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  1. Not really! US basketball is hardly an item in Britain, whereas football is never off our TV nor out of the press.. I personally had never heard of him until the news broke.
  2. In which case, why are we leaving?
  3. There is also the fact that head to head contact is more damaging than heading the ball!
  4. Does he really think that ringing the bell in "celebration" of Brexit will unite the country, which he said he is determined to do?
  5. According to the website tickets are for sale there.
  6. Since ST's aren't valid I'd guess 4000 would be a real achievement. According to the ticketing website(and if my arithmetic is correct) there are around 3700 tickets still for sale which means that more than 4000 have been sold.
  7. Hacked by Baz? No, but I can see why he is annoyed with you. You are totally unable to see another point of view and, as he says, you are totally unable to give up. I am finished; you can ramble on forever as long as I am concerned. It may well be that you will claim that you have beaten me(as you do with Baz) but I will treat that with the contempt it deserves.
  8. Show me where I criticised you. You must have a very thin skin. I personally do not see it as manipulation but you don't seem to be able to let anyone have an opinion that is different to yours!
  9. I have no idea whether it has happened before. Tell me why it matters?
  10. It does not really matter if or when there was a SMISA pot vote with only one option. The fact is that this vote gives you the chance to vote for or against -a choice.
  11. There are two options; vote for or against. Have you forgotten the two referendums?
  12. "The total cost for this request is £2600. Should the project not receive majority backing the sums will remain in the pot for possible use at a future date." This is a quote from the SMISA email. It seems to me that I have a choice. If I believe the suggested spend is reasonable I can vote "yes"; if I think differently I can vote "No" and the money will not be spent.
  13. smcc

    Donald Trump

    This makes the assumption that it was not done deliberately.
  14. smcc

    Latest Scores

    You are aware this is the "latest scores" thread, that's kinda how it works. I think the point Ricky was making is that there is no need to quote yourself to keep us up to date. 😊
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