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  1. This may be the worst I’ve seen us in recent times. This second half has been abysmal.
  2. A draw wouldn’t be a bad result but a win would be fantastic - need it as a hard run of games coming up
  3. I think that’s the Key against the OF… lose an early goal and it’s a long night, if you don’t, it changes the atmosphere and you are in with a shot. I’ll be watching here from Florida, beer in hand to either celebrate or drown my sorrows lol
  4. I recon he will hit double figures…. And with Ayunga to come back - we have arguably one of the best forward lines I was old enough to really watch us proper. As a 90s kid, I didn’t see some of the past greats but maybe this is our modern greats, time will tell.
  5. Fantastic second half and goes to show the team we are, arguably second best first half but deliver a cracking team goal to get our noses in front. Just need to go to Celtic away with belief and give it a shot. It’s a free hit in my eyes.
  6. I hate playing the OF… Hope they don’t get that bounce teams get when a manager is sacked. We need to raise our game following the 2 poor displays last week. coys
  7. I said they didn’t like us before the game. Well they certainly hate us now. It’s beautiful. 😂 enjoy your weekend buds, drink all this in!
  8. I’m away for a wee read of the Hearts form again 😬😬
  9. Bbc ‘mystified’ that the Mandron goal wasn’t given…. Didn’t see much wrong myself. Either way, great to see our players give 100% to the cause and we are In nose bleed territory lol
  10. Had a read over some of this and Jeez…. They really dislike us. Back on to the game - will be a tough test for us, maybe the 3rd/4th team in the country in terms of budget and size - however - we seem to be able to punch above our weight just now. I think this will be a very tight game, much like the 2-2 last season. I’m going for an optimistic 2-1 to us.
  11. I keep forgetting we have Nahmani. The teams doing very well, and he certainly made an impact in the cup and Livi game when he came on. I’m looking forward to Saturdays game. Great start for us so far.
  12. Tough game and test for us. Lets hope we can get a result and get one over them....
  13. Dug deep for that after a poor game. Happy to take the point!!
  14. We’ve been hook line and sinker we into Livis game poor!
  15. Always a tough game up at Livi. However, I’m confident today but expect it to be a tight affair. 1-0 or 2-1 to us.
  16. Thommo and co on BBC saying he kicks it off his standing foot and shouldn’t have counted. Will be interesting to see.
  17. Bbc radio saying their pen should have been struck off for a double touch. If so…. Typical
  18. I’m hoping after a tough game mid week & another coming (a big earner for them), they’ve got their eyes on that prize and we can take full advantage.
  19. Would be keen to see the Grieve one back - a few online posts suggesting it was in either way 3 points and a good start to the season.
  20. Looking forward to this game. The question is who we start up front and in the CB roles. They look fast on the break but slow in defence.
  21. Yea - from what I’ve seen fitness is an issue but he seems to have an eye for a good pass and fairly solid in terms of ball retention and physicality. Reminded me of a young Charlie Adam - no particularly fast/super fit but has a good football head. Time will tell.
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