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  1. Yup... I was reading something on P&B about the cup winning side of 2012(?). Looking back over recent years, we've had some class acts at our club...
  2. I remember Lennon saying that he valued the boy at 5m. I'd hope they got more than the 2.5 thats been mentioned on Off The Ball. Even at that, it would have been a steal. I posted this on P&B about 6 months ago. The great unwashed were pishing themselves at how anyone would dare say that he was "Too Good For Celtic". Hope he goes all the way down south. Future Scotland Captain. Mon the Buddies...!
  3. I like the look of this lad. He looks like a footballer... the last time i thought that about a Saints signing was when Sir Thommo came home. Fancy him to tear a hole in the arse of the SEVCO defence today. Mon the big man..!
  4. My last time there too. Mentioned this on here before. Worked our way towards the city to drown our sorrows post match. Stopped off in some very questionable boozers not too far from their stadium. Saw a man dressed in red white and blue punch his wife full on the nose in some shithole of a bar. Dropped her, blood everywhere, ambulance and cops were there fairly pronto. Horrible place, horrible people, they should be nuked from space. SEVCO 0-2 Buddies
  5. "St Mirren are becoming sexy..."? We've been sexy for well over a hundred and thirty years... f**ksake.
  6. Huge incentive for all the team. They'll all be in the shop window, with the game being shown on BBC Scotland. An excellent chance for them to showcase their skills. I'm surprisingly positive about this game. Was bricking it against Dumbarton and Utd. We'll score, and if McLean plays he'll get a screamer against us. Fancying 1-2 to the Mighty Buds and the MSM to have a wankfest over Morgan.
  7. I saw the Wonderstuff there. Think it was on the Never Loved Elvis tour... Sound was guff.
  8. I LOVED Timmy H's whenever I've been in Canada. They had one at The Boardwalk in Khandahar as well. A wee taste of civilisation whenever i was passing through there. Their French Vanilla was a thing to behold. Wee bit sweet as it melted your fillings, if i remember correctly...
  9. Yup. The league cup semi final when we beat Celtic 3-2 McGinn the younger had Wanyamma in his back pocket. In fact, I think he got hooked as he was marked out the game that day. Few Scotland caps and I think John McGinn will be off down south. Hope Hibs get what he's worth, as we're getting a tasty cut of it...
  10. Hello and welcome. I honestly don't think you could afford either of them. Good luck next year.
  11. Well, I've just been accused of being drunk by Mrs NN. Am I the winner..?
  12. Right then. Few weeks off, heeds back in and smash this shitey league up next year. Tie it up by christmas, Champions League playoffs year after. Hey ho let's go...!
  14. MON Falkirk. We could be seventh. Easy. ( I'm starting on the gin right now, night night everyone )
  15. Stelios LOVES a goal against this lot. Banker. Get the family allowance on it. ;)
  16. We gubbed them in Paisley, we can take them today. It's still in our hands. MON THE BUDDIES...!
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