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  1. Wasn't being negative Shull - it was one of the greatest days in my life to be beside my son and him being the fourth generation of my family to see the Buds winning a cup final. I was just saying it was a strange thing to be doing at this point......
  2. B&WArmy Twitter feed slows down in desperate attempt to make batteries last to end of penalty shoot out - no danger......
  3. Full back booked after 10mins? Not encouraging.....
  4. And on he comes.... Horrible debut Go on there and limit the damage, son.....
  5. Is it just me or are we clutching at straws here........
  6. Am I missing something here? This guy looks like he has never played for the Swansea first team......?!
  7. Funnily enough I just found this about ten minutes ago and emailed the link to the boys I was with on Sunday, one of whom works for the BBC. Has to be said they have done us proud with the various articles and videos on their website but this is the pick of them all. Just wonderful......
  8. Just about to head west and my stomach is doing cartwheels already. God knows what the team feel like.....
  9. Several glasses of vino collapso on board and the tension is rising even across here in the Kingdom. Everyone who is not a Jambo wanting us to win. Real feeling of this is our time. A time for the good guys to come through and win. See everyone tomorrow!!!!
  10. Can't recall seeing Jim when the team were over celebrating with the fans and I suspected he was getting interviewed by the media. Heard on the radio on the way home that Goodwin thought his booking had put him out of the Final but wee Chico had told him in the tunnel that the rules for teams who started in the earlier rounds were different (3=ban instead of 2=ban) and he was eligible to play. Suspect he ran straight out the tunnel and up to the fans at that point given the smile on his face!!
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