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  1. Ye know what is really scaring me at the moment?.........and can see it....if the mob down the water get a run going.Picture it....play-offs...us v them...and them relegating us to go up! These are the bad times.....but we've been through them before...S.M.T.I.D.
  2. coconut dug time's approaching

  3. Aye for "one night only" if the same clients that haunted dezarous(sp) make an appearance
  4. we got away with that today....we really did

  5. Django Reinhardt.....nuages....the guy was a f**king marvel
  6. Someone take the big spoon fae John please
  7. long as ye dont bust the bin bags matey its aw good lol

  8. does my new top need ironed...Hmmm

  9. Should that not be Frank Zappa =Willie the Pimp?....BP have bid for his knicker collection to plug the oil leak! Tunewise The Cramps-Greenfuz
  10. Gretsch......the King of geetars

  11. Considerin Ikea ramorra.....man....am gettin proper auld

  12. Electronic-Get the Message.....Choon
  13. The Smiths-I wont share you great tune
  14. King Kurt_Gather your Limbs.....which has a good version of oh when the saints done rockabilly style in it,as those of a certain age will know
  15. The Wedding Present....Getting Nowhere Fast. Great tune......kinda sums up my life in a nutshell though
  16. FAO The Ginger Piper........COLDPLAY........that is all
  17. Totally gutted .....was with Wullie in the pub when we heard the news...so so sad.Derek was a top guy and Saints all the way through.To say the lads were stunned by this news is an understatement.Had many a good laugh with Derek at the games,home and away and he always managed to put a smile on your face with his patter.Rest in peace buddie...you will always be remembered and will be sadly missed.
  18. Peter Cushing did a decent job in the Hammer version of The Hound of the Baskervilles Jeremy Brett was magic too....although by the look of his eyeballs I think he took the method acting a bit too far! Seem to mind a film called Young Sherlock too...forget who played him...but it was utter gash.
  19. Belter He's laughin about it now...but come January that'll be his transfer budget fecked
  20. Indeed.....but she who wears the breeks in the family confirmed it.
  21. Aye but Haddows are giving their long serving employees early retirement....and the packages are absolute gash....I have it on good authority.
  22. Toys R Us are doing a sale oan Star Wars goodies......a chibbed up lightsabre duel would be epic. No doubt they'll call enviromental health next to complain about a giant invisible bee disturbing their peace
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