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  1. Any time I watched Marwood the word that sprang to mind for me was FRAUD! Just looked like a kiddy on footballer to me. Nowhere near good enough.
  2. It's a bit rich asking him to break down his figure after that load of waffle and conjecture.
  3. So are most of the names we are being linked with. (Excluding the unrealistic ones). Doesn't mean he couldn't do a job for us. He just strikes me as someone who would come in and try to change the survival is good enough attitude that hangs over us.
  4. I would love to see Kenny McDowall get a crack. I remember hearing Gilmour enquired before Danny Lennon got the job and was told he earns 250k at Ibrox.
  5. Why is he a knob or why is it an ambitious move?
  6. He might well be a knob, but could he do a job for us? I think John Collins would be an ambitious move by the board.
  7. I had a pretty good view of Goodwin's initial booking and I thought he was luck to get only a yellow. McGinn was absolute class today. He might not be quite as good technically as some of the United lads but the lad will make himself rich through the game,that's for sure.
  8. The best and most earnest Cricket thread. Shaping up to be a fine Test.
  9. This is the original and best.
  10. I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear I have to disagree with you on this one. Also I don't accept Kayal was abused in any way, shape or form.
  11. Explain how the comment was racist. If it was a racist he would have been prosecuted. And rightly so.
  12. We're not talking about acts of civil disobedience or disruptions to a match though are we? We're talking about a man making a statement in a football match. It's an issue of free speech. Would you be happy for someone who shouted "better together" or "vote yes" at a football match to be arrested?
  13. In answer to your question I would say yes. I believe you should be able to say what you like where you like short of making threats or inciting violence. If Rangers fans want to sing the Billy Boys let them. If Celtic Fans want to sing songs Glorifying the IRA let them. As a human being I have the power to ignore anything said or shouted I don't agree with. For the record I don't agree with what the gentleman on this occasion shouted and I wouldn't go to a football match to make a statement like this myself. I just find it abhorrent that a man was taken to the brink of criminalisation for speaking a sentence like this.
  14. So your saying the crowd at a football match collectively decides the things that can and cant be spoken about at the game? How does this work then?
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