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  1. How's the weather in Paisley looking for the weekend? As I can't make the rescheduled game😩
  2. Similar result to the Scottish cup 2 years back will do me. Early goal to settle the nerve then no injuries would be a perfect night.
  3. Got my ticket. Heading up on Friday afternoon, night in a premier Inn then full breakfast in the morning and off to Pittodrie.
  4. Wish sky and BBC would get the finger out and decide which games will be live on the box, so I can make travel arrangements.
  5. Never been to Pittodrie. Want to go at least once before they move to a new stadium.
  6. Well Easter road it is then[emoji3]
  7. Either Easter Rd or Tynecastle for the final plz
  8. When are the live on TV games announced
  9. Ah would of gone with the Bill & Ted reference "Wylde Stallyn".
  10. On t.v or radio? Sent from my Galaxy S4 using Black & White Army mobile app
  11. When do Sky & Bt announce there games? Sent from my S4 using Black & White Army mobile app
  12. Lovin ice cream sandwich on ma Galaxy S2

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