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  1. Historically he definitely was much maligned but I think he is much less much maligned 😄 (if ye know what I mean). I think folk are coming round to the idea that he’s turned into a pretty good defender. He also has fantastic pace.
  2. Hopefully he’ll get a chance in their game against Lithuania.
  3. I’m a big fan of the truth too Antrin and what you say in undoubtedly the truth. However, the problem is it’s now people like you who demand the truth to be heard that are deemed to be the “idiots” in the eyes of the masses Unfortunately, that is also a truth and I actually don’t think it does annoy or upset the bigots any more. They just think you’re bigoted because you can’t accept the generally accepted “truth”. By the way, what’s Jimmy H got to do with it? 😀
  4. Antrin, this is not good for your health. Despite all of the above being factually correct, the world has moved on and the world has decreed that they are (in a footballing sense) the same Rangers. They still play at Ibrox, they still play in the same colours, their honours are still preserved by the SFA, the SPFL, UEFA etc. The history books say they have won 55 titles, not 1. You need to let it go Buddie or it'll eat you up. 😘
  5. Ricky, the tweet is accurate. I think the point being made, is that Rangers (or The Rangers depending on your point of view) lost to Zenit in the final of the UEFA Cup, not The Europa League.
  6. Aye….ah did. Although I will give an honourable mention to your splendid rendition of Down in the Tube Station at Midnight.
  7. Nah I think we’d be f**ked on GD if we only got a draw off Rangers, unless of course there was a monumental GD swing.
  8. I suppose it might be helpful that two of our rivals have derby matches in their last two games. Hopefully Hearts should beat Hibs and if Dundee are ever going to win a game it might be in a derby match against United. One simple fact I think I have worked out is that if Hibs and Livi both win their next match, we’re f**ked unless we beat Rangers
  9. I was kinda hoping that some smart arse with too much time on their hands and who is much less lazy than me would have examined the last two sets of fixtures and come up with likely outcomes. I demand to know why this hasn’t happened yet. If I I have to do it myself there will be trouble I tells ye.
  10. 🤣 So take away the goals scored by a midfielder who’s job (or at least part of) is to score goals and take away the saves made by a goalie who’s job it is to make saves. 🤣🤣 Absolutely priceless.
  11. The only abuse I directed on Saturday was toward Curtis Main. Not as usual for solely being shite, but particularly for being a lazy c**t. The guy is a complete waste of a shirt. At least Lee Erwin tried. Fortunately though, you will all be pleased to hear that my heckling did not adversely affect my singing voice and I was still able to rock the karaoke mic in the Club Bar all night. 👍
  12. Not saying I agree with the decision to give them 2 stands, but why is this news? Hasn't the club already said this would be happening for all of this season?
  13. Ball bearing schmall bearing. Never seen a steely in a drawer in ma 40 year office working puff.
  14. I think you’ll find that every office has considerably more wheels than doors. Think of every single drawer in every desk for a start. The answer to this question is wheels and I reckon it wouldn’t even be close.
  15. Jimmy H and I up for this one on Saturday. Looking forward to the game and a wee night in Paisley. If any of the reprobates on here that know us fancy a beer pre or post match, drop me a PM. Speaking of reprobates that know us, where has @Balfy been recently??
  16. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a hissy fit. I thought I was a huffy wee wean when we lose. There is literally not one part of that girly rant that I agree with.
  17. Just occurred to me that today’s game is a repeat of the very last game I went to before moving to Jersey. 9th March 1986. Scottish Cup quarter final at Tynecastle. Drove to Jersey the following Saturday. I will be hoping for a better outcome. Campbell Money got carried off after about 15 minutes in the days before sub goalies. We got gubbed 4-1.
  18. Indeed. Although he ought to analyse his grammar too. ”Them 2 sitters”. Tsk tsk.
  19. Agree there was definitely 2 that fitted into the absolute sitter category and probably another two that were in the good chance category. Dundee didn’t have any sitters as such but they probably had about 4 or 5 very good chances/openings.
  20. Hmmmm. Dundee didn’t hurt us because they are even worse at getting on the end of things than us. There were a fair few occasions where they fizzed the ball across our goal with no end product. Doesn’t mean we necessarily defended well.
  21. Hmmm. I’m not going to change my view because he scored. I thought Ronan was pretty pish tonight. If I had to pick our best player tonight I’d have to go for Brophy. Jones and Tanser were dreadful. Tait Gogic and Power were on the pish side. The rest were either ok or unremarkable.
  22. Just saw on the Sky stats that Ronan got booked for “excessive celebration”. I missed that because I was too busy runnin roon ma kitchen squealin like a big lassie. What did he do?
  23. Absolutely this. We got right out of jail there after a woeful performance. Hopefully that just inject a wee bit of renewed confidence and we get a wee lift performance wise on Saturday.
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