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  1. Battle of the duffers next week then. Aberdeen managed to go around 80 minutes at HOME against that mob down to ten men without scoring
  2. I wasn't going to change anything. It's you that's got a bug up your arse about f**k all here. I just added acquis because the entirety of Eu legislation is commonly known as that. The part of it relating to the single market is contained in the EEA treaty. That's the single market acquis. If we left the EU and stayed in the single market then we are subject to around 20% of the current EU acquis. Although its not strictly EU as its EEA. But I'm sure most folk can work that bit out for themselves. Have you managed to admit that you're wrong about EFTA countries paying into the EU budget yet?
  3. The EEA treaty is part of EU law because it deals entirely with the single market. As there are countries in the single market but not part of the EU that treaty deals with all their requirements for single market membership as well as EU member states. You can be a member of the single market but not in a customs union with the EU. You can be in the single market and not be in the EU. The EEA treaty deals exclusively with matters relating to single market membership. Or the part of the EU acquis relating to the single market.
  4. The EEA treaty deals entirely with the part of the acquis communautaire relating to the single market. Was this too hard for you? Clearly it was. And then you decided yet again to get yourself totally bent out of shape about it. As you've been trying to shoot the messenger you better get down the range as you're a rotten shot. You keep mentioning intelligence. Is it because you are a bit chippy about the fact you're a half wit?
  5. Your frantic googling has left YOU looking a bit glaikit to be honest.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acquis_communautaire
  7. The whole of Europe isn't in the EU. And never will be either.
  8. you seem to be confusing a vote to leave a political union with racism. There may well be racists that voted to leave it thinking it will stop Africans arriving, or Indians or Pakistanis or whatever. But they are about as stupid as you are. Anyone that thinks immigration is about to grind to a halt because we are no longer in the political union of the EU is a bit touched in the head really. But there's no doubt they exist.
  9. Yeah, no racism over there.
  10. or acquis if you want to be accurate
  11. so which treaty deals entirely with the single market?
  12. Just as the UK wont be paying into the EU budget after March next year.But they'll still be coughing up their share for Erasmus, and the various other projects that non EU countries can be part of. And pay to be part of as they wish.
  13. No, they dont contribute to the EU budget. They contribute to whatever EU projects they want to participate in. EFTA countries contribute to the operational costs of EFTA. Not to operational costs of the EU
  14. Well if you reckon thats what makes someone a racist then thats you're problem. As for who I believed, you'll probably have some evidence to back that up so that you can DEFINITELY call me a racist. as for foolishness, I'll just leave your post there as a monument to yours.
  15. Do you understand how research is done? There are loads of folk doing that as requested.
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