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  1. Shaun Rooney joining Saints - was always a standout with the Fakes.
  2. With the pressure off us and Hearts already guaranteed their place, I hope we go out, put on a good performance and get the result. players and staff deserve a big applause at the end regardless
  3. This is the first European venture in my lifetime. Can’t wait to see who we get and will do all I can to make the away game (I’ll be at the home tie).
  4. When we stopped playing the ball in the modelled and allowed them to launch long balls - that’s the moment we lost the game. Once the first went in, it was telling
  5. We were poor tonight and a draw probably fair. However - I can’t get my head around ‘VAR not checking the handball only the shirt pull’. As McFadden said ‘it’s inexcusable’
  6. I actually forgot about McMenamin 😂😂
  7. Interesting view from SR, wonder ‘why’ he’s behind… I’d assume just game time? But interesting view nonetheless
  8. Not heard much on this, how long he likely to be missing? May explain why he was soo off the boil for a while if he was carrying a knock.
  9. I think this game is a tough one - always is up there. But if we can put in the same sort of performance v Hibs where we press from the first whistle, I’m sure we can come away with 3pts.
  10. We played well tonight. MAndrons been good the last 2 games tbf. Kwon has been good since coming along, fresh energy in midfield and Gogic up there for player of the season. Very important 3pts well done SR & the squad
  11. Poor start. I didn’t see much in the Olusanya one in real time, keen to see it back.
  12. O’Hara could have put us in a comfortable position, but to miss the target is inexcusable
  13. Tbf it’s more than that. Ross county was a man down - he should have been dropped 3 weeks ago. We are in a false position and only in top 6 coz the teams below us have a lot of games in hand. Will be 7th place in no time. We’ve been found out and unless SR drops out of form players our luck won’t change
  14. This! It’s not a one off. It’s been 6 or more weeks of utter dross from him.
  15. O’hara was and has been for at least 6 weeks, a man down. He needs a spell on the bench, I’m his passing is awful, positioning has been way off and seems to float around in a trance. Dont care if he’s captain, he’s been consistently the worst player and needs a spell on the bench.
  16. That’s nice to hear, but I’d like to hear a little less conversation and little more action - see what he can deliver on the pitch. I’ll get my own coat…..
  17. Having read some of the comments above, I hope he is a decent player. Though, I am disappointed at the lack of Elvis puns! Seems like a chance for the lad to get his career back on track, it’s now or never…
  18. Yup. Free fall & with long ball tactics, players who’ve been out of form but starting ahead of others, it’s no surprise. Would seem We got lucky at the start of the season and we are now being found out.
  19. Ohara is man down. 2 key breaks he either gives the ball away or slows the game down. we f**ked around at the back, concede a throw in resulting in a penalty - our own doing. sick to the back teeth fo this long ball shot show
  20. This is my issue. We won games by getting the ball down, out wide stretching teams and scoring goals. Now it’s punt and run stuff. Absolutely mind boggling stuff. Maybe we just got lucky and we’ve got carried away with expectations. Who knows…. I’m probably did
  21. I’m not sure what’s happened but we’ve been Shocking for a month. o’Hara is a shadow of a player. Too many long balls. Zero football played and completely devoid of ideas….. This is a brutal watch. Have teams come just figured us out? It seems so & we’ve been unable to adapt
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