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  1. I think I’m sitting somewhere in between the “knickerwetters” And the “irresponsible twats”. Im pretty much observing all the things we’re being told to do, but I am not scared in the slightest (and I’m normally a bit of a woos when it comes to health anxiety). I’m not sure why that is but I’m not fretting at all. Maybe I should be fretting more. I don’t know, but I guess you can’t make yourself worry about something. If I’m worried about anything, it’s more the impact all of this will have on our lives, rather than suffering from or worse dying from the virus. Similarly, whilst I completely understand and agree with the rationale and ultimate goal of the actions that everyone is being asked to take, I do have some sympathy for the argument that the measures are maybe a little excessive and the ultimate damage that will be done to everyone’s lives as a consequence may not be commensurate with the risk at hand. Who knows? Answer = Nobody. I guess we’ll just all need to ride it out and at the end of it all, make our own minds up as to whether the ends justified the means.
  2. Don’t know if this one has been done on here before, but even if it has, in these bored to tears times it’s worth another run. I’ll kick things off with one of the songs I picked on the other thread. Superb intro.
  3. I believe - REM There is a light that never goes out - The Smiths Love will tear us apart - Joy Division Ceremony - New Order Not nineteen forever - The Courteeners. Mr. Brightside - The Killers Inbetween Days - The Cure Dancing Queen - ABBA.
  4. Exactly. An even clearer example is the very one being discussed. 3 points ahead of Hearts before kick off, so the potential swing is level on points or 6 points ahead. It’s no really rocket science is it, and as you say, not one single person claiming you can get 6 points for a win.
  5. FFS don’t be giving that baw heidit swine Faraway anything tae boast aboot. 😃 Anyway, Ahve had two wee ribbon posts in the last few days. It’s aw me.
  6. Work wise I’ve been working from home for the last two weeks and the wife for the last week. Miracle number one is that we haven’t ripped each other’s heads off yet. My employer (a bank) has now told everyone who has remote access to work from home so looks like I’m stuck here for a while. I can work from home fine with the only obvious thing I can’t do being face to face client meetings. Socially, we were supposed to be flying out to Buenos Aires for 6 nights on Thursday just past. Had been looking forward to it so much but is what it is I suppose. We got full refunds on our flights and hotel so could’ve been worse. Supposed to be doing the West Highland Way for the 4th time at the beginning of May. Not really sure how that one will play out. Won’t I suppose if I can’t get off this effin rock. End of May booked for New York. That looks f**ked as well I suppose. What I shite year this is going to be for everyone. On the upside, oor pubs aren’t shut yet, so we’re going down tonight for dinner while we still can. Only a matter of time till they shut. Yours sincerely, The Reverend I.M. Jolly.
  7. I agree. In fairness though, I never asked to be tested. I was told I had to be because I’d been to France. The cough I had (still have actually) was probably the worst I ever had, but I had none of the other symptoms. I never really thought I had it, but because people were saying that the severity of the symptoms varied massively, I thought you never know. As of yesterday, there had still only been 300 odd people tested in Jersey with 12 cases diagnosed, so no massive strain on the health service here yet.
  8. Aye. I got positive result on my ripped my tights test though!
  9. Aw ffs!! Over the last few days I thought this crisis had brought back the old nostalgic, Saints loving Shull. Now the miserable boring auld f**ker has returned. 😩
  10. Got my test results back yesterday. Negative. Not sure how to feel about that?? I’ve no got coronavirus - yaaaaaay! I can still get coronavirus - boooooo!
  11. Was there criteria of how far you had to be flung to be a fud of that description?
  12. Couldn’t even contemplate that now. Another thing is that I was attending away games on supporters buses with my mates from as young as 11. I’m pretty sure parents these days would never allow that. It wasn’t bad parenting or anything, it was just different times. I think as kids we were so much more “streetwise” and independent than kids are these days. I remember one away game at Fir Park. We lost 1-0 (memory tells me Gregor Stevens May have scored their goal). It was bedlam inside the stadium and out. I remember at the final whistle I nearly got trampled to death by the Saints crowd in their rush to get out the ground for a square go. Fortunately some random man hauled me up by my collar and saw me alright. From memory me and my mate had to walk through a park or some woods to get back to the bus and a big guy from our bus (Tudor) called Mack (long hair and always bedecked in a long leather coat) was punching seven bells out of some (I presume) Motherwell fan in the woods. Either that or he’d just fallen out with his pal 🤣
  13. At it’s peak, which I’m guessing would’ve been around the 77-82 period, how many Saints buses do we think were leaving the Paisley area for away games?
  14. I went on The Rosebud bus a few times in the early 80s. Interesting bunch of chaps on that bus. 🤣 Crackin laugh anytime I went on the bus. My most regularly used bus was the one Tosh used to organise from the Tudor. Also used the Bridge St. and Court Bar buses a few times.
  15. Negotiating the bridge at Easter Road post match on any occasion was a “story” in itself. A truly terrifying experience as a teenager. I’ve been back to ER twice in recent times for the first and second times since about 1985/86. It was a weird feeling that it was no longer a scary place. Coming out of the most recent game, there was a small group of young Buds walking up ER singing, “Jack Ross is shaggin Stevie Mallan’s burd”. Jimmy H and I commented to each other that it was changed days and you’d never have done that in the 70s or 80s. It was very much scarf tucked away, Heid doon and get out of Dodge.
  16. f**ksake Balfy! How could I have forgotten you in the folk I know list.
  17. Ah. Didnae realise you were Chingford. I mind chatting to you back then about a pub in Chingford. The Thomas A’Beckett or something. I’ve got friends that live in Chingford. Bill Lees. Blimey! There was a man that could post. Do you think he got old and became Ricky 🤣
  18. God damn it! I’m kind of starting to believe you. But wait a minute, are you saying that Stubbs2018 came after Shetland? Coz Shetland was DEFINITELY you.
  19. And to think you were being so convivial last night. 😃
  20. My bro in law is either 57 or 58 I think. Must ask if he knows him.
  21. FTFY 😉 Check me out. This Coronavirus must be adding my brain. Look at me tolerating you. I suppose ye’ve got tae take what ye can get at this time of night!
  22. Posting on here (or its predecessor since 2000. Posting on the TAMB since 2000. People put on ignore during that time = 0 NOT EVEN YOU!! 😄
  23. When did I get promoted? I don’t usually feature in your village idiot list?
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