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  1. smcc

    International Fitba

    Of course it's a serious question. When I was a boy the dividing line between Europe and Asia was the Ural Mountains. Kazakhstan lies a considerable distance to the east of the Urals.
  2. Coats' Amateurs. Played against them in the 1950s. The changing rooms were in the former stables.
  3. smcc

    Brexit Negotiations

    These two letters from today's Herald sum up the joke that is Westminster. They still do not realise that Britain is no longer a world power with a subservient Empire. May to ask Brussels for Brexit delay "ONE wonders if Schadenfreude is right at this moment? Bring on a no deal, even by default, and the advocates of Leave will face the political consequences of their decisions and votes. Indeed, a great deal of personal hardship will follow, but this is what the archaic and now-atrophying UK political and constitutional system has led to, no deal and no direction. The threats are self-inflicted this time. All the flummery, pomp, faux mystique and uncritical reverence has masked the creaky systems of government in the first-past-the-post system. Add to that the plethora of arcane precedents, conventions and Erskine May guidelines set for an aristocratic landowning class of MPs, and add the current "Mayist" antics of repeat tabling of rejected motions, then the system is now dysfunctional on a grand scale. Blend in the personal incompetence of key ministers from the Prime Minister downwards, and chaos ensues. So what will bring the upholders of this auld creaking Union to their senses? North of the Tweed the rejection of it has already begun, but south of the Tweed the reverence for the fundamental system has yet to be seriously challenged. No deal might just kick the complacency out of their introverted mindset, having been fed a diet of jingoistic Rule Britannia for the last 200 years. Schadenfreude, perhaps, but the system cannot continue on its old ways patched up here and there with jerry-built methods and manipulated chicanery. John Edgar" "WHAT is it about a woman who has set her face against a second referendum as a betrayal of democracy, yet insists on bringing back time and time again to the floor of the House her massively flawed and twice-massacred Withdrawal Agreement? Her hope is that she will win this war of attrition with the cliff edge of March 29 looming, thereby stampeding the Brexiters to abandon their hope of a no deal Brexit, which is now off the table, and to support her egregious deal. So a dead woman walking could capitalise upon a loss of nerve by Brexiters, fearful that a lengthy Article 50 extension will mean No Brexit at all, and will be able to walk away with head held high and her legacy secure in that her deal will have gained enough votes to be passed. Her fear of being categorised as a failure will then have been removed and she could then safely retire to write her memoirs as the woman who would not take no for an answer. She would happily leave others to clear up the mess and confusion that she compounded to the nth degree after David Cameron's tragic initial miscalculation. Denis Bruce"
  4. smcc

    Telly Programmes

    Eight 1 hour episodes? They must be joking!
  5. Indeed it was. I had an "aunt"(one of my mother's friends) who was the secretary of the high heid yin.
  6. smcc

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    https://www.vipleague.bz/football-schedule-streaming-links Usually a selection of streams on this site.
  7. No views from inside the ground!
  8. smcc

    January Arrivals

    He obviously blanked out your question mark!
  9. This is the only forecast(Met Office) that suggests winds of that strength. Accuweather(which is usually very accurate) and Metcheck forecast similar wind strengths to those quoted by IOBS.
  10. smcc

    What are your rights. .

    Because you did not specify which schoolchildren or which students you were referring to!
  11. smcc

    What are your rights. .

    Your previous post seemed to reference all students, but it appears that you were relying on your own narrow field of knowledge and experience. The bizarre post is yours. Nowhere did I insult you.
  12. smcc

    What are your rights. .

    This post is the latest in a series where you show your contempt for others about whom you know very little. You also seem to base your assessment of university students on only their ability to solve mathematical problems; hardly very scientific..