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  1. I've signed up. Finally been won over.
  2. Solid player at this level, plenty of experience & filling a position we often ignore. Welcome aboard, Ben!
  3. Well thought of at Ross County, can't see him signing and dropping a division unless he wants to be closer to home..
  4. Is there any evidence of Rangers players being attacked? Rangers fans occupied more than half of the stadium, it would be hard not to celebrate in front of them if you're on the pitch. IF turns out to be true that Rangers players were attacked, then I'll happily accept that I am wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating on the pitch, particularly after winning your first trophy in 100+ years.
  5. What's the problem? I know I'd be invading the pitch if we hadn't won the cup for 114 years. The only problem is when the Rangers fans join in absolutely seething from losing a last minute goal..
  6. Might be alright with a decent pre season, won't be first choice I wouldn't imagine.. Welcome back, David!!
  7. Strange seeing David Barron appearing for Stranraer today..
  8. Did anyone from SMISA ever Google 'Buy The Buds' before setting up the campaign?
  9. Versatile and solid, plenty room for development too. Good decision.
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