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  1. Maboza

    Brexit Negotiations

    Surely Bercow's intervention today tips the balance to a long-term extension now. Can't remember what they need to do to legislate for that though? I've lost track.
  2. Maboza

    International Fitba

    I think a huge part of the problem is the influence of the Old Firm on the Scottish game. The belittlement of the national team by these 2 heavyweight clubs and their supporters has far reaching consequences. Add in a more general lack of national confidence, politics, etc. and you generally just have a situation where people don't hold there national team (or country for that matter) in any sort of high regard. Sadly, I don't think it's as simple as calling out players for turning the country down. There's a much bigger challenge to turnaround the national psyche.
  3. Maboza

    International Fitba

    Pretty much echo all of this. My interest has certainly waned over the last 5 years. Slightly different timeline to yourself - my auld man took me to my first games in the Italia '90 qualifiers and occasionally throughout the 90's. My first away game was Prague '99 and then I barely missed a game home or away over the 10 years that followed. The players retiring and pulling out of squads doesn't bother me that much. All national sides have must have that same battle as the money in the club game is ridiculous it's unavoidable so while that annoys me, it doesn't scunner me too much. I would however say that it's very much a reflection of the manager and also the current standing of the national team as to whether players pull out. Players don't want to pull out of squads when you're qualifying for world cups! Strachan also didn't suffer the same loss of players that McLeish does. The extended period of failure certainly doesn't help - even more so when they water down the qualification difficulty which they've done for the Euros. Even at that, we couldn't qualify for the 24 team tourney last time round whilst having to sit at home and watch N.Ire, Wales and the Republic all doing well. Quite frankly - that should be embarrassing to us. Even this time around with our mini-group vs Albania and Israel - it was difficult to muster any real excitement at topping the group and securing a play-off place. Partly because it doesn't feel like much of an achievement and partly because you're still expecting us to balls that up. Not to mention that Hampden is a third full. SFA have seriously ballsed up the pricing for a few of the recent campaigns but I think they're getting back closer to the mark now. 'UEFA week of football' making fans effectively an afterthought is far from helpful and indyref as you've mentioned will surely have had a negative impact to the national team's support. So, there's a wide range of factors in the mix. Add in personal circumstances, changing priorities, etc. I look at away games venues now and think I'd go somewhere for a visit when the fitba isn't on. The trips are a good way to travel to somewhere different (good example Israel last year or Kazakhstan this week) but I increasingly feel that I don't want to do such a trip centered around a 'Tartan Army' experience and a sub-standard national team dishing out disappointment. Realistically, the only thing that will give us any chance of turning things around is to start qualifying regularly for tournaments.
  4. Maboza

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Funny how we all see the game so differently. I thought our shape and organisation was excellent last night. We sat in and conceded possession and pretty effectively dealt with a good Killie side. Set up for the counter attack and we got a decent number of chances. The one with Jackson is the one you're waiting for - and then we had a glorious chance for an equaliser with the ball across goal in injury time. We played a very limited game - but that's where we're at as a team. 9 teams in this league are considerably better than us so we need to adapt to try and get results. I wouldn't say we specifically set up for a point - I think the setup suited our limited attacking capabilities looking for counter attacks. The change in formation has made us much more compact. We've tried different approaches. We've pressed games hard in the first half on a few occasions and ran out of steam in the 2nd half. We have a midfield that doesn't match the quality of much of most opposition and it inhibits us from supporting the attack. Overall we aren't a good enough outfit to attack effectively as a team so counter attacking is arguably a fair approach to opening up our opposition. I think Jackson gets a bit of a rough ride from many - he has a good work rate and touch but just not clinical enough. In the market we're in, it's not so easy to find! I hadn't seen much encouraging about Nazon but he did well when he came on last night. Overall, disappointing not to get a point but we're still in with a chance. It might be absolutely dreadful to watch for the entirety of this season but we're still in touching distance for now and have to hope we can pull off the necessary results - particularly in the games vs Accies and Dundee. I'm sure the fans will be right behind us for the run in. COYS!!
  5. When you look at the breakdown of representation across the clubs you could hardly say that it's not working. Especially when you consider, as others have said, that Magennis would be in there if fit. Add in the fact that we have a 17 year old starting almost every game at Premier league level and he's currently at U18 Scotland level do heading in the right direction. Also worth considering that we lost McAllister to Derby at a very young age and if with more games under his belt you'd expect him to be in the squad. If anything, we've contributed a higher number of U21's than expected over the years. Hopefully that continues but no need for pushing the panic button just yet. Motherwell - 4 Celtic, Hibs - 3 Rangers, Hearts, Reading - 2 Kilmarnock, Everton, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Ayr Utd, Aberdeen - 1 5/12 SPL teams don't have any players in the squad.
  6. Maboza

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    Not the first time this season that we've had a good 1st 45 mins and haven't turned up for the 2nd half. The Killie game at home springs to mind when we were also 1-0 up at half-time and went on to lose the game. We know in that situation that the opposition are going to come at us in the 2nd half but just seem to invite it on and end up suffering the consequences. We're trying to play far too measured a game and aren't good enough to sit in for 45 mins hoping for a killer 2nd goal on a counter attack. It nearly worked yesterday if McAllister had stuck away his chance but let's face it - it was a chance out of nothing rather than us showing any sort of clinical ability on the counter attack. Nevertheless, I was encouraged that we were competing in first 45. Mistake by Popescu at the first goal but other than that he had a good game. The big man was disappointed with himself. Still have the same concerns as others that we're too soft in the middle of the park with McGinn and and Tansey. I'm giving Tansey a pass at the moment as I'm hopeful that he's still getting up to speed after not playing for so long.
  7. We have an ambitious chairman. There’s a danger that comes with that and this set of accounts is cause for concern in my book. The idea that the £300k Morgan money was spent last January to secure promotion doesn’t stack up. We obviously went through the entire season last year in the Championship with a big playing budget. Dangerous game and doesn’t bode well.
  8. Maboza

    Samson to Sunderland

    Why would he not want our GK coach? Maybe Langfield will be back between the sticks against Hearts!
  9. Maboza

    Why Are We Cheating ?

    Some players have this as a bad habit but I think a huge factor in what we've seen from Edwards and Jackson in recent weeks is desperation. We've been struggling so much this season that they're desperate. It doesn't make good viewing when it results in diving like we've seen but the players probably aren't thinking much in that split second. When you're not creating chances, scoring goals, or having the ability to beat a man then a chance at a penalty seems like a better idea than trying to get to the ball that you've just put past your man. I think that's why we've seen Edwards and Jackson give up good positions in the faint hope of winning a penalty. Desperation, but it needs to be stamped out by Kearney.
  10. Maboza

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    Unfortunately it wouldn't solve anything. Every midfield is packed with physical guys - some of who can play a bit as well - and the youngsters aren't going to do any better a job at standing up to those guys. The middle of the park is where teams earn the right to play and win matches. Every other team does it better than us. Shinnie (Aberdeen), Power, Dicker (Kilmarnock), Brown, Ntcham (Celtic), Mackinnon (Hamilton), etc. I don't even know the names of the players that did it for Motherwell last night but you can see that they're there - breaking up play aggressively, committing fouls where necessary, and act as powerful forward ball carriers. We don't do any of that.
  11. Maboza

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    For all the concern about leaking goals at the back or the lack of anything up front - it’s the midfield I’m worried most about. They are overrun, outfought and outplayed every game. They’re simply nowhere near good enough. If we had a midfield that could compete then I don’t think our personnel at the back and up front would be left looking so bad.
  12. We need to bin the 4-4-2. Drop Mulllen. Get back to 4-2-3-1. Make us more compact and more difficult to beat. Midfield is a huge problem for us though this season. Mental to say that considering the number of midfielders we're carrying.
  13. Slightly concerned with the money that's potentially disappearing from the club but I couldn't argue with the selection of Nicholl. I think it would be a massive boost to Kearney to have someone who he feels he can bounce off of and who is actually his man and has his back. He came here and got landed with Rice and MacPherson - not to suggest that there's anything wrong with them - but equally, you want your own man by your side. I can imagine that it would be a lonely role for Kearney just now, especially without his family as has been highlighted. Having an experienced, fellow Irishman with a great knowledge of Scottish football can only be a step forward if it's what Oran wants.
  14. Maboza

    Alcohol Ban to be Lifted?

    I seem to be of the same opinion of many posters on this thread in that there's no need for alcohol sales to be introduced in Scottish grounds. It's only a couple of hours to go without a drink while at the game as time can be spent in local pubs pre/post match. I can only imagine that it would only be applied in the same manner as English matches where you can't take the drinks to your seat or in view of the pitch. Applying that to our own club - we simply don't have the space under the stands for fans congregating and drinking. Other clubs like Hamilton actually have their pie stalls out in view of the pitch so what do they do? It just seems a bit unnecessary. I get where the thought comes from. If you go to see the ice hockey, basketball or rugby you can get a drink and enjoy the event. It's a totally different experience and environment. I often think that those 'match day experience' are to be envied. A big part of what makes them so, however, is that they are much more civilised and have less 'edge' than a football crowd. It lends itself to people being able to be trusted.
  15. Maboza


    I knew I forgot someone. Will be interesting to see what comes of it. I'm not convinced it is the right investment but at least if there's money available then it would suggest that we've not blown it all. I wonder which version of events is true.