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  1. And the award for excruciatingly sanctimonious and patronising post of the century goes to..... Do you think you’re preaching to a bunch of primary school kids? Sorry Oaky but that post is pure cringe. 99% of the posters on here don’t need your unique brand of “education” thank you very much.
  2. Like I said, I’m a stickler for the facts. 🤣
  3. I’m with St. Lucifer on this one. Support the spirit of the OP’s comments, but cannot agree she’s a talented presenter. On the contrary I think she’s a dreadful presenter. You could see big Gary Peebles was cringing for her at times on last Wednesday. Same with Campbell Money the previous week. She regularly forgets players names and makes comments that show she hasn’t got a clue what she’s on about. All that said, I do appreciated this is St. Mirren TV we’re talking about so I’m no expecting Jeff Stelling or Des Lynam, but by Christ she’s not good. My favourite club TV presenter of the ones I’ve seen is the wee teuchter guy that hosts DUTV. He was good.
  4. I didn’t think God was Shull. I thought he was Cap’n, Wendy, Hiram etc.
  5. Yes but you said we would need to beat Hamilton. We wouldn’t. A draw could be enough depending on GD. I’m being pedantic I know, but I’m a stickler for the facts. 😘
  6. There was talk of Rangers being able to win the league against us on Saturday, but by my calculations they can’t. Even if they beat Livi on Wednesday and us on Saturday, they can’t win the league until Celtic have played and lost and Celtic don’t play until the Sunday. Agreed?
  7. In any case, Accies and Rangers victories would certainly be most welcome on Wednesday night.
  8. Well if St. Johnstone aren’t going to win all three, why would we definitely need to beat Accies?
  9. I think on reflection I’d rather we achieved top 6 this season by any means, if the alternative is simply to learn our lessons and try again next year as you suggest.
  10. I can see them winning all 3 to be honest. In which case we’ll need to beat Accies and hope our GD is better...............unless we can get something at Ibrox.
  11. Historically there have been a lot of complaints on here about JG and previous managers allegedly sending teams out at Ibrox with a view to simply not getting pumped ie. showing little change in ambition even after going a goal down. I’d almost always be in the category of I’d rather we got pumped having a go, than lose 1-0 sitting back. However, given how the land lies at the moment and the very real prospect of GD potentially deciding our top 6 status, is this one occasion where this approach would by acceptable? To be clear, I’m not promoting it, just putting the question out there.
  12. Was out yesterday so only just got round to watching the whole game off Alba. Unless I missed it, I can’t believe no one mentioned the nailed on penalty on Shaughnessy in the first half. Absolute stonewaller. I definitely feel less lucky about the soft penalty we did get having seen that.
  13. Whilst your scenario would probably play out 9/10 times, I would remind you that they scored first and early in the cup game. 👍
  14. Aye, in fairness to Ronnie (who let’s face it is usually a glass half empty kinda guy on here), I think all he’s saying is that it’s unlikely we’ll get anything from those games and history/stats would suggest that’s probably a fair statement. I’m with FS in our best chance of post split points being against Livi and Aberdeen. Hibs will depend as much on what Hibs team turns up on the day as they are very inconsistent. We obviously have a chance against them. Celtic and Rangers I think we can all accept will be unlikely although of course not impossible. All that said......let’s just secure the top 6 slot first!!
  15. Doesn’t European football pretty much pay for itself these days with the prize money even if you get punted out in the early rounds?
  16. Just to clear, because I’m not sure, are you calling ME a “rabid nationalist”?
  17. That my friend, is a really, really weak response.
  18. Yes that right Antrin. She makes her “mistakes” on National prime time television news and then apologises on Twitter. Nice. ETA- and how can that be described as a mistake. I once made a mistake when I was about 5 when I told my mother I hadn’t nicked one of the meter shillings off the mantelpiece and bought sweets. Oh no, wait a minute, that wasn’t as mistake, it was just a lie that I told to suit my own agenda.
  19. More stunningly unbiased reporting from our beloved broadcaster. Absolute f**kin state of this. This is a perfect example of why I simply won’t be able to get as emotionally invested in a second referendum as I did the first.
  20. All joking aside, they’d only be 4 points behind us today if we lost and I’m not banking on that happening. Even if it did, they’d need to win their two remaining games and we’d need to lose both ours. Cannae see that happening. Ergo, no fussed who wins that game today.
  21. What? What? You mean you don’t want us to catch Hibs???
  22. Apart from the bottom 2 being home wins, I’m not really arsed about the other two.
  23. Nice one Munoz. That really made me chuckle. 🤣
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