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  1. Been thinking long and hard about this. I'll freely admit I still have my reservations about the long term viability of the scheme. Maybe I'm just being too cautious and a bit feart of the unknown but overall, I'd rather have a say in the future of our glorious club and be a part of something that is potentially very, very exciting. Signed.
  2. Some cracking beers sampled today. ☺
  3. Sad news indeed. Shared some quality banter over the years and he always came across as a good and genuine fella. As someone else said, he seemed the type of guy it would be good to share a pint with. RIP Tom.
  4. Thanks Bud. A very busy wee day today. Caught us by surprise a bit and I'm knackered now....
  5. Don't believe that for a second. I was chatting to Thommo last week and he came across (again) as a passionate Buddie. I'm sure he has a wee soft spot for the ex-football plc, but in exactly the same way as he has a wee soft spot for Dundee United, Burnley (probably more so given the play-off win) and Cardiff....
  6. Good to see FTOF popping out to Bernie's earlier. Cheers!
  7. Really enjoyed that. The big thing for me was that so many of the squad had, for me, their best games for us so far. Baird, Webster, Watson, Irvine, Shankland, Quinn and Cooper. Lovely to finally see a bit of dig as well.
  8. Gig free until May now, then off to see Minor Victories at the art school. Really looking forward to this one. Never seen a gig at the art school before and a collaboration between three of my favourite bands (Mogwai, Slowdive and Editors) just has to be brilliant.
  9. Herbie


    I only have two. The bloke who stood in for Mogwai's drummer on their Canadian tour and hung a Saints scarf off his drum kit. And Davej.....
  10. There's no doubt there is a talent in there somewhere but it just doesn't show itself often enough for me to put him in the same category as McGinn or McLean. Wee Stevie frustrates the hell out of me with his drifting in and out of games. I see him in the same kind of mould as Burton O'Brien, rather than a Kenny McLean and will be delighted if we can command a stupid fee for him. For £200k I'd bite someone's arm off.
  11. The Glenleven in Kilbarchan. Though I believe it's being sold in the next week or so.
  12. Wedding Present were superb. Think you're being a bit harsh on the Stuffies though I'll grant you the sound was gash to start with and Miles is a total nob. That violinist though......ooft!
  13. Can't do a winking smiley on my phone by the way....sarky bastard. :-)
  14. Watch your back David boy...
  15. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    Disagree David. Live music venues are a different proposition as they bring in loads of visitors to the town in a way that most shops don't. That said, I firmly believe (from experience) that the business rates should be reduced across the board, but that's a different argument.
  16. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    The Arts Centre is a washout. Is the bar even still open? Hopeless for live music as well. Total waste of what could be an excellent facility for theatre productions.
  17. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    Reduced rates? Help with advertising? Marketing people helping to attract bigger bands to the the venue?
  18. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    Going by their Facebook posts, it seems to be a money thing....
  19. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    No, but I do think they should offer some sort of support to ensure that live bands still have a half decent venue to perform in.
  20. Baird was (slightly) pushed in the back just before his awfull header to Clangers. Very clever foul by their player. No excuses though. That was brutal. We have no midfield whatsoever. At the risk of sounding like Shull, we need a massive clear out. I'd keep Watson and McAllister. The rest can start looking elsewhere now. Not good enough.
  21. Herbie

    Paisley Pubs

    As the only real live venue in town, the council should be stepping in to help out IMO. Another nail in Paisley's coffin.
  22. I know this is a long shot as most in this thread seem to have a modicum of musical taste, but I have two tickets for Coloursfest at Braehell for sale. Face value is £40 each. Will sell for £60 for the pair if anyone's interested. PM me if you fancy them. By the way, SLF were feckin amazing, although getting a cuddle from a sweaty, topless Zippy is a memory I will never shake.......
  23. Off to see the mighty SLF on Thursday, then the Wonder Stuff and The Wedding Present next week. Strummer, check out Ticketmaster. I missed out on tickets originally too but some got sent back and I managed to get a pair online.
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