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  1. Herd immunity is developed as the result of widespread vaccination against a disease. Has a vaccine against Covid-19 been developed and used widely?:
  2. I'm surprised that it has taken so long to reach this conclusion. It has been glaringly obvious for some time.
  3. Unfortunately, later Cochrane reviews showed that the neuraminidase inhibitors, Tamiflu and Relenza, were next to useless, shortening the duration of illness by less than one day, and the number needed to treat to prevent one hospitalisation and one pneumonia in the at risk groups exceeded 100. Vast sums were spent on stockpiling huge quantities of these drugs on flawed evidence.
  4. I was in 3rd year at secondary school during the 1957/8 pandemic I was the only boy in an all-male class of 36 who was not infected. Neither my parents nor my younger brother picked it up. I don't remember any great panic at the time.
  5. Perhaps because they were shopping for the family unit!
  6. Quote from BBC Newswebsite( Also heard it on Radio S cotland at lunch time. "Housebuilding giant Taylor Wimpey is one of the few construction firms that has announced it is closing its sites to prevent the spread of Covid-19, But Cabinet minister Michael Gove told the BBC building work could continue if it can be done safely in the open air. Photos of workers crammed into tube trains and on crowded building sites have angered many."
  7. Why should she? I don't remember her being one of the women involved.
  8. I checked the BBC website to find out whether this is a new programme. It appears that this programme has been broadcast 6 or 7 times in the past 3 years. It is well worth a look.
  9. This will increase the sales of local butchers and fishmongers.
  10. If I see the word "dummed" again I'll throw up! it's dumbed. ☹️
  11. If the saving over the season is £115 I calculate that missing 2 home games out of a possible 19 would lead to a possible refund of £12.
  12. I was in my local ASDA (which I believe to be Oaksoft's local) earlier this morning to pick up a few things that we need. The vast majority of the shelves are fully stocked, the notable exceptions being bog rolls and analgesics. How in heaven's name can people manage to clear the shelves of Paracetamol when an individual can only buy 32 tablets or capsules at any one time?
  13. Facts are chiels that winna ding!
  14. I thought you had given up.It is obvious that you are unable to understand what you, yourself, write far less what I have been saying all along!
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