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  1. Absolutely. The response at the Q&A was that Smisa would have first refusal on the shares at what was paid. No mention of adjustment for inflation or anything - which I thought was strange - so will be important for this to be nailed down to mitigate the risk of sale to a 3rd party. Also raises the question of how do Smisa finance in that scenario? I.e. Kibble say you have 1st refusal but you have 3 months to buy or we go elsewhere. Suddenly Smisa need to carry a much bigger ‘rainy day fund’ otherwise they can’t purchase in that scenario and Kibble can go off to the highest bidder.
  2. I think now that the outcome is settled we need to get behind it. However, we need real strength of leadership from Smisa going into the new model. We need people with a wealth of experience to lead the club and to not allow SMFC to be dominated by Kibble. I’ve concerns that Smisa could have been overly influenced to date by GLS. Some may agree or disagree with that. I think we have a challenge to try and ensure that doesn’t happen with Kibble as a minority shareholder. I’m all for Kibble bringing business expertise to the table. In fact, one of my main concerns with fan ownership was that we may not have the people, skills and experience to operate effectively. If Kibble can help with that then great - but it’s supposed to be a fan owned club so Kibble can’t be allowed to dominate proceedings. If we have a fans rep acting as a bystander, in awe of £30m turnover partner who has a big voice, then what’s the point? We’d have been been better just allowing the club to be sold into private hands in that instance. A challenge for all involved. I hope it all goes well - and mostly to the benefit of SMFC.
  3. Nope. It doesn’t seem to have been. I also asked some relevant questions (i.e. what’s to stop Kibble sponsoring the Kibble Arena at a discounted rate) but these questions also went ignored. Unfortunately the people defending the deal are only really operating with vague statements and a complete lack of detail.
  4. I watched the Q&A session last week and it answered some questions but was still a bit vague on detail IMO. One thing I’d like to know is will whether Kibble will pay the market rate for any additional (new) services they take from the club? They stated that they spend approx. £50k p.a. to SMFC and seemed to state that would continue. Which at face value is a positive. I’d like assurances that they can’t/won’t benefit from cheap shirt sponsorship, stadium naming rights, facilities, etc. And what safeguards are in place to ensure that the club is getting best value commercially? Is this covered anywhere?
  5. Sorry Ricky but that's far too simplistic an argument in my opinion. There's got to be a tipping point where it becomes so counterproductive - as you actually alienate home fans from not only avoiding those matches but also from attending other games where they would normally - due to an increasing disillusionment with the club. Aspiring to compete financially and on the park through the old firm filling your stands is simply short-termism and that sort of lack of vision isn't good for any organisation - company, government or football club.
  6. Is this where we are heading? .... St Johnstone will give Celtic and Rangers supporters three stands for the remaining Premiership games at McDiarmid Park this season. The trial move will see home fans housed solely in the West Stand, which holds in excess of 3,000. It follows a reduction in the number of season ticket holders attending games against the top two. The club hope the move will lead to a "partisan atmosphere" from the home support, and increased income. Saints host Celtic on 29 January, while Rangers are due to visit Perth on 23 February, with Tommy Wright's side currently five points off a top six place. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50985399?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story 'Partisan atmosphere'. 😭 lol
  7. Unfortunately I don't actually agree with that. There's not enough interest in football for a drop in prices to realistically result in any sort of significant increase in attendances. The interest just isn't there. Motherwell tried it years ago and there was an initial upsurge which then collapsed back to normality. Also, most clubs catering will be outsourced (like St.Mirren) so any increase in food/beverage sales doesn't directly impact - but does, I suppose, increase the value of that contract when re-negotiating. This is why the clubs are in the position of milking the fans (who will go) for all they are worth. Football doesn't exactly follow the normal supply/demand model as there are too many other variables in the mix. (success/loyalty/fan base) So, I guess what I'm saying is that I don't see the 'twenty's plenty' to be anything other than damaging to clubs - but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't do it. It's a moral argument. As for increasing attendances - there needs to be a long-term, gradual approach based on a considered strategic review as to how clubs across Scotland can attract more people to games. Success of Glasgow Warriors and Braehead Clan should give lessons on that.
  8. Twenty is indeed plenty. The problem is that implementing it damages non-OF clubs considerably more than it damages the OF - and so the gap gets even bigger. For the good of the game however, this is one that the clubs and the SPL need to get their act together with. If that means the clubs outside the old firm taking a bigger hit due to the price cap then so be it.
  9. It's got to be encouraging that we're achieving good home form and clean sheets. What we would have given for that in many previous seasons?!! Given the state we were in pre-season I would take the positives from the solid foundations we have built. The challenge is now to improve step-by-step. Strikers getting off the mark on Saturday there was a step in the right direction. We need to improve our attacking game and ultimately to get better results on the road. Overall, I think we're pretty well positioned.
  10. Superb effort from Murray today to cap off a fine and productive week. Did amazingly well to dig in during the 2nd set while a set and a break down and on the verge of losing another break. 3rd set swung back and forth but he never gave up. A remarkable effort to win a trophy given where he's come from. Up to 127 in the world now. He's jumped a huge number of places in the ATP rankings this week.
  11. It's all set up for a grand game on Sunday morning. Looking forward to it.
  12. I can't imagine that there were too many sighs of disappointment when he didn't stay on with us at the end of last season. Must have been on a good few quid as well given the level he'd played at previously and is presumably looking for another payday from Killie who have just lost Brophy to injury?
  13. Yep. All too often when we pick up possession in the middle of the park or on the wings we immediately turn back and look for the safe ball - which takes us back the way and then we’re not good enough to build from the back or pass through the lines. Only for a spell in the 2nd half did we actually have players willing to take a pass in tight situations and be brave. We need to have the balls to do that and to get good at it. It’s the only way to commit players and create chances.
  14. Never turned up in the 1st half which was very disappointing and no surprise to see us go behind. Both full backs were getting too easily beaten by wingers coming inside. Got away with it a few times and Hladky kept us in the game but there was no pressure on the ball when we invited their player to stick the opener in the top corner from 20 yards. A bit better in the 2nd half. Some decent pressure and shots on target but not enough cutting edge. Mullen spent the first half on his arse (see Morias criticism) but his movement and energy was good in the 2nd half. Justified his start. Obika just doesn’t look as if he has enough desire just now for whatever reason. He actually one a few more headers, flick ons and got better as the 2nd half wore on but needs to up the effort and get a bit nastier. Djorkaeff looks like a youngster who needs to be a work in progress. First touch should have been an equaliser but he had a fresh air swipe and 45 seconds later misplaced a pass and its game over. I genuinely don’t think we’re as bad as some are obviously thinking just now but we definitely have a lot of questions to answer in our attack.
  15. Hasn't looked good. Hasn't had much support or service. Hasn't had much of a chance yet - less than 270 mins of football. JG still trying to find a formula that works in attack.
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