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  1. Ah right, so it’s not that you think it’s a bribe, it’s that you think Scottish people are idiots and scroungers. That’ll be why you don’t want independence. Makes sense. I myself have a slightly higher opinion of the Scottish electorate.
  2. No I can’t. None of it is “free stuff”. It’s all being paid for one way or another.
  3. Are you at it? Seriously. Am I subject to the biggest munch in history here? How is it any different to offering a 1% tax cut or free higher education or free school meals?? I’m never gonnae live this down if you’re at the wind up here. Which let’s face it, you have to be.
  4. Yes that’s right. you do realise though that you don’t get to pick up your device on the way out of the polling station? It’s not a free gift. The taxpayer will still be paying for it. In other words, every political manifesto explains how a government intends to spend the taxpayers money. It’s not some new clever and whacky idea thought up by the SNP. You really aren’t that interested in politics right enough are you. C’mon......you can do it.......I know you’ve got it in you.....admit you’ve made an arse of this one.
  5. Aye Slarti, get that political atheist/latent BoJo lover telt!!😄
  6. No problem. The link will be at your local polling station on Election Day. Here to help 👍
  7. Not to mention the fact that the UK is a political union and the EU is an economic union, therefore two completely different things. Don’t think anyone would claim that the member states of the EU aren’t independent sovereign nations. Last time I looked France, Germany et al we’re still independent countries.
  8. I’ll send you a bag of wolf nipple chips and a couple of ocelot spleens.
  9. Ha ha. Aye. Their homeland being the United Great British Isles of Great Britain Sod Johnny Foreigner where’s my fried breakfast and roast dinner in Spain Kingdom.
  10. Ha ha. Priceless. By your logic every political party manifesto in history is bribery.
  11. It is now. Wouldn’t have said that if we’d won last night.
  12. I wouldn’t normally say this ahead of a game against Israel, but I think we will win tonight. I even think there is a small chance we might win reasonably comfortably. Particularly IF we can get off the mark quite early. I’m basing this on the hope that after so many games, Clarke will have worked out how to beat a team that with the best will in the world we ought to be beating. This and the fact that I feel we not only have some really good players now, but more importantly on form good players. Here’s hoping.
  13. I think Ireland are just going through a phase now like the one we went through when Broon handed over to Berti. Any decent players they have are getting over the hill and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of young talent coming through. They certainly don’t seem to have a McFadden or a Fletcher like we did to give at least some level of optimism.
  14. Yup. I’m all for the general principle of VAR and I definitely think it should be used. My only issue with it is the WAY it’s being used. I think there needs to be some rule changes to get rid of some of the more “harsh” decisions. The first change I’d make is going back to the concept of there having to be clear daylight between an attacker and defender for offside to be given.
  15. What a load of complete and utter, unadulterated yoon f**king bollocks. I’d love to have skilfully, forensically and articulately taken this post apart, but it is such raging, spiteful, jealous guff that I can’t even be bothered.
  16. Tell ye what FS, when I have my own company and I’m recruiting for the post of “Head of people who say they don’t give a shit, but act like they give plenty of shits”, I will hastily be seeking your CV 😆
  17. Yes I think it’s more of a bogey team scenario. They don’t take tankings but most other team of our standing seem to be able to take care of them (with one or two odd exceptions). Their style of play doesn’t suit us at all. They get men behind the ball and make it difficult and we perennially struggle to break teams like that. What they also have though (unlike most of the other “smaller” teams) is a couple of players who can really hurt you on the break. In most of the games against them that we have struggled in, we have pretty much dominated the game only to get rope a doped at some point. Scott McTominay’s post match interview said it all.
  18. Hard to see anything other than comfortable wins for Denmark and Austria. We really need a win on Sunday though. As much as I was a wee bit disappointed with a draw last night, not losing was massive. As I think it was FS said earlier, that really could’ve spelled party over after the first game (daft as that sounds).
  19. Austria lost 4-2 in Israel pretty recently. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for them to drop points there. But yes, you’re right that after tonight’s result we need to win on Sunday.
  20. Aye I think Davie Marshall would hold his hand up for the first goal. An uncharacteristic error from him. As for the slow defending, I feel a wee bit sorry for Jack Hendry as it looks like he was the one slow to react, but if you look at the replay it was O’Donnell who was marking the scorer and lost him. Either way I don’t think you could really blame any defender for not expecting a quality keeper like Marshall to just pat it out to the attacker.
  21. Well, that was a reasonably entertaining second half. What the actual f**k was that penalty decision all about??? Seems mental to bemoan a draw when you’re 1-2 down with 5 minutes to go, but that does have the feel of an opportunity missed tonight.
  22. Definitely there for the taking. We have been average and I expected Austria to be a lot better than they have so far. Anybody’s game...............or nobody’s game.
  23. I’m quite happy with that line up. Can’t think of any position where I’d be shouting I’d rather have him than him. As decent as O’Donnell has been for Scotland in recent games, I still think right back is our weak link. For the Faroes game or one of the so called easier games, I’d like to see Armstrong tried at right wing back if we’re still playing 3 at the back.
  24. Lovely goal by Denmark against Israel. They are going to take a lot of beating.
  25. That is a very tempting price on Scotland. I know fine well Austria are a decent side, but they’re not elite. Scotland have been decent enough recently too though. I was expecting much more even odds than that. Maybe Austria slight favourites even. I’ll maybe stick us on as part of a wee treble.
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