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  1. If the Green Brigade were eligible for the vaccine, would this put them off?
  2. The angle at which the two photos are taken are different. I suspect that the Sally Ann had moved to their new premise in Broomlands in the intervening years.
  3. Chapeau in France is only a hat!!! Yet another attempt to make yourself appear/feel a cut above the hoi poloi.
  4. And you fish face!! Just pointing out your ignorance(or is it stupidity?).
  5. Brazil sits astride the Equator. For most of the country there is little difference between summer and winter. June temperature in Rio is as high as our normal summer temperature.
  6. I think there is something missing here. Makes it difficult to know what to think.
  7. I hink JG was simply pointing out that Rangers often get away with fouls in the box that teams like Saints don't.
  8. Only if it were passed through backwards!
  9. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi4171497753 Not a donkey but a mule.
  10. There are also other fixtures at the same time. Wednesday 30th December 2020 15:00 Celtic v Dundee United 15:00 St. Johnstone v Hamilton Academical 15:00 St. Mirren v Rangers 16:00 Livingston v Aberdeen 18:00 Hibernian v Ross County 18:15 Motherwell v Kilmarnock
  11. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt!
  12. If you can't recognise a typo, then poor you. To anyone with an ounce of perspicacity it would have been obvious that the final "d" should be an "r".😈
  13. Yes, and less than 39% of the English electorate voted to leave! And it's seed potatoes; you are obviously not a gardened.
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