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  1. 2 wins from 4 might do it so don’t necessarily need to win against Well and County, but it would be nice.
  2. Don’t think Erwin did much wrong when he came on tbh.
  3. The Kilmarnock game last week was a good test of our credentials after the prior midweek loss to Hibs. To get top 6, you simply need to win your games against the teams in the bottom half. All too often in the past we’ve dropped points to teams who were out of form and desperate for a win. We took care of Killie with ease, which was very welcome! The next test is Hamilton who are not playing as badly - but the type of games we simply must win to aspire to top 6. Not too worried about the injuries. We have a squad and players who can do well. Very much looking forward to the Hamilton game and the games that follow. 1 game at a time as they say!
  4. Yep. Definitely a great option to have in the squad and has real pace which frightens teams. We’ve not had that since Morgan. You see the impact that players like that and Boyle of Hibs last night has in games in the SPL. Hopefully the lad has some improving to do as well. Sometime his passing and final ball is a let down. His cutback last night was fantastic though. He had a similar opportunity to play Brophy in at Hampden but fluffed it. Keep improving and he’ll be a real asset.
  5. How long is Jamie contracted for? If we can tie him down for long enough to we will surely make at least a few hundred grand from selling in future. A smashing player.
  6. The ironic thing was that Stewart appeared back that summer after a successful loan spell at Alloa, looking like the only thing close to a sharp and capable striker that we had. Then Stubbs punted him. He was no world beater but it was just another show of shambolic judgement from Stubbs when you consider what came next in terms of his recruitment.
  7. Reckon the must be a fair chance of Scottish Cup now being scrapped this season. That would mean Europa League spot going to 3rd in league and then the 5th place in league getting the Europa Conference. (Which in all likelihood would happen anyway if top 4 win the cup)
  8. Getting top 6 would be a great achievement but needs to be a stepping stone to a next level for it to really mean something. Partick achieved it and then plummeted. It’s not a victory in itself. It’s a feel good factor, extra revenue and an opportunity to push on. European football would be a victory for our club - and having a semi-regular crack a cup wins (semi-finals & finals). To answer the original question - I honestly think we could finish anywhere from 5th to 10th. I’d hazard a guess that we’ll be somewhere in the middle. There’s still a lot of work to be done for this team and plenty of games have shown our shortcomings. We should certainly enjoy the last couple of amazing results though - especially after the huge disappointment of Hampden last week.
  9. Lovely result - especially after Sunday. Enjoy it, but no reason to get carried away. Ended up 3-0 up from 2 pens and a set piece without having a shot on target from open play until we were counter attacking at 3-1. We played better - but the 2 up front didn’t really work. Still a lot to be worked on. Great to see Flynn back and playing so well.
  10. Is this still going? 😆 How many days til the next AGM? 😂
  11. I’d love to know whether he genuinely believes it or whether it’s a sports psychology thing to not let any negative criticism in.
  12. Yep. Would agree. Our game plan is always just to keep the game so tight and nick a goal and then sit. It’s same for many teams in the league to be fair and margins are narrow. Very frustrating when Goodwin himself recognised he’d made this mistake last season and vowed to have changed. Not really been any evidence of such. He seems to have signed an array of attacking players and has no cohesive approach to play and get the ball into creative, danger areas.
  13. That's nonsense too. We have gone behind 6 times this season in games we didn't lose. It's not a softness as that proves. It's the wild form swings and showing teams too much respect that's the problem. We have to be more proactive. Can’t quite remember all 6 games but presumably include: - Rangers - a penalty out of the blue - Aberdeen - a penalty - Motherwell - another penalty when struggling to show any real threat - St. Johnstone - a good comeback win, albeit against 10 men - QoS - we were rank rotten against lower league opposition. Don’t think we should be taking much credit for scraping a draw Softness is maybe the wrong word but we don’t know how to attack effectively or chase a game. The nature of those games that we have managed comebacks, considered alongside the many other games where we haven’t shows the problem.
  14. Absolutely spot on. We’re just soft and don’t know how to attack. When we go behind, the game is up. 82 mins to chase a goal. We manage 3 shots on target? 1 trundler from Dennis, 1 shoulder (missed header) from Obika, and 1 off the line from a set piece. We aren’t good enough.
  15. f**k sake 😂 have a cuddle guys! we’ve got a league cup semi tomorrow. 😂
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