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  1. Flys back every Saturday night, meaning he can’t go to games on the Sunday to scout opposition etc. I like OK but if he’s not willing (or able) to do 100% of what’s expected of him as manager of SMFC then it’s best for him to move on
  2. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1438502-gordon-scott-oran-kearney-is-settled-at-st-mirren/
  3. We’ve swapped the year old Partick Thistle template for the year old Swansea City one
  4. Anyone think there’s a chance of Mullen getting a ban for the challenge on Gordon?
  5. I’m probably alone in liking that Juventus kit purely down to the “Blackburn” top being the first one I had as a kid
  6. Wonder if the ref will remember to do it this year
  7. Where are you getting that from?
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