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  1. Bus this Wednesday for Perth 5.15 and £6 as before I'd imagine. COYS
  2. Bus for Perth 12.45, £6. The Great Escape 2 is under way!
  3. Bus for Tynecastle leaves the Sneddon at 1pm. Tickets behind bar of The Brewer's Tap £7 Aberdeen was guid. Let's hope it continues OKBAWA!
  4. Better late than never... Bus for Aberdeen 9.30 tickets £12 behind bar as usual. Fair looking forward to the wee couple of hrs in Aberdeen BEFORE the fitba. Ach what else ye gonnae do on a Saturday, mon the murn!
  5. Bus for Ibrox leaves the sneddon 2pm tickets behind bar Brewers Tap £4.
  6. Bus for Killie this Sat leaves the Sneddon at 1pm. £6 for non-mems, tkts behind bar at Brewers Tap. Bus been and gone to Motherwell, aye really, Merry Christmas and all that malarky... COYS OKBAWA etc etc
  7. Bus for Livvi leaves at 1pm. £7 for non members or £5 if going the morra too. COYS
  8. Bus for Easter Road on Wed 5th Dec leaves the Sneddon at 5:45pm. Tickets for non-members £7, available from behind the bar at Brewer's Tap. Non members going to Hibs game will get a reduced price bus ticket for the Livingston game (£5). COYS
  9. Bus for Dundee Sat 10th Nov leaves the Sneddon at 12.30 Tickets £8 behind bar at Brewer's Tap
  10. Bus for St.Johnstone Sat 27th October leaves the Sneddon at 1pm. Tickets behind bar at Brewer's Tap £7
  11. Miss Saint

    1877 Club

    A fellow member asked for a members meeting to discuss things, there are no meetings to be planned but members are welcome to email ideas/thoughts (good luck). I've bowed out the whole thing for now due to a family bereavement but just thought I'd pop in to pass this on. In the meantime COYS OKBAWA.............. see ya's
  12. Bus for Aberdeen Sat 6th October leaves the Sneddon at 9.30am Tickets behind bar at Brewer's Tap £12.
  13. Miss Saint

    1877 Club

    I get where you are coming from but I think looking for specific seating isn't just a totally different kind of thing - tbh It sounds more like that executive club thing they have. It's a BAR a PUB, it's nothing to do with where you sit and you ain't going to get a certain seating area for a tenner a month. And the fact it's a pub is kinda the reason some folks talk about the bar prices. If only we were all given a chance as members to discuss all this, as a founding member did you think there would be member Input/meetings or was it clear from the start being a member just meant paying?
  14. Miss Saint

    1877 Club

    Sorry but ye are going too far. Having a certain setting area and half time tea and pie? That's hospitality and you aren't going to get that for a tenner a month. You've said you sit in West Stand but would move to Main. I'll never move from west - so how would that work then? Does it become just a club for Main stand punters? Nah. It's a pub, pub snacks, half time sorry would never expect something at half time. The way you describe what you are looking for and that you think the bar prices are fine it seem a you are looking for something far different from what it will ever be. I'm just looking for it to be a pre and post game pub but I pay a membership so that allows me to sign in a cpl of pals a team NO cost and the bar to be a wee bit cheaper (as bowling clubs and social clubs are). For me it's not about special stuff seating etc I just want value for money and a decent feckin pint would be guid cos fosters is pants
  15. Miss Saint

    1877 Club

    Good post. Aye ye joined to help to get it up and running thinking things will get better etc. Totally agree with free guest or two - that should be a given with your membership. Apparent ly some members don't want free guests cos then that's folk getting in for nothing while they are paying - that one kills me! The big chairs and tables were gotten free at start of last season - there is a reason - the seats are guff, tables fine. As for those other fold up ones...aye they shite too. Bar prices for me should be more in line with other members clubs. Buddievison - don't even start me on that. Parking permit - don't drive no idea what costs are but I had kinda assumed there was an area for parking with the bar. Food - doesn't bother me too much only had a Panini a Cpl of times, wee nephew likes the pakora but there isn't much choice wise. Another member mentioned after the game on Saturday that she would like food after as an option. Main Stand thing - come on noo if ye sit in main stand you are already at the stand....doon stairs, turnstyle and in. Plus not all members are from Main Stand - if you get direct access to your stand I want a shuttle bus roon to the West :-)