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  1. Yep - Lyons never kicked a ball. Again. Disappointing.
  2. Positives: - avoiding bottom place - digging in for a 90th min equaliser for the 2nd week running - giving ourselves the opportunity to put pressure on Accies on the final day if we win next week - last minute equaliser kept a couple of permutations possible in our favour That aside.... We have tried to play a very measured and containing game since OK took the hot seat. It’s absolutely dreadful to watch! We’ve picked up more points recently than earlier than the season, so maybe it is vindicated, but the way we’re going about games is certainly not pretty. If we manage to survive, the strategy has worked, but there will still be a big question mark over OK for me personally. Let’s hope it all goes well!
  3. Strachan might have been in with a shout if he hadn't made a cvnt of himself on Sky the other week. Who knows what other numpty the SFA will turn up for the job.
  4. Maboza


    Combination of Champions League and Sky TV (and equivalent other TV deals) for England and the other top leagues has completely killed the game. UEFA seriously need to do something to distribute wealth rather than simply allow market forces to dictate. Danger is that top Euro clubs break away though. Domestic league members benefiting from Celtic's progress in Europe is a decent step in the right direction but it doesn't go far enough. It also makes it even more difficult for clubs to keep up when that money doesn't come in. SFA don't help much in this country with poor decision making but the money in the top leagues has created a runaway train that is impossible to compete with.
  5. Interesting to see how much McGinn is being talked up down south. He's definitely a very talented player and one that fans love due to his all action style, commitment and energy. The slight negatives are that he can be prone to getting caught in possession and sloppy passes - particularly noticeable in a (very poor) Scotland team in recent times but it was apparent at Hibs in recent years as well. The English lower leagues aren't all they're cracked up to be but let's hope that he uses it as the springboard as others have in their improvement. It would be wonderful to see him go all the way to the top like Andy Robertson has done.
  6. Strange to see more than a few comments thinking that this means we can’t catch Accies. We would always have been looking to beat them at home. The draw today means that we’d just need to better them by 1 point over the other four games. I’d take that as not a bad position to be in. As much as Dundee are on a dismal run, it only takes 1 game to kick start a run at this stage of the season so we still need to be looking over our shoulder and very much need to hit the ground running in the first game after the split. As for the game... we should have been ahead and it could have been a different game. Should have won, could have lost. Probably a decent point over all. Been saying for the past few weeks that Hladky is the best goalie I remember us having (back to Campbell Money). He was excellent as usual. Glad to see Dreyer looking hungry and impacting the game more today. We saw glimpses of it last week which is a step in the right direction after early performances being poor. Looks very much like a confidence player and he was lacking that initially but looks to be coming on to a game. Going to be a dramatic run in!
  7. Green Brigade have issued a statement if anyone wants a laugh. Seems to be roughly: 90% attacking the authorities / OBFA 9% playing down last night's incident and blaming other members of their support 1% asking their own fans to not throw pyrotechnics on to the pitch or at people (Having them in the stands is apparently okay - despite this being blatantly against the laws which they continue to flaunt). Still..... #FansNotCriminals eh?! This should highlight once and for all that our NorthBank boys should never stand shoulder to shoulder with these morons in any perceived battle against the authorities. Our own ultras group should also be mindful of the inherent victim mentality espoused by the Green Brigade in such situations and always be aware of the need for self-reflection and responsibility.
  8. Important to remember that the overflow for this was traditionally W6/W7. The club has created a problem by marketing W6/W7 to increase season ticket sales last season and to house the NorthBank.
  9. What would be the expected ban if he gets done for an elbow?
  10. Has either club said yet whether there is Pay-At-The-Gate?
  11. Flute band marching outside Parliament at the 'Leave Means Leave' protests!! haaaaaaaaa!! Couldnae make it up!
  12. Don't know why BBC this afternoon are reporting as if it is big news that the SNP have said they could back an agreement if they get Customs Union and Single Market. SNP have been saying it for over 2 years. Have the media just noticed it now?
  13. The Scotland rugby team has it's own challenges but you simply can't doubt their commitment to the cause. The international rugby team is the pinnacle of the game in Scotland. The entire domestic set up is all shaped to support the national team. It's a world apart from the SkyTV and Champions League money driven football.
  14. In isolation, it might seem bad - but the reality is that this has been brewing for 20 years. SFA incompetence, taking the fans for granted, poor managerial appointments. Add in players that just don't seem to care that much - judging by call offs, retirements and performances. You may not have seen the highlights show (since you were over there) but Michael Stewart was spot on. The warning signs were there - the Israel result and performance last year was awful. Topping our Nations League group with dreadful opposition only served to paper over the cracks and allow the SFA to continue with their poor, cheap appointment. As for best fans in the world tag - it's a long standing bit of PR that doesn't stand up to much scrutiny really. I certainly don't think the reputation suffers by justifiably venting displeasure at the SFA powers. The only time I've seen it happen previously was in Moldova (Vogts last game). Just like that occasion - the events should see a change of manager, but I won't hold my breath. Watching the England game last night, and as someone else said - they were a joy to watch. Fair enough that they are a nation 10x the size of us and squad full of EPL players but it's like they're playing an actual different sport from us. Depressing. Another thing is England players are all belting out GSTQ at the anthems. For years and years now the majority of our players don't seem bothered at anthems. If we were competing, winning games and thumping opposition minnows then I wouldn't question it - but that's not the case. From the outside looking in, it looks like the players don't have much pride in the cause or the country. It's as if Scotland isn't cool. Historically we'd have argued that we were more passionate than England - but it's simply not the case any more. Not even close. Lack of national pride, lack of self-belief and the strangling of our national game - by the OF domestically and by Sky/TV/EPL externally - and then you've got the clowns that are actually compounding all that with crap decisions. Joy!
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