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  1. Reminder for members the AGM is next Saturday in the pub 1pm [emoji482][emoji460]
  2. Well delighted to say that after some attitude and arguing his point heavily - Andy got a refund on his ticket. Told straight away no COULDN'T be done - not wouldn't but couldn't. He said you sold my seat...I waited 2 and a half hrs and my seat was gone and you gave me a seat 2 sections away from my own, on my own not near any of my pals I sit with all season. My pal went online last night and as a PUBLIC sale got me a ticket back row of W4 near them. This is the club fault's not mine I want a refund..... We have had lots of people asking for refunds - we can't do them. Noo anyone who knows Andy McGarry knows he is a quiet wee fella but he then did the (coached by the not so quiet me haha) well I want to speak to someone else, get me someone down who can do it....................and surprise surprise it was done! So if you were one of the 'lots' who was told you can't get a refund.........................it appears you can and rightly f**kin so!
  3. Yaaaas [emoji23] tbh they should just bloody do it in anyway. Still worried about double selling tho [emoji85]
  4. Absolute nonsense. I'm really glad I looked cos wee Andy McGarry had ended up in W2 himself. I saw a seat near us and just bought it. Then did the 'how much do you love me' phone call haha. Need to try sell the other one... But I've just asked the club if they will refund... Cos they bloody well should!
  5. Got to love St. Mirren... Pal goes to get season ticket... It's gone sorry... West Stand... Ends up with seats in family stand. Online now... His and his mates tickets for sale. Double ticketing anyone [emoji23][emoji85]
  6. For anyone planning on going to pick up tickets for Thursday - don't bother yer arse anytime soon - they aren't ready
  7. There was a lot of folk couldn't get logged on at all so had no idea if their seat was still there.
  8. 8 season tickets holders......3 hrs later 4 of us managed to log in and get 2 tickets each for tannadice...........whit a cairry on!
  9. I know but they were heavily enforcing it on Saturday and there is a an up and doonstairs on Thursday and if they enforce it then yer fecked. It's absolute nonsense you can't even buy the ones with the same bloody postcode.
  10. Yip totally true, need to buy separately then not be together - farcial. My pal Darn is for going down tomoro to get all of ours and I won't let him down but if he said f**k it I wouldn't bother. It's ridiculous. If we get to front of queue the morra and give them all the details of our lot and they say have to by yourself...well Ooft. I'll be like the wean's in school haha
  11. You can't even buy those linked to your account as in have the same address. So I can't even get 2 tickets for me and my nephew together - absolute shambles. Never thought of the booking fee thing!
  12. Aye i've sat there since we moved in haha Why were you got? I think there are going to be folk who will just sit feckin anywhere. Be a riot.
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