trouncing. A boring 2-0 or something isn’t going to do much to lift spirits. Will be easier said than done though. Although they are obviously still one of the lower ranked teams, they are not the whipping boys they once were and we struggled enough times to beat them back then! That said, for all our trials and tribulations on their soil, we have pretty much always given them a good doing at home. Hopefully another tonight. Speaking of the Faroes, still remains one of my favourite ever Tartan Army trips. Talk about convoluted travel. Flight from Jersey to Gatwick. Car from Gatwick to Stansted. Flight from Stansted to Copenhagen. Overnight in Copenhagen. Flight from Copenhagen to Faroes. Bus and two boats from Airport to Torshavn. On match day it was a boat from Torshavn to Toftir for the game. Same return journey! Lovely people. Very friendly and a beautiful country. Like the Scottish Highlands meet the Norwegian fjords. Oh and as a side note, the day we played them was the same day as the League Cup tie at Cappielow when big Yards scored the mazy winner. We were getting updates through on the boat from Torshavn to Toftir on the way to the game. One of our group was a Morton fan. Oh what fun we had. But there the fun stopped. The boat docked on a wee slip like the one on the Largs to Cumbrae ferry. However, there was nae handy wee bus into Millport. Instead we had to scramble up a big steep hill to the....ahem.....stadium. It’s was hilarious. Pished up owners of kilts and bare arses careering down the hill at high speed having failed in their attempts to safely make it to the top. By the time we got into the stadium we were already a goal down. Just as we took our place they scored their second. Most of you will remember we came back to scramble a 2-2 draw. The headline in the Record the next day was “Faroes 2 Fairies 2”. Don’t suppose that would be allowed now. 😆 Apologies in advance for that self indulgent waffle.
  14. Ok I’ll confess you made me chuckle with this response. 😄 Although be careful, with patter like that you can’t complain if people call you a Tory! Think Salmondbuddie summed it up. If you think it’s a bribe you’re entitled to do so. I’ll choose to think it isn’t. I was also going to make the point that others have that I’m not sure how you can bribe someone who doesn’t have a vote. And as for children of the people who potentially are scroungers or layabouts (I suspect the numbers are far less than you indicate - would you think they are in numbers worth bribing in the context of a national vote?), wouldn’t you prefer they were given the best chance of not turning out like their parents? Oh......and scroungers in Jersey?? The very thought...
  15. I’m not changing anything, what I said is inextricably linked to what you said. Is it really too much to say, ok it’s not a bribe, it’s standard political fare in the lead up to an election. you do know it’s ok to be wrong sometimes don’t you?
  16. I believe that’s in tomorrow’s announcement. 👍
  17. Ah right, so it’s not that you think it’s a bribe, it’s that you think Scottish people are idiots and scroungers. That’ll be why you don’t want independence. Makes sense. I myself have a slightly higher opinion of the Scottish electorate.
  18. No I can’t. None of it is “free stuff”. It’s all being paid for one way or another.
  19. Are you at it? Seriously. Am I subject to the biggest munch in history here? How is it any different to offering a 1% tax cut or free higher education or free school meals?? I’m never gonnae live this down if you’re at the wind up here. Which let’s face it, you have to be.
  20. Yes that’s right. you do realise though that you don’t get to pick up your device on the way out of the polling station? It’s not a free gift. The taxpayer will still be paying for it. In other words, every political manifesto explains how a government intends to spend the taxpayers money. It’s not some new clever and whacky idea thought up by the SNP. You really aren’t that interested in politics right enough are you. C’mon......you can do it.......I know you’ve got it in you.....admit you’ve made an arse of this one.
  21. Aye Slarti, get that political atheist/latent BoJo lover telt!!😄
  22. No problem. The link will be at your local polling station on Election Day. Here to help 👍
  23. Not to mention the fact that the UK is a political union and the EU is an economic union, therefore two completely different things. Don’t think anyone would claim that the member states of the EU aren’t independent sovereign nations. Last time I looked France, Germany et al we’re still independent countries.
  24. I’ll send you a bag of wolf nipple chips and a couple of ocelot spleens.
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