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  1. Sportscene - the clue is in the pictures.
  2. Watching on Sportsound???????? 😁
  3. She is the elected leader of the party which is in government in a democratic system and she is certainly fairer and more democratic than the Westminster cabal.
  4. I do indeed. Do you think NS ressembles them? 😂
  5. If Nicola Sturgeon really was a fascist dictator you would have been locked up (or shot) long ago. Remember Franco, Hitler and Mussolini?😀
  6. From the same paper However, full lockdowns (RR=2.47: 95%CI: 1.08–5.64) and reduced country vulnerability to biological threats (i.e. high scores on the global health security scale for risk environment) (RR=1.55; 95%CI: 1.13–2.12) were significantly associated with increased patient recovery rates.
  7. You are firmly convinced that Covid 19 is seasonal. I asked you to tell me which season. Surely you must know which!
  8. Even more ludicrous. No one in the picture is crawling!
  9. Did you both use the same log in details?
  10. You really have reached the peak of ludicrousness.
  11. The newspaper report and the Pals of the Privies Facebook page suggest that the £60,000 did not come from the council but from local fund raising. https://www.facebook.com/GlencoatsPark/
  12. I take it that your and your son's devices were all using the same router and therefore IP address. I suspect that the stream providers could recognise that separate IP addresses were being used simultaneously under the same log in.
  13. Sound was fine throughout. Picture disappeared for a short time during the second half.
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