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  1. It's all set up for a grand game on Sunday morning. Looking forward to it.
  2. I can't imagine that there were too many sighs of disappointment when he didn't stay on with us at the end of last season. Must have been on a good few quid as well given the level he'd played at previously and is presumably looking for another payday from Killie who have just lost Brophy to injury?
  3. Yep. All too often when we pick up possession in the middle of the park or on the wings we immediately turn back and look for the safe ball - which takes us back the way and then we’re not good enough to build from the back or pass through the lines. Only for a spell in the 2nd half did we actually have players willing to take a pass in tight situations and be brave. We need to have the balls to do that and to get good at it. It’s the only way to commit players and create chances.
  4. Never turned up in the 1st half which was very disappointing and no surprise to see us go behind. Both full backs were getting too easily beaten by wingers coming inside. Got away with it a few times and Hladky kept us in the game but there was no pressure on the ball when we invited their player to stick the opener in the top corner from 20 yards. A bit better in the 2nd half. Some decent pressure and shots on target but not enough cutting edge. Mullen spent the first half on his arse (see Morias criticism) but his movement and energy was good in the 2nd half. Justified his start. Obika just doesn’t look as if he has enough desire just now for whatever reason. He actually one a few more headers, flick ons and got better as the 2nd half wore on but needs to up the effort and get a bit nastier. Djorkaeff looks like a youngster who needs to be a work in progress. First touch should have been an equaliser but he had a fresh air swipe and 45 seconds later misplaced a pass and its game over. I genuinely don’t think we’re as bad as some are obviously thinking just now but we definitely have a lot of questions to answer in our attack.
  5. Hasn't looked good. Hasn't had much support or service. Hasn't had much of a chance yet - less than 270 mins of football. JG still trying to find a formula that works in attack.
  6. Very good win for Scotland today. Measured start in the first half in which they were in control but suffering from handling errors in the first 20 mins. Adapted their game slightly and got a good first try off of Russell's kick and the 2nd try set them up well for the 2nd half. Total dominance in the 2nd half and stayed patient to get the important bonus point.
  7. As much as it’s frustrating seeing us struggling in attack - I find today’s performance pretty encouraging. We looked absolutely solid. We’ve got very good foundations and are competing in games where for much of last season we were getting swept aside easily. Best goals against outside the old firm? Yes, we look toothless in the final 3rd at the moment. We need to create more chances and the strikers need to get off the mark. That’s the challenge but give it time and I think we’re heading in the right direction.
  8. Fair play to wee Danny today. Came on a did the basics well. That was more than could be said for Morias - albeit that Mullen had Obika for company so wasn’t as isolated. I think Danny has shown the last couple of sub appearances that he maybe should be starting ahead of Morias but whether he should be starting ahead of Obika as a lone striker is a different question.
  9. Is this the guy that couldn't score against EK or Albion Rovers?
  10. In the first half? Was the ball not about 2 yards behind him? It looked like that to me but I could be wrong.
  11. Yep, Durmus was just growing into the game when he switched to the right. Thought it was strange timing for the sub and as you say Andreu had hardly had a kick of the ball.
  12. Depressing match and result. All too predictable against Accies as we’ve seen over the years. I think folk are being far too harsh on Morias and Obika. The concept of people needing time to bed in at a new team seems to be lost in the modern game. Morias spent the game receiving a combination of passes fizzed into feet and long high balls that were no good. The one ball he was given to run onto he was almost in on the keeper and had a shout for a pen. I also don’t know why Danny Mullen is held up as some sort of saviour that should be starting. Goodwin is still trying to find his best starting 11 but too many players aren’t showing enough and we’ve no idea how to cut open a team in the final 3rd. That needs a lot of work. Not enough being brave or making enough movement. When we build towards the final 3rd we end up with a flat front 5 or so - nobody dropping short, nobody making an angled run. Only strategy is to get the ball wide and try to put a ball in - often to a single midget in the box. Waters and McGinn also both need to work on their crossing. Overall the making of a solid foundation but need to work on our attacking game plan. I think Andreu is an intelligent player but isn’t really showing up as a number 10. He doesn’t offer enough support to a striker and doesn’t do enough to link up the play. I think that’s part of the problem that we don’t really have anyone else to play that role - which leaves us stuck with him, playing someone else out of position, or playing a 442 - which doesn’t suit us either.
  13. Would have been off the mark on Saturday if the linesman/ref hadn't incorrectly ruled offside. Who knows if we'd then have went on to win the game. Hopefully get a goal soon but they need chances and time.
  14. I think we do have a better squad and a better starting 11 than last season. That being said - they still need to make it work. The pressure is on for them to gel and start working as a team and getting results. The longer it takes, the more pressure will come and confidence will drain. 3 points on Saturday would help and I reckon we'll get them. That would set us up nicely for another home game the following week against Hearts. I'd counter that as until we did go on that run there was nothing to suggest that the team were capable of it. I think we were very fortunate with some of those results, sendings off going in our favour, last minute goals, etc. and coming up against a number of teams that had nothing to play for at that stage of the season.
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