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  1. You’re just being silly with the England game prediction. 😁 There’s no way they’ll score 13 against us.
  2. Scotland 1 Czech Rep 0 England 2 Scotland 1 Scotland 1 Croatia 1 Ever the optimist.
  3. Good old Elvis. I love that never say die attitude. 🤣
  4. That’s a reasonably tough wee draw that. Hope the Pars and Jags matches are at home.
  5. Oi, stop bigging yourself up! It wasn’t just a spelling error. It was also (and arguably more importantly) a grammatical error!😀
  6. Could be.......... ....but I doubt it. 😌
  7. McTominay on the other hand was comfortably their best player. A good sign for the Euros.
  8. I don’t disagree with a single thing you say above mate, but my view remains that he is nowt special. I’m not saying that I know of someone better to take his slot in the Scotland squad. I’m saying that if there isn’t anyone better, then it’s a bit of an indictment of the level of talent in that position at the moment. Like you say though, hopefully he will continue to improve.
  9. I was just about to break ranks and then saw you had beaten me to it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with all the bollocks that GoW spouts, but for the most part I don’t really see what everyone else seems to see. For me he’s nothing more than a decent young player and I’d say it must be a bit of an indictment of the level of talent at U21 level in Scotland if Ethan has been called up. As others have said though, fair play tae the lad and hope it’s a good experience for him. If it helps improve him, then that can only be to our (and obviously his) benefit.
  10. I though Gordon McQueen was injured for the 78 World Cup??
  11. Killie have been absolutely dreadful in both games, but I don’t think that should detract from how good Dundee have been. Played some great stuff.
  12. Killie gettin another Shooin 🤣
  13. Was my birthday yesterday and my eldest daughter bought me this. Well chuffed with it. Anyone else had good Saints related presents.
  14. Said exactly the same thing yesterday. He is very wooden. Much better as a pundit.
  15. Could Hibs fans not have said that about Kevin Nisbet? They signed Nesbit from a Championship team and Magennis from a Premiership team. I bet I know which one they are more glad they signed. Unless of course you are claiming to have in-depth knowledge of this particular player and don’t think he’s good enough, in which case I’d defer to your better knowledge.
  16. When I saw that JG was present at a recent Fife derby, I asked my Rovers supporting mate who he might be looking at. Regan Hendry was the name he mentioned. Apparently been a standout for Rovers.
  17. Very disappointing to see Killie get such an undeserved and lucky goal back, but Dundee still in the driving seat. Hopefully they won’t regret that goal or some of their own misses? Dundee visibly went backwards when they brought Sow on. He is absolutely shite.
  18. Why is Keith Flint in the picture? 😃
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